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Vision for an Enlightened Earth

Modern Day Mystic exists to help you take control of your destiny, fortune and happiness by harnessing the awesome energy that governs reality. This is not about “wishing and hoping” — we have merged ancient knowledge with quantum physics to give you a laser-focused, digitally-accurate creative power that gets results. Our vision is to help shepherd in a new age through the use of innovative, quantum-energy-based technologies.



Bridge the Gap Between Science and Consciousness

Get in the flow. AquaSync programs run on Quantum technology that bridges the gap between science and consciousness. From simply boosting your energy to manifesting a miracle, AquaSync charges your water with targeted frequencies to help change every aspect of your life for good.

Remove old frequency patterns that have been standing in the way of achieving optimum health, happiness and financial freedom. And replace them with harmony, joy, and confidence.

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The Wishing Sphere

Make Your Wish… the Universe Is Yours!

Featuring a beautifully carved, meteoric steel composite base for energetic grounding and protection, four natural precious Ruby stones, an extraterrestrial Moldavite stone and a gorgeous, 99.9% pure lab-grade Quartz crystal ball etched with a 3D flower of life symbol, The Wishing Sphere was channeled from divine knowledge to present you with a state-of-the-art tool for turning your wishes into reality.

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HFA Mini V2

Amplify Your Blessings ×2!

Wear a beautiful amulet that is more than just a symbol. The HFA Mini v2 is a Harmonic Field Amplifier that surrounds your auric field with a protective, healing energy. The HFA Mini v2 harnesses the same breakthrough technology as the HFA+, but in a beautifully compact pendant that you can wear or carry in your pocket.

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

June 2020 the negativity in the house I rent a few rooms in was so bad I felt sick and the air was nasty. I put SIRIUS by the electrical Continue Reading


I love this little product.I have always been abit of a sponge as regards picking up other people’s energy around me,very empathic,and this device really helps me to stay balanced Continue Reading

Teresa Daly Hfa Sirius

HOLY COW! ha ha ha! I just did the fear and abundance workshop and that was insane! It hasn’t even been an hour and my energy is completely shifted. I Continue Reading

Joanna Fear and Abundance Workshop

OMG UPDATE! So I received the wishing sphere last week, I 1st said a wish for another ” a must ” and within the hour I had received a job, Continue Reading

Jennifer Funt psychic medium/ healer / nail tech The wishing Sphere

So I got my wishing sphere today, I followed the directions, I first made a wish for someone around me, particularly the person that has given me the most challenge.. Continue Reading

Jen psychic medium/ healer / nail tech The wishing Sphere

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I AM Products

Your Desires. Your Goals. Your I AM Mantra.
Choose from over 13 different designs in Bronze or Copper.

Spiritual Technology

The Harmonic Field Amplifiers (HFAs) take the “energies” in your environment that aren’t in harmony, and moves them through what is called a “zero point”.


The quest for motivation to lose weight, find true wellness and live your dreams has been answered.

What do you want to achieve?


MASTER your destiny with master classes that teach you how to manifest desires and provide you with the inspiration to achieve lasting, life-changing results.