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One time I did test the HFA mini necklace

One time I did test the HFA mini necklace, I had a meeting in a high-rise and didn’t know what floor is was on. I got on the elevator and didn’t take any floors the other people who got on with me did pick their floors. Here is the funny part,the first floor the elevator arrived to was the 8th floor when the door opened I saw someone that was scheduled to be in the meeting with me. I yelled out the elevator and ask where is the meeting? he responded this floors main conference room. I’ve never had a meeting on this floor the ten years with this agency. when I stepped off the elevator I turned to my coworker and said, see that’s how this HFA mini works. However, I was surprised.

January 30, 2019

the HFA Mine is a Proven Miracle!

I bought an HFA Mini nearly 2 years ago for my wife. (My how time flies.) The very first day she wore the pendant she noticed how her environment changed. She remarked to me how she felt she was in a protective bubble. Her choice of “protective bubble” was telling because I knew how unpleasant it was for her on her job. You see, her co-workers in the lab were extremely knowledgeable but extremely lazy. Most of the staff have been there in excess of 20 years and they all know their job in quality assurance like the back of their hands. But as smart as they are they are equally as lazy. In fact, one employee sums it up this way, “All I want is my check!” This really annoys my wife.

However, the very first day my wife wore the HFA Mini was an absolute miracle! No longer was she forced to endure the carrying on by her co-workers. They just seemed to evolve right before her eyes! No gossiping either! The change was so palatable thay my wife called me from work, just a few hours after arriving. She was ecstatic! She exclaimed how things had suddenly changed and how she felt– like being inside a cocoon. This lasted all day.

What else was so amazing, my wife was promoted last year to supervisor over these same co-workers, with not even a whimper of displeasure or animosity from them. To this day the environment has continued to be hospitable, cordial, routine and efficient. No drama or resistance by her co-workers. Again– a miracle! And oh yes, the HFA Mini is worth every penny and then some, because of what it has done for my wife’s daily work environment. Thank you Peter!

Keita-Harold: Bey Satisfied Customer Tennessee / HFA Mini January 12, 2019


I’ve only had my HFA Mini a few weeks. One of the major changes I have noticed is I’m feeling happier, more energetic & less stressed. I am very excited about how quickly I’ve noticed these changes. Also, with the Aquaware 7 day trial, I noticed feeling energetic – less tired. I am sold on it. I will be purchasing it in a couple of days! It’s like having a Genie in our house. There are so many intents – it’s limitless -I get excited. Can’t wait to see more positive results. Here’s a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Peter Schenk for his brilliant creations, & the love I feel in watching the MDM Minute Videos. Thank you for all you do and for sharing these wonderful products with us. I am so excited about them and look forward to each new creation. Your videos are so uplifting & powerful. Thank you so much for sharing , Sincerely, Deanna

M. Deanna Morrissey retired... HFA MINI AND AQUAWARE January 8, 2019


Hi Peter ! ..

Firstly I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Honor Your Presence And Existence In My Life.
You And Your Products Have Had A Great Impact In My Life Right From Aquaware / Sourxe V /
12th Project To The HFA Bundle.

I Love Them All. Specially My Physical Products.
HFA Mini – HFA v2 And HFA Plus

Below Listed Are Just Few Of My Experiences
Which I am Able to Put Down In Words of my HFA Bundle


Ever Since iHave Worn Mini iHave Noticed That Negative Energies And Negative Emotions
Of Other People Are Now Not Affecting Me At All. Earlier Emotions From My Family Specially
My Mother And My Brothers Use To Bring Me Quickly Down The Vibrational Scale From
Peace To Anxiety & Fear. Now After Wearing Mini It’s Not Affecting Me At All. Most Of The
Times I Feel Like I Am In The Zero Point Where I Feel Thoughtless And Calm And Serene. Thats
What I have Noticed About The Affect Of Mini On Me.

Its Getting Tarnised In 3-4 Days & To Clear The Tarnish I Use A Local
Pitambari Powder ( Used to Cleanse Silver & Copper ). This Helps My MINI Shines As if It’s New 🙂

2. HFA

Well I Just Love MY HFA. I Have My HFA Inside My Sling Bag – Keep It Inside The HFA BOX & Have
Activated And Linked With MY BIKE & When I Drive Than With My Car. It’s Always Inside The
BOX in my SLING BAG with Me Always.

