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I invested in Terra Resonator Typhoon, because I invest in myself

I received my Terra Resonator Typhoon today. As I removed it from the packaging , I started crying . The symbols etched into the protective box, spoke to me on a very deep level. As I took the stones out of the cloth sacks, my mind went to those fabric robes that people wore in ancient times. I placed the stones with my family members in mind. My mother, father, husband who has passed, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter , daughter in law, son in law, and the last stone for me. The placement of the stone in the middle felt like perfection. As I spoke the words ” I HONOR THE SPACE IN WHICH YOU EXIST” , we just knew. Peter, thank you for bringing more love and light into the world with your products and services as only you can.

Mama Bear Incarnate July 22, 2019

TR mini and Orion

Love my Orion. Again, I enjoy sharing my testimonials as I use them further along. Our friend was in desperate need of finding a good renter asap and selling his other property and a good house cleaner. 1st, I had him hold my Orion and speak his intentions for s good renter fast, 2nd, his other property sells at the price he wants or better. Well, the good renters showed up in a week, his other property has a good realtor listed it higher than he thought. As for house cleaning, i used (TR mini)my good friend has her cleaning business and had just lost a valuable client. Intention was “she now has a great job” . Well, our friend hired her, and she has had other clients use her services. So happy to have this extension to help others. Plus my husband need a good 2nd car, I put that down “he now has a wonder working car”, plus intended things would work out $ towards it. Turns out his friend that went with him to car dealer, bought his old car and we were able to put that towards loan. It’s a win win.

Prem Kaur Light Feather Tx June 24, 2019

Public request result with Terra Resonator Typhoon and Creationis Miracles Arca Archa box

The local news reported a missing dog from a car crash and reached out the community to find him because the owner was in an induced coma and was very close to the dog. After hearing the story I wrote a statement that the dog had been found and reunited with the family looking for him and put that note on my Terra Resonator Typhoon and then in my Creationis Miracles Arca Archa box. . Today an update showed that indeed the dog had been found and reunited with his family and that the owner is now out of his coma. Was glad to contribute energetically with this tool for a successful result.

Lynn W June 21, 2019

Terra Resonator Typhoon utube videos

When I watched the recent utube video on the Terra Resonator Typhoon, I had tears in my eyes because of its beauty, and the experience that it belongs here. The water video was amazing to see ” frozen action in time”. The video with the master crystal ” made me a little dizzy” but that is okay. It is powerful and needs respect. I decided to put my hand on the picture and felt moved to tears again. That a work of art would interact with me to help me move forward with my goals, or to ” charge my food, water, or what ever is truly a blessing.” I have a sense that there is an upward spiral created ( I know first hand what a downward life spiral is like) but I really don’t know. Thank you Peter Schenk for this masterpiece of Grace

Deeply Grateful Customer June 1, 2019

More TR-Plus Miracles

I just remembered 2 more things I would like to add to my testimonial on my Terra-Resonator Plus. I bought one of my nurse uniforms tops (black color with x’mas trees and Winnie the Pooh designs on it) from one of my work colleagues, who sold it to me, b/c she found it too small and tight on her after she wore it. Anyway, I noticed everytime i wore it, I would experience so much bad luck at work (like a patient accidentally spilled her poop container after emptying her colostomy in the bathroom, all over the floor, and i would have to clean it up myself, plus all kinds of crazy things happening at work…lol). So after I wore it maybe like 4 times, I got scared and stopped wearing it for a while, and thought of throwing it out, b/c if I donate it away, someone else might get the bad luck…lol. Then I thought of charging it on my TR-Plus to clear any possible bad energy, that my co-worker probably acquired it from somewhere (who knows…lol), and sure enough, after I charged it on my TR-Plus and just kept it there for a few hrs I think, when I wore it again (kinda scared with anticipation…lol), it was totally fine and great, and no more crazy wacky things happening…lol.

