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    Wrap Yourself in Unlimited Potential

    Bracelet Size: 168mm (6.62″)

    The result of years of alchemical research and experimentation with zero-point energy, the I AM bracelet line was created to assist humanity in ascending to its highest attainment. Made from the purest copper and silver, sacred symbology and highly resonant energy, the I AM bracelet conducts and amplifies your heart’s desires. But it doesn’t stop there.

    Although it has only recently been rediscovered, the ancients knew that copper could transmit energy between individuals, crystals, auras and spiritual realms. It is in this way that the I AM bracelets can take an intention, communicate it outward into the universe, pick up additional information that will help you on your path, and recycle that energy back to your auric field to assist you in achieving your goals.

    I AM bracelet wearers report that it almost feels like the bracelet adds its own magical interpretation of their deepest desires and then attracts delightful, sometimes surprising manifestations that satisfy those desires in a way they could not possibly have anticipated.

    In the biological realm, copper has been shown to be vital to human processes, necessary for growth and neurological processes1. And it has demonstrated the ability to kill harmful bacteria, leading to its potential development into a tool for powerful anti-microbial protection in hospitals2. Copper has proved its usefulness throughout antiquity, with ancient Egyptians using it for medicine3, spiritual jewelry and even papyrus ink4.

    Astrologically, copper is linked to Venus, the planet of love and beauty. It is purported to stimulate optimism, understanding, luck and money, while stimulating the flow of psychic energy, enhancing communication skills and increasing self-esteem.

    Combining 99.9% pure copper, the sacred conductor, and 99.9% pure silver, the master conductor, in an alchemically-balanced, spiritually-inspired design, we’ve created a powerful tool for you to achieve higher levels of personal development than ever before.

    See the I AM Bracelet in Action

    MDM Minute: I AM Bracelet Setup and Activation

    MDM Minute: I AM Bracelet Care and Cleaning

    I AM Bracelets: $333 $297

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    Features of the I AM Bracelet

    • Durable and portable — take the power of I AM with you everywhere you go!
    • Made of 99.9% pure copper and silver
    • Elegant design is simply beautiful, metaphysically impressive
    • Harmonically interchangeable and relinkable — share with family and friends
    • Energetically, physically and spiritually empowering
    • Choose from 13 different energetically-programmed options

    I AM Bracelet Capabilities

    • Naturally anti-microbial and anti-negativity
    • Enhances intuition and the ability to make beneficial decisions
    • Harmonizes with goal-setting and generates a field that draws solutions
    • Amplifies intentions and assists in the manifestation process
    • Heals etheric wounds and their corresponding physical symptoms
    • Aligns with your deepest desires and works for your highest good


    The I AM bracelet combines ancient alchemical knowledge with the best in metal-working technology. It is a powerful spiritual tool that you can use like a metaphysical megaphone to send your desires into the universe, delivering you with a divinely-inspired magnetic match to all that you wish for, spoken and unspoken.

    How Do the I AM Bracelets Work?

    Combining alchemical knowledge, sacred metals, symbols and attraction-based technology, the I AM bracelets work as powerful spiritual and healing tools. Due to its highly conductive properties, copper is often used in electronic devices and communication networks. But when combined with silver, the highest thermal and electrical conductor available, the result is a synergistically balanced manifestation tool that has the potential to heal, strengthen human bonds, direct and amplify intentions, soothe, energize, empower and enlighten.

    To the uninitiated, this can sound far-fetched, but when you consider that the entire human body runs on electrical impulses, you realize the immense potential these sacred metals have to broadcast thoughts, feelings, wishes and energy throughout the cosmos.

    Once you activate your bracelet, energy flows in one side through the clockwise spiral through the sacred manifestation charm, and out through the counter-clockwise spiral on the other side of the bracelet. That energy cycles through the bracelet continuously, broadcasting your intention to the universe and picking up divine information and manifestations that will help you achieve your goals.


    99.9% Pure Copper

    As a sacred conductor, copper “hears” your every wish and sends the request to universal forces that vibrationally attract themselves into your experience like a magnet.

    99.9% Pure Silver

    As a master conductor, silver transmits energy and thought swiftly and with great clarity, working in harmony with copper to transmit intentions to the higher realms of existence.

    Ancient Symbols & Written Affirmations

    Each I AM bracelet is engraved with the ancient symbol that represents its intention, along with the powerful statement I AM. In this way, the bracelet continues to conduct and amplify energy around your intent, whether you are conscious of it or not.

