I had a Receiving Core Session w/Peter this past Monday. I\’ve done several of these to date, now. This was by far the best! Peter; in this 1 hour session cleared/removed issues from over half-a century (I\’m 60 years old) including deep trauma from my childhood and beyond. He knew exactly what was there, I did Not have to guide/tell him. I do know what lies beneath, as well (most of us do know this-we know where/what our pain is-we just can\’t release it). Yes, I did cry for part of the session, as this deep childhood hurt was so very profound and it has caused me a great deal of self-induced pain and destructive behavior over many/many decades. For many years I could Not even love myself or even look in the mirror and see Me nor love Me-so; like many of us busy/gifted medical professionals, I gave all of myself to work and to my patients (and some, could in fact care less). This was my way of avoiding my internal self-hate, but the \’cost\’ was that I gave way too much! No more of that nonsense now! I am here for me now/I take care of me now, I love me now more than anything else in this vast universe. And as a result, I am finally healing-I can now sleep at night/I can look in the mirror & say \”I love You!\” Yes, this needs more work, but I\’m finally \”back home.\” Like the old Blind Faith song: \”Can\’t Find My Way Back Home.\” Look up on youtube-for that was indeed me before the session! Thank YOU Peter, from the bottom on my heart!!!

James Jackson Physician Receiving Core Session June 16, 2019