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I received my HFA V2 last week and all I can say is wow. Driving to work has been very relaxing and everyone seems to be very courteous. While driving I notice that other cars keep a safe distance from me and even use their turn signal when passing me. I can feel the energy coming from the HFA. I love the product very much and will purchase another in the future. Peter thanks for the work you put into these magnificent products that you bring into the world. I am a life long customer.

Dion HFA V2 May 2, 2019

Blind spot and accident protection

My daily routine is to charge water on my tera resonator mini and programming it with Aquaware 5 programming which includes intuition enhancement and, claircognizance. I have an HFA v2 in my car. I wear an HFA mini and carry an HFA orion. My car does not have the new sensors for lane departure or blind spots and yet when a car is backing up almost hitting me in a parking lot these tools help protect me from being hit. The other day I almost collided with a car and my internal sensors boosted by utilizing all these products alerted me to a car in my blind spot and I pulled away in time without the other driver beeping at me to do so. At times I feel at one with my car when driving avoiding most potholes and often getting favorable traffic lights and flow. I still can get agitated but sometimes remarkably calm. It’s the power and blend of these 5 tools which helps my driving experience. I share with others about the HFA, but it’s really the blend of the HFA, HFA mini, HFA orion, aquaware 5 programming and charging my water while programming on the Tera resonator mini.

Lynn W HFA, HFA mini, Aquaware 5, HFA orion, Tera resonator April 24, 2019

I received my HFA V2 last night

I received my HFA V2 last night I can already feel a difference in my car …and I feel the bubble around me with the HFA MINI thank you

January 30, 2019

Thank you, Peter

Thank you, Peter, for your extraordinary mastery of energy healing products. Your products provide clearing and support daily in my work studio and car. You are providing an invaluable service and I am grateful you are in my life.

January 30, 2019


Hi Peter ! ..

Firstly I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Honor Your Presence And Existence In My Life.
You And Your Products Have Had A Great Impact In My Life Right From Aquaware / Sourxe V /
12th Project To The HFA Bundle.

I Love Them All. Specially My Physical Products.
HFA Mini – HFA v2 And HFA Plus

Below Listed Are Just Few Of My Experiences
Which I am Able to Put Down In Words of my HFA Bundle


Ever Since iHave Worn Mini iHave Noticed That Negative Energies And Negative Emotions
Of Other People Are Now Not Affecting Me At All. Earlier Emotions From My Family Specially
My Mother And My Brothers Use To Bring Me Quickly Down The Vibrational Scale From
Peace To Anxiety & Fear. Now After Wearing Mini It’s Not Affecting Me At All. Most Of The
Times I Feel Like I Am In The Zero Point Where I Feel Thoughtless And Calm And Serene. Thats
What I have Noticed About The Affect Of Mini On Me.

Its Getting Tarnised In 3-4 Days & To Clear The Tarnish I Use A Local
Pitambari Powder ( Used to Cleanse Silver & Copper ). This Helps My MINI Shines As if It’s New 🙂

2. HFA

Well I Just Love MY HFA. I Have My HFA Inside My Sling Bag – Keep It Inside The HFA BOX & Have
Activated And Linked With MY BIKE & When I Drive Than With My Car. It’s Always Inside The
BOX in my SLING BAG with Me Always.

What I Have Noticed Is A Smooth & Peaceful Drive / Ride. Even In This Bad Mumbai Traffic
Everyone Inside The Car Is Always In A Good And Peaceful Mood.
I Have Noticed There are Less People Honking & I Some How Manage To Find Little Place
To Move Ahead In The Worst Bottle Neck Mumbai Traffic.

May Be The Effects Are Even More Powerful For Me In Combination With HFA MINI ..

These Days Peter, I Have Been Experimenting With Intend Linked With My HFA That It Always
And I Am Just So Amazed To See Similar And Wonderful Results.

