I purchased a thirty minute session with Peter. The reason I wanted the session was to get to know somethings about me and my family. Boy was I in for a humongous surprise. So I was all excited about the call. Every emotion you can think of was going on with me all the way to the call and through the call.
So I call Peter as per his request. As he answered the phone I was amazed for many reasons. I couldn’t believe I was speaking with Peter one on one. I felt like I was speaking a celebrity. Once I calmed myself down and realized that I have to take care of business. I had so many questions for Peter. I blurted the questions out to him. He answered simply by saying “I am not your therapist” (I laughed inside and gained much more respect for him). Not many people are as blunt as I am.
So now we are over the hurdles. I felt so much power flowing through the phone. I was told to get a glass of water. (thought to myself I don’t need no water I have the aquaware here. I want to talk about me.) So I just followed direction after all I do value his opinion. After drinking the water the session begins. (I’m still thinking this is not what I want. I told the inner voice to shut up and let him do what he needed to do) After relaxing Peter says now we’re getting into the layers. He says now I’m going to remove the good from your heart. He also says I was holding on to something that happened to me between the ages of 9-11. (At this point it was total silence he never asked me anything about my past. I never told him anything. He just started it.) I was more amazed at how did he know that. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I then felt a hand scoop up a glob of good from my ❤️. Oh what a relief. Five days later. I still feel the same

Sharice Entrepreneur Session June 4, 2019