What I Have Noticed Is A Smooth & Peaceful Drive / Ride. Even In This Bad Mumbai Traffic
Everyone Inside The Car Is Always In A Good And Peaceful Mood.
I Have Noticed There are Less People Honking & I Some How Manage To Find Little Place
To Move Ahead In The Worst Bottle Neck Mumbai Traffic.

May Be The Effects Are Even More Powerful For Me In Combination With HFA MINI ..

These Days Peter, I Have Been Experimenting With Intend Linked With My HFA That It Always
And I Am Just So Amazed To See Similar And Wonderful Results.

What Amazes Me is Even Though It’s Inside The HFA BOX and In My SLING BAG …
But It’s Still Creating It’s Energy Field And Giving Me Similar Results …

( Must Admit HFA is So Beautiful That I Just Don’t Feel Like Removing It Out Of The BOX ..
Just Want It 2 be Kept SAFE INSIDE THE BOX in the Best Condition..
That’s Why Have It In The Box and In My Sling Bag Always With Me )

Another Thing What I Have Noticed Is And Have Been Complimented By Friends & Relatives
is That Whenever I Am With Them – They Feel Peaceful And Happy With Me Around.
PEACE BEGINS WITH ME I GUESS 😛 and It’s All Thanks To Combination Of HFA and HFA MINI … he he he

3. HFA PLUS v2

In Regards To My HFA Plus V2 I have Kept It Besides My Temple In The Center Of My House.
I Have Kept It In The Box With Its Cover Opened And Linked To My House…

Well Thus Far What I Have Noticed Is There Used To Be A Lot Of Conflict Within My Family.
Specially Among My Brother His Wife And My Mother. This Conflict Has Reduced So Much At
There’s Peaceful Ambience In My House.

All Guest and Relatives Who Visit My House Always Compliment And Mention About How
Peaceful Happy And Relaxed They Feel Being Here.

It’s All Thanks To HFA+v2.
There Might Be A Lot Other Things and ENERGIES MY HFA+ Must Be Protecting My House
From Which I AM just Not Aware.


I Want To Thank You Peter, You’ve Made Such A Positive Difference In My Life
And You Continue To Do So With Everything That You Are Doing To Help Improve
And Upgrade Humanity Through Your Wonderful Wisdom Knowledge Products & Services.

Request You To PLEASE NEVER STOP And Continue To Do As You Don’t Know The Effects It’s Having
For All Those Souls Who Searching For Answers To Their Problems.

Your An Angel Peter – I LOVE YOU
Thank You For Your Presence In My Life

Love & Light Blessings Your Way….

Sureender Singh
Mumbai – India

Sureender Singh Self Employed HFA / HFA MINI & HFA PLUS V2 December 27, 2018

I am

I purchased a HFA Mini and the minute I put it on I felt calm. My work and family stresses me out and they no longer effect me. I loved it so much I bought one for a dear friend who was going through some personal issues and she is doing great. I love it so much I bought the home and car one so all of my stuff is protected. I haven’t tried any other products but if they work as well as the HFA they are worth the price.

Cindy Galvin 86 S.Main Street August 28, 2018

I am Loving my HFA mini!!!!

Hi Peter!

I have only been aware of your products and work for about a month. I came across one of your videos on YouTube and was so drawn to learning more about your products and Hand Geometry. I have been doing body work/healing for 26 years and I have never experienced anything like this before. I have had my HFA mini for a few weeks and I noticed a difference immediately! I felt more calm internally and had a sense that ALL IS WELL. I did not even realize how much anxiety I was experiencing until it was gone.

