Body Geometry cleaning your blood

My blood pressure reading used to be 140-130/109 but after practicing the “Body Geometry Cleaning your Blood” for less than a week, my blood pressure went down. It is now 120/70. Considering I have not been taking my prescribed medication for the last three weeks because of the bad side effects. I am ecstatic. Thank you very much Peter.

Winnie Fajardo July 31, 2019


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Had a stubborn, painful shortening of the tendon of one thumb, often causing burning, leaving it in a bent position and “triggering” when bent or tried to use it normally. Repeated treatments with healing equipment, combined with the Body Geometry for abnormal anatomical tissue positions and sessions on any underlying emotions brought improvement, but far from “healed”.
Was “inspired” today to do 3 Body Geometry’s, one after the other (original one plus Cartilage & Joint Repair & Say no more to Joint Pain.) The result? My hand feels almost completely NORMAL!
Thanks, Peter, for being such a clear, giving channel.

Sara Levine Transformational Healing: Starting from the Soul Body Geometry June 14, 2019

You are such an amazing living example for human potential

You are such an amazing living example for human potential – on top compassionate, generous, wicked smart (referring to one of the Body Geometry Videos), empowering, encouraging……………

January 30, 2019

Good-bye and good riddance! follow up

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Today I did the Abuse Energy focusing on every hurtful memory until it went away, one at a time, until nothing else came up. It was so cleansing! Try it!

Sare Levine SuccessfulPerception.com Body Geometry Abuse Energy May 30, 2018

Good-bye and good riddance!


All of the Body Geometry is great, but I just tried the latest posted on Abuse energy, and it’s amazing. I could almost feel the incident “leaving”
Thanks so much, Peter, for your amazing work!

Sara Levine SuccessfulPerception.com Body Geometry May 30, 2018

Body Geometry Videos

I use MDM Software on a daily basis, therefore my laptop is usually available.
However, things happen like pain, stuck patterns of emotion like depression, trauma, you name it. Peter has actually uploaded videos that address these issues on utube, and his website. They can be accessed on the go, using and iPhone etc,. they work to dissolve the mind/ body issue and once you learn the hand movements, you just do it in the moment. Thank you for your generous
solutions for my body mind and spirit.

Grateful Customer March 29, 2018

right on

I have submitted several requests to Peter for body geometries over the past months and I must say that Peter has delivered on every one in a timely and accurate manner. These sessions have proven to be of great benefit to me in many ways; do give them a try, they might surprise you!

Mark Weaver body geometry February 25, 2018

We can do Body Geometry for Others!

hi Peter,
I’ve been using the body geometry techniques for the last few days with great success.

Tuesday of this week my daughter was going through a miscarriage. She had intense pain and nausea. After 5 hours of sheer misery, I sat next to her and did the body geometry for removing pain, giving all my attention to honoring her and her lower abdomen. 20 minutes later she released the fetal tissue and was free of pain.

A bonus to this was that I was also benefited. The pain in my neck and shoulders went away!!

It’s no easy task to watch your child go through such pain. Thank you for providing a way of relief for both of us … AND … giving us a powerful way to express the creativity of Love !

with heart-felt appreciation and love,

georgette cressend November 9, 2017