Question: How or why did all this pain and suffering happen? Answer: It doesn’t matter, whining about it doesn’t make it go away, and probably makes it worse. WISH LIST: A GUIDE, someone who has been there before me, maybe with a different scenario, but someone with the courage, the fortitude, and who wants to find out the TRUTH, the answers, “THE WAY” What I have figured out is that there are many ” places” where this deeply embedded ( ………..) lives, and it takes time, effort, and tools, to dig it out, poof, gone. I do not own a business or anything, my mission has been to own myself. After many years of elusiveness I can finally say, Life IS GOOD. It is with humility for LIFE that I thank Peter Schenk and the MDM TEAM for giving so much LOVE a way to express it’s self so I feel it, see it, know it.

Grateful August 24, 2020