I also have noticed a profound difference in my perception as I work with my clients. Its as if I no longer have to sift through the garbage to get to the root of the issue. I go directly there without being affected. The feeling is hard to explain but its like a pure space is created to allow what needs to happen to happen. I have been starting my sessions with “I honor the space in which you exist”!! Holy Cow!! What a Profound and Beautiful space this creates! I no longer have to work so hard to maintain my vibration. It just is.
I had six sessions last Saturday and it was so much fun. My energy was high all day and I was still feeling great at the end of the day.
I have also done the Sourxe 5 Trial and several Hand Geometries. I AM So Loving how much of a difference I can feel in myself and my family, my coworkers, my clients, my cats…. LOL. My energy is Through the roof & I have gotten more done in the last 2 weeks than the last 6 months! I dont feel stuck anymore. I Feel like my JOY is coming back! I feel connected to myself again.

Thank You SO Much Peter and Crew!
Clarissa B.

Clarissa Barraza 13430 Blossomheath Ln June 29, 2018


I have been using my beloved HFA Mini for roughly a year. I consider it as my best friend. I feel that the consciousness of my HFA Mini has not only changed me for the better but also all the people around me and all those that I come in contact with. I am always so well treated by everybody. It raises my consciousness in such a way that seems to affect other people in such a beautiful way that they seem to enjoy my company by feeling the peace and love and compassion that I emanate, as they have mentionned to me.
I makes me feel so strong and secure and joyous. Whenever an obstacle arises, and there seems to be no way out, it is as if my mini shows me a God solution and shows me how to solve it without my feeling frustrated or worried as used to happen before I got it. I just would not part with it for the world! It really has a consciousness and is my best friend, one I can really count on for the best advice always.
Thank you so much and now I’m really looking forward to have the bracelet that is going to come out in June,
All my love,,
Maria from Portugal.

maria josé costa av. luis de camoes, 16 - 6D PORTUGAL - HFA MINI April 2, 2018

I don’t leave home without my HFA Mini.

I honestly will not leave home without my HFA Mini. I hold two jobs, both dealing with the public. It is common for me to serve 300 to 400 people in one day. Since I began wearing the mini, I noticed that my interactions with people go so much more smoothly. It’s very common for me to hear “You always have a smile on your face”, or “I love to be in your line because you’re always so nice.” Honestly I’m the same person I was before, but the Mini makes people nicer to me!
I often receive compliments on how beautiful it is and it is also a joy to wear. During the rare times these days when I’m feeling stressed, all I have to do is look down and absorb the frequency of the infinity symbol-and I’m good to go. I love mine so much I bought one for each if my children too.

Kelli Carlson Boulder City, NV HFA Mini March 29, 2018

HFA Mini

I would like to say that thinking outside of the box is a great thing to do with any of Peter’s products. I did just that with the HFA Mini and what a difference it made for me. Peter says the products have consciousness and he is so right with that. I have been wearing my Mini for a few months now on a chain and have been having wonderful results keeping things clear around me. I work on a surgical unit in a very busy hospital with as you can imagine tons of stuff all around me. Well for usually stuff can happen in a heart beat around me, good and bad. However since wearing my Mini to work things seem to be much calmer and easily handled.

I recently have been feeling a pressure and discomfort over the liver area on my right side, so the idea came to me to take the Mini off the chain and put just above my Liver are using a pin to my shirt. Within about 5 minutes I could feel a reduction in the pressure and discomfort to my side. Since then I have kept it there and I continue to have freedom to this area. I also noticed that my digestion is much better with less bloating after eating certain kinds of meals, ie: pasta or breads.

So take Peters advise and think outside the box and talk to your Mini or any of his other products and see what happens. I am certainly glad I have, I will be trying this with other things in the future if needed for certain. :))))

Thank you very much Peter and the Universe for these wonderful products.


Susan J Licensed Practical Nurse Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, HFA Mini March 23, 2018

HFA Mini

I’ve been using the HFA mini for a little over a year.
When I first got it, it was working so well I thought I was allergic to it because it was clearing out kidney stones FAST. LOL! Talked with Peter & he told me to have it slow down which worked.
I was SO glad to have this with me when I had to be out of town for work for two months. Nothing like living out of a hotel room, keeping weird hours & not eating my normal diet. The HFA kept me calm & healthy in a VERY stressful environment. I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t been wearing the mini daily. So for everyone out there who thinks this is too good to be true, give it a try, it will surprise you.

p.s.-watch the MDM minutes on YouTube, Peter is a hoot! : )

Andrea Designer CA/HFA Mini March 20, 2018