The 2nd miracle is I recently developed a small blister on my upper lip near middle right side, shortly after I finished eating some leftover takeout foods. So I popped it, and set the intention for my TR-Plus to charge me (saying the words I Honor the Space in which I exist), even though my TR-Plus is upstairs in my bedroom, while i’m in the living room watching TV. Usually I bring it down to the kitchen to charge all kinds of foods and groceries almost daily, b4 I eat or cook them. On that day I just got lazy, and decided to just visualize it near me (since I know visualizations healing always work for me anyway, as everything is energy…lol), and I felt a cold chill, gentle healing energy enter my whole body as I felt some physical sensations and head kinda woozy types of shifts after visualizing myself charging myself on my precious TR-Plus. There’s just a small mark on my lip now after I burst the weird bubble blister (which could’ve been a mouth sore or cold sore, but that usually would hurt more and look so visibly gross…lol), and no pain, swelling, or any itchiness at all from it, even after a few days. Thank god! Thank you Peter once again, for all these endless magical miracles! Hoorayyy!!!

Emily Lai RN Terra-Resonator Plus May 2, 2019

Face Creams on the Terra Resonator XL

I put an eye cream on the TR XL and there is DEFINITELY an improvement in it’s power to reduce the under eye creepy skin. I also placed a face moisturizer on the TR XL but was not able to actually notice a difference. To test this out, I would need to get another container of face moisturizer to put on one side of my face and put the charged moisturizer on the other side of my face. But undoubtedly it’s power is amped up I’m just not noticing it. I can test this later as I get closer to needing another moisturizer.

If I read an affirmation which I’m putting on the TR XL while holding my left hand on the TR XL (after honoring the space in which it exist), I can feel the energy flowing through my body and have the “feeling” that it is already so even before I place the paper on the TR XL. Thanks for this powerful device.

Diana Thele Texas Terra Resonator XL March 29, 2019

I used the Terra Resonator Mini to manifest the granting of a driver’s license

I used the Terra Resonator Mini to manifest the granting of a driver’s license without having to take the road test. I sat in sheer delight when the state processed my paperwork for driver’s license. I thought for sure that I would be required to take the road test. I have special controls required from my previous state that i had resided. It took me two tries to pass the parking test. So i was naturally nervous and had practiced the parking test in my new state. I had been making my manifestation request daily on the Terra Resonator Mini including the day of the appointment. So, when the State waived the road test, i was overwhelmed by this special grace and so relieved and happy.

January 30, 2019

Terra Resonator the Resurrection of my iPod

My iPod that I use everyday stopped working one day (I had it charging) when I tried to turn it on it just wouldn’t. After trying different things, I thought of the Terra Resonator and laid it on it for a day and within 24hours it Turned ON. It’s working just like New. It’s been several months and it’s still working. What a relief

Aiyana Luttrell Terra Resonator January 16, 2019

Terra Resonator Helps with Passing Exams

After repeatedly reading the course material and taking an exam for one of my tax classes I put an intention on the Terra Resonator that I was grateful for easily passing my tax class exams. Finally passed the one I was working on as well as the exams for subsequent tax classes I took. I did combine utilizing Sourxe V to charge my coffee with similar intention. It empowers me to move forward with more confidence for 3 re-certification exams I have to complete by the end of the year.

Lynn Wertheimer Terra Resonator regular October 1, 2018

The Giant Mini


I just have to write about the amazing terra resonator mini, there are pieces of jewellery that I can’t seem to wear, some are for energy and some just necklaces that I like but after being on the mini and focusing on what I want these pieces to emanate for me the results are astounding! I just feel a lifting of negativity and a lightness in my body.

I also had a back ache and carefully placed the mini on my back and the relief was pretty quick in coming. It’s just the most amazing tool I’ve worked with.Thank you Peter!

Regards, Brenda

Brenda Pasternak none Terra resonator mini September 12, 2018