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I have submitted several requests to Peter for body geometries over the past months and I must say that Peter has delivered on every one in a timely and accurate manner. These sessions have proven to be of great benefit to me in many ways; do give them a try, they might surprise you!

Mark Weaver body geometry February 25, 2018

Georgia, Festus MO US

Everyone needs to watch the MDM show! The guests are great, so much knowledge is shared, the best are when Peter and Donna do the shows and play with the software! Last Sun 5/1/16 was so much fun, call ins for Aquaware 5.0 activations! So much fun, & so powerful! These shows are on YouTube to be viewed anytime and well worth the watch, & the rewatch! Always, fun and something knew to learn….AWESOME stuff folks! I personally have been beta testing/playing with A-5 and man oh man it blows the doors off 4 like nobody’s business! Peter needs to be seriously proud of this creation as it is absolutely phenomenal and beautiful, easy to use, & fast…WOW! I LOVE A-4 & have since I got it….5 is just simply unbelievable yet here it is….the modern day mystic has outdone himself!!! What’s not on there, one can write! Flippin AMAZING??????????

May 4, 2016

Suzanne, NH

Found myself aligned to a vibrational frequency that is more positive. Thank you Peter and Donna.

April 7, 2016

Leona Moore, Greenville, SC

After listening to the MDM show with David Shear I made a Quantum Layering session with 7 intents for a workout geared toward workout specific results. What has been interesting is that my body has asked for less exercise and yet the muscles are fuller and more developed and I am loosing inches in my abs, side, back, legs and arms and hips.. In my regular daily movement the muscles are developing more fully. I am a size 6 and didn’t think my body could become more compact but it is! I love it when my body surprises me with what it is capable of. Thank you Peter

April 25, 2015