What Amazes Me is Even Though It’s Inside The HFA BOX and In My SLING BAG …
But It’s Still Creating It’s Energy Field And Giving Me Similar Results …

( Must Admit HFA is So Beautiful That I Just Don’t Feel Like Removing It Out Of The BOX ..
Just Want It 2 be Kept SAFE INSIDE THE BOX in the Best Condition..
That’s Why Have It In The Box and In My Sling Bag Always With Me )

Another Thing What I Have Noticed Is And Have Been Complimented By Friends & Relatives
is That Whenever I Am With Them – They Feel Peaceful And Happy With Me Around.
PEACE BEGINS WITH ME I GUESS 😛 and It’s All Thanks To Combination Of HFA and HFA MINI … he he he

3. HFA PLUS v2

In Regards To My HFA Plus V2 I have Kept It Besides My Temple In The Center Of My House.
I Have Kept It In The Box With Its Cover Opened And Linked To My House…

Well Thus Far What I Have Noticed Is There Used To Be A Lot Of Conflict Within My Family.
Specially Among My Brother His Wife And My Mother. This Conflict Has Reduced So Much At
There’s Peaceful Ambience In My House.

All Guest and Relatives Who Visit My House Always Compliment And Mention About How
Peaceful Happy And Relaxed They Feel Being Here.

It’s All Thanks To HFA+v2.
There Might Be A Lot Other Things and ENERGIES MY HFA+ Must Be Protecting My House
From Which I AM just Not Aware.


I Want To Thank You Peter, You’ve Made Such A Positive Difference In My Life
And You Continue To Do So With Everything That You Are Doing To Help Improve
And Upgrade Humanity Through Your Wonderful Wisdom Knowledge Products & Services.

Request You To PLEASE NEVER STOP And Continue To Do As You Don’t Know The Effects It’s Having
For All Those Souls Who Searching For Answers To Their Problems.

Your An Angel Peter – I LOVE YOU
Thank You For Your Presence In My Life

Love & Light Blessings Your Way….

Sureender Singh
Mumbai – India

Sureender Singh Self Employed HFA / HFA MINI & HFA PLUS V2 December 27, 2018

November 19, 2018


I Started to understand your message/purpose etc when I listened to a long interview you had with Darius. I was excited about your work and purpose. I purchased the HFA mini. I went to the Jewellery store
to buy chin. The first jeweller was an Saleslady and when I opened the box her eyes grew big and she sort of gasped. I went to another Jeweller later and he immediately said: ” Where did you get this” It seemed obvious he saw it as a potential item for his shop. I told him and gave the web site but did explain I felt it was sold privately by you. My experience was wonderful and I started to feel gratitude . Now this sounds funny or strange. Since I was very young I had always said “Thank You” for things I appreciated and also asked my Guardian angel for help when needed. Through the years and troubled times or stresses we all have raising families , I never felt the gratitude. I meant it but never truly felt it. Well since the mini and perhaps with some help from the wonderful body Geometry I felt true gratitude. Then I started to believe good things were going to happen and to believe it. My intuition started to return in a gentle non threatening way. I started to dream again and was so grateful for that as I used to solve problems in my dreams. Then I started to blurt things out and it hurt or troubled people. I would be embarrassed and wonder why these thing just t
happened unexpectedly, so I worked very hard not to block the knowing out. One night as I got into bed I had the sudden feeling and knowledge that things were going to get better than ever, I felt it, I knew it, I believed it., and I now tell everyone I can about your site on the web.

Thank You Peter. You made such a positive difference in my life. You continue to do so as I listen to your “Ramblings” and now understand why I do that. I learn something every time I listen to your presentations. Once again Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Elizabeth Millar Retired HFA Mini September 21, 2018

HFA-a New Way To Travel

I simply love love love the HFAs that I ordered for myself and my sis, and then more later on for my hubby and my sis’ hubby (my bro-in-law), and then another one for my sister’s new car, as she planned to give her older car to her step-daughter. We’ve all had great experiences with our HFAs, and both me and my bro-in-law were able to avoid a potential car accident at one point. One time when I was changing lanes while driving, I almost hit another car, as I didn’t see him in my blind spot somehow, so I was amazed he managed to quickly move out of my way (not sure how that happened) without me hitting him, and sounded the horn. What a close call!

