August 1, 2019

May 3, 2019

Truly A Miracle

I have used the Creationis Miracles Arc Archa several times since I ordered it 6 months ago and I would definitely say that this is an amazing tool. I lost my wallet where I keep all of my major credit cards. I immediately cancelled all of my credit cards. I placed a note on the box with the statement that it someone will find the lost wallet with credit cards. Not even an hour passed and one of my neighbors called me and said she found it on the common lawn area shared by our townhomes. I have also used it to successfully resolve the difficult technical issues I encountered on several projects I have been assigned to. This is truly a great tool !

Eddie Research and Development Manager USA April 22, 2020

Public request result with Terra Resonator Typhoon and Creationis Miracles Arca Archa box

The local news reported a missing dog from a car crash and reached out the community to find him because the owner was in an induced coma and was very close to the dog. After hearing the story I wrote a statement that the dog had been found and reunited with the family looking for him and put that note on my Terra Resonator Typhoon and then in my Creationis Miracles Arca Archa box. . Today an update showed that indeed the dog had been found and reunited with his family and that the owner is now out of his coma. Was glad to contribute energetically with this tool for a successful result.

Lynn W June 21, 2019

My sister got a great new job

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My sister has been looking for a new job for months. So I put a note in my Miracle box ” My sister Diana is now getting a GREAT New job” the next day she told me she applied for a great job and hopes she get it. I just Smiled because I knew she would get it. 3 days later she got the call THE JOB is hers. We are both so happy. Thank you Christy and Peter for this awesome Miracle box, it works. If you Believe.

Judy Huffman Massage therapist / Energy worker May 15, 2019

Miracles box

I ordered my miracles box and had to wait maybe a month because it was on back order. I took the opportunity to write out intentions of what I wanted for various areas of my life. One of my intentions was to expand Fuller Into my gifts. The day the box arrived, (actually before it was inside my house) I won an activation to expand my spiritual gifts and abilities. I hadn’t even put my list in my box but the Universe heard them! I am still playing with the box and will update as I get more insights!

Alicia USA Miracles box April 10, 2019

Awesome Product

I love the Miracles Box. I placed an intention to deepen the connection between myself and the woman I am in love with and it definitely seems to be working!

Thank you Christy and Peter for bringing this to us!


creations miracles Arca Archa

I received my “miracle” box and have had it for over a week. I put in every thing that I wanted it to help with. One of the notes was “fun”. And I stared at that note thinking that’s what I really need. Its been missing in my life for quite some time.
Ive been going through allot for quite some time. And all I know is that an idea came to my head a few days later. And I started having
just that fun again. I also came up with it healing me with different times in my life. So I put in pictures of myself at all different ages.
Ive been on top of my game as I would put it. It is what it says, a miracle box.

Nancy Haller [email protected]@msn.com Creactionis Miracles Arca Archa March 1, 2019

What a powerful tool!

Creationis Miracles Arca Archa is really a powerful tool. I am grateful to have it in my home. Since the first day of its arrival, one week ago,i have felt a shift in my life. A door was opening in a world full of possibilities. I have begun to feel a greater connection with my Soul, more self- love, more self confidence. Each intention i have placed into the box has been manifesting. My family and my cats are all feeling better after placing their names into the box. Creationis Miracles Arca Archa has brought the field of miracles in my home, i can touch it and feel it and this is a huge gift that is giving a boost to all of my life. Thank you Peter Schenk and Christy Warnik for such an amazing creation!

Gia Italy February 17, 2019

Creations Miracles Arca Archa Box

‘The day I received my Creationis Miracles Arca Archa Box, I COULD NOT STOP SMILING AND I WAS FILLED WITH JOY!!
I received a “miracle attunement” when I received my box.
One of the statements that I wrote out and placed in my box was about my relationship with my husband. This is what I placed in there. “I AM enjoying a partner that treats me with Affection, Respect, Love, Appreciation, Caring, Cherished, Pampered, Treasured, Special and supportive in all ways Harmonious.”
The very next day after this statement being in the box for 24 hours my husband and I were traveling for a family funeral, so we had to spend most of the day together in a car!
He was very Kind and respectful and actually Held my Hand!!!
Since then he has continued to show small steps toward being more loving toward me. I AM AMAZED!
My relationship with my sister has improved along with improvements to other intentions placed in the box.
I placed a necklace with a rose quartz stone on it into the box. And wear it daily.
I put my “I AM LOVE” bracelet in there, and wear it daily.
I have two friends who are trying to conceive and I put a picture of both of them and my “I AM FERTILITY” Pyramid in there with the intention that they both receive the miracle of conception.
Can’t wait to see this happen and I believe it WILL!
S Taylor

S. Taylor Office Manager Creations Miracles Arca Archa February 12, 2019

Awesome and powerful tool!!

This wonderful box is truly powerful. I could feel a shift the first day of use. Relationships within my family have benefited. My daughter had struggled with letting go of her things. She is now cleaning out her room and donating or trashing many items. I personally felt a reduction in appetite and cravings which had been an issue for me for a long time. The energies of my intentions placed in the box have all increased to 10 out of 10. I am so glad to have this tool constantly working for the highest and best of all my intentions and its contents!! Thank you!

April M Therapist Creationis Miracles Arca Archa February 12, 2019