Aquasync the magical tool box

I love Aquasync! It has addressed everything I have needed so far with speedy results, from space clearing unhelpful energies in houses to remedies for humans and pets. This is a super platform to use. It is also mobile so you can take your creations and remedies on the move wherever you need to be. Especially helpful at this time are the forcefield enhancements to protect oneself, one’s community and the planet from harmful energies. You name it you can create it! I also find it extremely simple to use and without any glitches. As long as you have internet access you can use it anywhere. Thank you to the Master Wizard Peter and his team. Such a benefit for everyone. Many best wishes

Rahima S October 23, 2020


I’ve been a professional in the Quantum Tech world for 25 years. Aquasync is in my top 3 tools in my current portfolio of Quantum devices and software products. I especially like the ease of use having digital smart phone availability. I can take it on the go which makes it unique from my other tools, and effective for daily use. The sky is NOT the limit with this tool. You can do anything you put your imagination to with the variety of layering techniques and customization options. The “out of the box” settings are among the best seen. Comprehensive collections that cover all kinds of issues and personal improvements. I’ve had significant, positive before and after experiences. My one user question was immediately answered – great customer service! Best of all, it appears to be bug free. I’ve not had any glitches since I started my subscription.

K. Smith Aquasync October 23, 2020

Limitless creativity with Aquasync

Aquasync is magic on the go!

Quantum layering with this product has been amazing. The other day ago I needed to have my A game for a mental strenuous task. So I created a layered session with In the zone, mental energy and clarity around the early morning, afternoon time frame. I immediately felt it kick in, within few minutes. But what I didn’t expect was the feeling of it lasting all day till the late evening. I literally was in the zone for much of the entire day, all I have to say is that it was Awesome! I guess you can say I wasn’t ready for that type of jolt or didn’t expect it to be that potent. Anyhow I am very grateful to have such a great tool in my tool belt, thank you Peter for this wonderful gift you create for us.

David Tinoco Divinetruehealing.com California/Aquasync October 20, 2020

Aquasync Violet Flame Series Wishing Sphere Incredible Experience

I have been learning from the Violet Flame Series , the Wishing Sphere , as well as the many products and services offered on the MDM website that I have purchased through the years. 8/9/2020 I decided to program a glass of water with the condition a loved one passed from. I took one sip and felt very weird, a little scared, like: ” Why did I do this.” Then I drank some regular water, sat down, and ALL THIS INFORMATION CAME FROM MY LOVED ONE WHO PASSED. Since this person passed several years ago in coma, no closure. I now have closure and so much more. Truly a remarkable experience. Thank you Peter Schenk and the MDM TEAM.

Beyond Gratitude August 12, 2020

Aquaware 6, the best health insurance, prevention and cure

I am a foreigner in the country of my residence, therefore outside of the health system. I could join the system, but I see that those who are in it still pay for the care outside of it, so why bother. And why bother if I can have all the tools to prevent needing it?
Enter Aquaware 6
For quite some time I had my eyes on Aquaware, but somehow nothing happened. When Peter offered this new combination, it was an instant decision. I don’t have much to cure but some of my animals and
the members of my family do. This testimonial is on behalf of my brother in law, who does not speak English.

He is a diabetic and had a mild stroke last year. He does not believe in this woowoo stuff, but when I started charging his water he accepted it, and even drank more than usual. He was coughing a lot, his blood work was abysmal, had to be escorted to the bathroom. A few days after I began charging his water was admitted to hospital with pneumonia. After 4 days in isolation and some therapy he was sent home on the 5th day. He was bed ridden on a heavy dose of antibiotics and hardly any appetite. My sister had to drag him up and put him into a wheelchair to take him to the bathroom. He had a therapist visit him twice to show my sister how to exercise his legs. All that was long ago in late July.
His last bloodwork is good, he walks up and down the stairs with a walking stick and has put on 8 kg. His sugar still fluctuates but in much lower range than it used to.
Thank you Master Peter.
Closer to home, my plants are thriving, my back feels better and I am expecting to turn into Rudolph Steiner!

dragica ferderbar Aquaware 6 October 25, 2020

Appetite, significantly decreased!

So I had put on a few pounds during the mandatory stay at home order, I started using from Aquasync the light body program, specially the appetite with fat loss. From the 1st time I drank appetite water, I felt it immediately like a super charge running through my body, I even got the giggles and I noticed a HUGE difference in my appetite, eating much less like half the portion in a day I would have normally eaten.. I also noticed what emotions , experiences and beliefs that I was tying into over indulgence of food, so it was just waiting to surface to clear.. very cool! Thank you so much Peter 💓

September 27, 2020