My sister used to often get in some types of small fender-benders accidents before, and has never experienced any of that for maybe a year now after I got her the HFA for her car. Then she told me her hubby has been getting in quite a few major car accidents in the past few years (sometimes not his fault) which has brought up his car insurance quite a bit, so she asked me to buy one for him, to help prevent future accidents. My hubby’s older car seems to need a lot of fixing every once in a while, and he kinda gets agitated with other road rage drivers, and sometimes gets stuck in bad traffic, which is not the most pleasant thing to deal with. So I also ended up ordering an HFA for him at the same time as I did for my bro-in-law, even though these men don’t really believe in these types of consciousness technology products, that me & my sis both highly believe in…lol. Now my bro-in-law hasn’t been in any car accidents ever since he got his HFA in his car (for a few months now), and I notice my hubby is more calm and smart with finding small routes to easily avoid the big traffic jams around us when driving around with me as a passenger in his car. When i’m driving my car, and he’s sitting next to me in the passenger seat, he used to often has so many negative things to comment about my driving skills. After I got my HFA in my car, he became more quiet, and relaxed instantly, and sometimes would start whistling instead in my car. How Amazing!

I always feel a sense of loving peace and calm now with the presence of HFA in any car, and never have to worry about getting in a car accident or meeting other road rage drivers.

One time I forgot to take out some fresh flowers I bought from a grocery store that fell behind somewhere hidden when removing groceries from the trunk of my car, until 4 days later when I all of a sudden remembered that I bought them. Ha! I was so surprised to find them still alive and fresh, with no water after 4 days being left in the trunk of car. It was cold winter here at the time in Dec. in Canada, so maybe that helped to keep it semi-fresh, but i’m sure it’s my HFA that kept it more fresh longer than usual. I think i’ve had another instance where I forgot some fresh flowers in my car before during the summer many years ago, and after just one day the flowers were all dead already (with no HFA of course back then). It’s also much easier to find parking in a full parking lot, just by talking to my HFA to ask it to please help me find parking when someone might be leaving soon, and voila, usually within a few minutes or so (never longer than 10 or 15 mins i think), a space would open up for me. So incredibly grateful for owning quite a few of Peter’s super-amazing MDM products, that has made me and my family’s life so much easier and better than before in countless infinite ways! Thank you so much Peter for keep coming up with all these totally Spectacular Phenomenal Outta this world type of creations to help improve so many people’s lives in this planet by raising our vibrations through all your magical MDM products.


Emily Lai RN Canada/HFA March 29, 2018

HFA-new way to travel, & more:-)

I too have the HFA travel and I believe EVERYONE needs one! Can we all imagine together if each vehicle, car, train, plane, bus, RV’s all had this…oh my what a difference this would be on this planet! My HFA loves to be in my expedition and in my travel trailer with me and my dog, the level of peace, harmony, and joy is off the charts, especially when driving in traffic….I no longer get tense, upset or really care in the midst of traffic issues….I send this energy out to all the other drivers in a big bubble of love and light, if they can even experience a taste of this energy to bring goodness to their day in anyway! I am beyond grateful to have this beautiful device in my life and hold a vision for all to have one soon!❤️
It has been truly a blessing especially when I move and tow my house behind me, I even came down 89A to Sedona from Flagstaff towing my travel trailer which unknown to me was a single lane (each way) if hair pin turns, 7% grades, without smoking my brakes or even upsetting anyone behind me….crazy right once on one cannot turn around, one is committed! I lovingly asked my HFA to help me to the bottom a viola it was a gorgeous wild ride! To come off that into Sedona….SWEET!
I’m also a dedicated user of Aquaware 5 and Sourxe 5, love love love my water products…have many testimonials out and Peter’s masterclasses…WHOO HOO!! MDM and Peter’s creations and energy are life changing!❤️❤️🙏😍😍🙏❣️💞💖💜

Georgia siegner Distant Drums RV Resort-front office customer support HFA March 14, 2018

Harmonic field amplifier for car

I bought the HFA for my car just about a year ago. I wanted a smooth trip to North Carolina from PA to pick my daughter up from school. In the past, this trip has taken me up to 8.5 hours. The traffic going through Washington DC can be horrendous at any time of the day. I picked my HFA up from the post office and just the box vibrated at an incredible rate. It is beautifully packaged and quite a sight to behold just out of the box. My trip to North Carolina took me 6 hours and 45 minutes!! I hit no traffic through DC and I kid you not, I didn’t hit a single red light until I got to North Carolina. There were probably somewhere between 30-40 lights. WOW. I have a friend who is very sensitive to energy and she could just feel its power. I also think that I can communicate with it for making my trip smoother….ie please let this U turn be fast and simple. Try it for yourself. Janet

Janet Duffy Thoroughlykneaded.com March 14, 2018