About 3 weeks ago, I started the aquaware beta. I am a single mom going through some really challenging moments. I have a 10 year old son who has been completely abandoned by his father 16 months ago. My son’s self-worth and self-esteem took a severe dive His passion is sports..He has always done well in school and in sports. This year with all the trauma we have gone through, it all started to affect him – grades dropping, interests diminishing, anxiety and self doubt increasing. I decided to program his water with sports enhancement, various athletes, study skills, reading, math, science, literature, writing skills, positivity, and optimism. I put together three different programs. I programmed 32 64 oz bottles of water. My son began drinking 16 ounces a day of water programmed with academics/good mood and my quantum layered sports 1 or Quantum layered Sports 2. We alternate between the sports programs each day but he’s drinking the academic and mood program daily. Our intention is to add 4 oz each week more of water until he reaches half his body weight of water. I didn’t want to chance any detox reactions. I can happily report his good mood and school enthusiasm has returned. Last week he was in a semi-final championship game of a 3 on 3 League. He faced a fierce competitor. His teammates were nervous as most 11 year olds are in a big game. My son told his teammate to trust him that he had this game and if they did the defending and got him the ball he guaranteed he would get the shots in. There was five minutes left in the game and they were down by 7 points. In those five minutes my son got nine baskets in and the other team didn’t score. They went on to the championship game last night. Facing the fiercest team of the league my son’s team was considered the underdog. My son devised a game plan and his teammates agreed. They were victorious. My son scored 22 baskets out of the 34 that his team. scored. They won the championship. The smile on my son’s face and his teammates face was as if they just won the NBA final. At the end of the game 2 High School refs came over to shake my son’s hand and congratulate him. They told him his game was unbelievable and how amazing he played. He was awarded MVP. At the end of the game, a handful of parents came up to me and commented on how unbelievable my son’s shots were in the last two games. That they were awestruck on how he stepped up his game and dominated the court. My son was beaming from ear-to-ear. People were taking pictures of him because they said they had to capture the outrageous smile on his face. He was bouncing off the walls with joy when we came home and told me that this was a night that he would never forget. We both agreed that the aquaware program definitely brought out his confidence and athletic skills to the max. Thank you Peter and the Modern Day Mystic team for the gifts you bring to people to enhance their life. We have approximately 60 days of programmed water. I can’t wait to write back about all the amazing outcomes he receives during this time. BLESSINGS! PATRICIA

Patricia Domestic Engineer/ Mental Health Therapist Aquaware 6 beta March 3, 2020