Vision for an Enlightened Earth

Modern Day Mystic exists to help you take control of your destiny, fortune and happiness by harnessing the awesome energy that governs reality. This is not about “wishing and hoping” — we have merged ancient knowledge with quantum physics to give you a laser-focused, digitally-accurate creative power that gets results. Our vision is to help shepherd in a new age through the use of innovative, quantum-energy-based technologies.

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I AM Bracelets

Wrap Yourself in Unlimited Potential

The result of years of alchemical research and experimentation with zero-point energy, the I AM bracelet line was created to assist humanity in ascending to its highest attainment. Made from the purest copper and silver, sacred symbology and highly resonant energy, the I AM bracelet conducts and amplifies your heart’s desires. But it doesn’t stop there.

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Harmonic Field Amplifier V2

A New Way to Travel

What is the Harmonic Field Amplifier V2? Quite simply, it’s a device that changes the way you perceive while you’re driving a vehicle. Typically, you should think of two energies possible: harmonious, balanced energy—and energy that is out of whack.

The HFA V2 takes the “energies” in your vehicle that aren’t in harmony—and moves them through what is called a zero point. Returning that energy in harmony gives your vehicle the energy it needs.

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I had a Receiving Core Session w/Peter this past Monday. I\’ve done several of these to date, now. This was by far the best! Peter; in this 1 hour session Continue Reading

James Jackson Physician Receiving Core Session

I received a couple of energetic sessions from Peter a few days ago and I feel much better than I did before. I went through an extremely bizarre and painful Continue Reading


BS”D Had a stubborn, painful shortening of the tendon of one thumb, often causing burning, leaving it in a bent position and “triggering” when bent or tried to use it Continue Reading

Sara Levine Transformational Healing: Starting from the Soul Body Geometry

I did my first Receiving Core Energy Session with Peter and it was nothing short of amazing! My body has expanded in so many ways energetically that it took me Continue Reading

BR Receiving Core Energy Session

I purchased a thirty minute session with Peter. The reason I wanted the session was to get to know somethings about me and my family. Boy was I in for Continue Reading

Sharice Entrepreneur Session

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“Boomer Rock Radio Interview with Tomas Matt” MDM Minute…

Peter Schenk, Episode 682 , “Vision for an Enlightened Earth”, @_ModernMystic, is an incredible journey into the power that exists in our world and universe of kindness and positivity.

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I AM Products

Your Desires. Your Goals. Your I AM Mantra.
Choose from over 13 different designs in Bronze or Copper.

Spiritual Technology

The Harmonic Field Amplifiers (HFAs) take the “energies” in your environment that aren’t in harmony, and moves them through what is called a “zero point”.


The quest for motivation to lose weight, find true wellness and live your dreams has been answered.

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MASTER your destiny with master classes that teach you how to manifest desires and provide you with the inspiration to achieve lasting, life-changing results.