June 2020 the negativity in the house I rent a few rooms in was so bad I felt sick and the air was nasty. I put SIRIUS by the electrical outlet, and actually apologized to her for asking her to help. All of a sudden all this stuff came into the kitchen , I felt really dizzy and sick, so I left the house. I the ordered the MCR, 2 payment option, , from the car. Three days later, the energy was better, but not great. I am working towards finding a new place to live, but I can’t yet. I have mapped out cell towers, and I have a feeling that this house and land is being effected by EMF’s and stuff on the outside, and old stuff from the owner on the inside. When my MCR came, I set it up, and held my HFA MINI V1 over it to see what was happening. OMG, the HFA MINI V1 was making huge circles , really fast. I had to get out of the house again. The MCR has been working 4 days now, and I linked it to a family members house, that has weird stuff going on also. The MCR is working really hard to clear the negativity. To see this beautiful piece of technology helping me to live in a healthier environment is truly a blessing. Thank you Peter and the MDM team, for knowing what you know, and doing what you do, to assist me in my goal of personal power on many different levels.