I have shared several testimonials because as I obliterate stuck trauma holds, I purchase the products and services from MDM that support my psychic surgery. This term is my term since I have been in healthcare in one way or another all of my life. I was /am married to a surgeon ( he has since passed) so I liken Peters work to going into the place in my body that I sense is wanting some loving support to stop hurting, and use a product and service to assist to suffer no more.

Therefore I listened to the above mentioned offering and allowed Peter to assist and guide my focus and awareness.

Holy Crap, that is a medical term, I was to led to my right hand. This precious hand experienced an incident of terror at the age of 8 or so. In that moment of despair vs loving vibration my SELF realization unfolded the truth. Orion plus palm of hand plus zero point equals puncture wound equals anastomosis . In medical procedures we open the physical wound, drain or suction out the contamination and with time, all the tissue / fascia ” gets together and parties. This spot ” is my personal zero point”. The flash of insight was very sacred. Thank God you do what do Peter

A Flash of Sacred Insight November 24, 2019