I was first introduced to AquaWare a few yrs ago, it was AW version 4.0 at the time. Had been dubious initially but an online interview w Peter included charging water and the difference in the feel, taste, and character before charging vs after was pretty astonishing. Though I could not fathom how it worked, ha (not intellectually anyway!) intuitively I was getting strong guidance to go for it. We began using the program and had some excellent results personally as did others to whom we introduced the technology.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I learned that an updated version had been released, AW 5.1. It offered some advanced and improved features & functions over ver 4.0, particularly the processing speed, ability to layer more intents into a Quantum Layering session (QLS file), and a few add’l features. I opted for AW 5.1, downloaded & installed it, and felt such a powerful affinity to the new version that I began to use it daily, often multiple times daily, to astonishing effect in many instances. The Custom Intents were part of the earlier version however for whatever reason I was not drawn to use them nearly as much.

I have experienced phenomenal results with AW 5.1 since firing it up for the first time earlier this year in terms of health & fitness, energy, relationships, intuitive capacity, consciousness, spiritual evolution/awakening, and perhaps the most significant area for me, manifestation! Directing one’s attention to the target H2O vessel absolutely changes the qualities of the water (texture/feel, taste, energy, etc), charges it with one’s chosen intent, and undeniably brings about often remarkable effects & results after drinking, sometimes almost instantly.

We love AW 5.1, and are having an amazing, fun time using it and would highly recommend to others, even if one is unable to explain or thoroughly understand the technology. Peters says water is THE most programmable substance on the planet, I have to agree and am genuinely grateful to have been able to incorporate it into my life on too many levels to count!

Alan Raicer Master Manifestor AW 5.1 September 30, 2019