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Vision for an Enlightened Earth

Modern Day Mystic exists to help you take control of your destiny, fortune and happiness by harnessing the awesome energy that governs reality. This is not about “wishing and hoping” — we have merged ancient knowledge with quantum physics to give you a laser-focused, digitally-accurate creative power that gets results. Our vision is to help shepherd in a new age through the use of innovative, quantum-energy-based technologies.


DNA Crystal Alter
Activate Your Awakening

If you’ve ever felt restricted in your body, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, feeling like you are unable to access your true potential, then DNA activation could be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

It allows you to clear energetic blocks and transcend limitations in every realm of your existence. Enabling you to experience breakthroughs and intuitive gifts currently unimaginable to your being.

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Second-Generation I AM Bracelets
Wrap Yourself in Unlimited Potential

This generation has leveled up beauty, style, and power. The nano anti-tarnish ensures no color appears on your skin. The design’s aesthetic has been upgraded too, with a hammered copper finish that ripples with beautiful reflections. Making it the perfect addition to any attire.

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Bridge the Gap Between Science and Consciousness

Get in the flow. AquaSync programs run on Quantum technology that bridges the gap between science and consciousness. From simply boosting your energy to manifesting a miracle, AquaSync charges your water with targeted frequencies to help change every aspect of your life for good.

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The Wishing Sphere XL

Expand Your Sphere of Influence

Take your manifestations to the next level. Like its predecessor the Wishing Sphere, the XL opens the Universe to fulfill your desires for prosperity, wellbeing, romance, sacred knowledge, and more. But its larger size, additional precious and rare crystals, and divine-influenced universal engraving give it unprecedented reach and power.

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Vita Navitas

The Power Is in Your Hands

Made from the purest conductive materials—natural copper, real silver, and gorgeous lab-grown crystals—this beautifully reinvented ancient technology is here to help you meet the demands of the modern day world.

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"Intentions are a powerful form of energy. Where you put your attention, you set your intention. This is universal law." — Peter Schenk, ModernDayMystic

What Our Customers Are Saying…

An amazing new experience from the MDM team! I have used nearly every product conceived for the last 8 years- they grow with use and the DNA Crystal is the Continue Reading


Had to share, I have the HFA home and office, when I 1st got it, the frequency was so high I had to put it in the house but far Continue Reading

Jennifer Funt Psychic medium/ healer & business owner. HFA home and office

I watched the DNA CRYSTAL ALTER Video on 6/9/2021 where Peter walked us through the process of activating the ruby which set forth the mindbody chain reaction ( my words) Continue Reading

Video Session Results DNA Crystal Alter

Thank you for offering amazing tools! Expect the unexpected! I activated the Vita Navitus and was tapped in immediately. The thought of a person came up in my mind and Continue Reading

WM Florida

I’m so grateful to receive the beautiful Wishing Sphere Mini. Every detail from packaging to the sphere set itself is absolutely amazing. I appreciate Peter’s wonderful creation and delivery. The Continue Reading

Ming Liu Tech. Project manager / software engineer (and a closet healer) Wishing Sphere mini

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“AquaSync Suite Official Launch” MDM Minute

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I AM Products

Your Desires. Your Goals. Your I AM Mantra.
Choose from over 13 different designs in Bronze or Copper.

Spiritual Technology

The Harmonic Field Amplifiers (HFAs) take the “energies” in your environment that aren’t in harmony, and moves them through what is called a “zero point”.


The quest for motivation to lose weight, find true wellness and live your dreams has been answered.

What do you want to achieve?


MASTER your destiny with master classes that teach you how to manifest desires and provide you with the inspiration to achieve lasting, life-changing results.