    Zero-Point Energy Spirals

    The ends of your I AM bracelet contain powerful Fibonacci-based spirals that simulate the zero-point energy pathway and channel energy from one end of the bracelet to the other. With each cycle of energy rotation, more information is gathered, and your intention grows more powerful in its ability to attract that which is wanted.

    I AM Bracelet Intentions & Mantras

    There are 13 I AM bracelets, and each one is purpose-built and energetically charged with a different intention. Which one resonates with your soul’s purpose?

    I AM Presence

    I AM Presence, the conscious director of my own future. I choose from my own free will to become an intensified individual with a clear focus of self. I have the innate ability to project poise and self-assurance. I am beyond merely existing, but am master of this moment and all future moments. I AM Presence.

    I AM Presence: $333 $297

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Purpose

    I AM Purpose, with reason and value within the universe. My function in the universe is mine alone. The answers within me are ready to guide me on the amazing journey that I am on. My passion is not to pursue my purpose, but to live my purpose in every moment. I am not chasing the big things, but instead feel the joy in every moment. I embrace my solid identity right here and now. I am in a state of peacefulness. I AM Purpose.

    I AM Purpose: $333 $297

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Energy

    I AM Energy, my own unit of power: dynamic, driven, and passionate. I have the strength and vitality for sustained physical and mental activity. I accept universal energy, as it runs freely through me. To the universe I give back energy, unifying me with divinity. I am aware of my energy flow, and the flow of energy I put forth into the universe. I AM Energy.

    I AM Energy: $333 $297

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Love

    I AM Love, deserving and completely present when loving or being loved. I love myself and those around me unconditionally without judgement, but with complete devotion to myself and others. I do not judge myself or others, but embrace our intimacy and devotion. I fall into love, I seek love, and I cherish love. I AM Love.

    I AM Love: $333 $297

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Fertility

    I AM Fertility, with natural capability to produce offspring. I trust the cycles of my body. I honor my body and the sacred path it leads me on, enabling me to have children. I follow my body’s natural rhythms, and reward it as it as it carries out its cycles in this divine process. I AM Fertility.

    I AM Fertility: $333 $297

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    I AM Healthy

    I AM Healthy: balanced in mind, body, and soul. I refuse to be feeble or weak. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I foster an existence of well-being and good health. I respect my authority of my inner psyche and soul. My mind holds the power over my health and healing and I will approach every situation with a positive attitude and a balanced mind. I AM Healthy.

    I AM Healthy: $333 $297

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Sourxe

    I AM Sourxe, the origin of which all intentions stem from. I originate peace, love, balance, strength, purpose, inner beauty, and anything/everything meant to inspire and perfectly nurture. Arising in me the balance to coexist with the universe and spark the perfect combination to inspire and grow. I AM Sourxe.

    I AM Sourxe: $333 $297

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Unconditional Love of Self

    I AM Unconditional Love of Self, accepting of all that I have become and am becoming. I accept my inner realm of thoughts, feelings, notions, and ideas of love. I forgive myself and others for past mistakes and accept myself without criticism. I will always be patient, gentle, and kind with myself. I AM Unconditional Love of Self.

    I AM Unconditional Love of Self: $333 $297

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Fearless

    I AM Fearless, succeeding where my logic has given me reasons to not even try. I do not entertain fear, but am bold, daring, and unafraid. I have full self-confidence in my love. I face all the universe has to offer me, unafraid and successful. I AM Fearless.

    I AM Fearless: $333 $297

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Capable

    I AM Capable, possessing the qualities necessary to achieve what I set my minds to. Being able and competent, I have what it takes to accomplish astonishing things. I can handle any obstacle I am presented with peacefully and fluently. The universe has provided me with the talents, skills, and tools necessary to succeed. I AM Capable.

    I AM Capable: $333 $297

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Peaceful

    I AM Peaceful, calm and quiet in body, mind, and spirit. I navigate life’s challenges serenely, living my life tranquilly. My mind is untroubled and allows me to exist in perfect harmony with the universe. I coexist with ease and am content with my surroundings. I AM Peaceful.

    I AM Peaceful: $333 $297

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Safe

    I AM Safe, impervious to harm and turmoil. I hold a secure place within the universe and am protected by powers beyond imagination. My Journey is being lived every day and I remain safe and sound in my experiences. I take risks knowing that the universe will protect me and provide exactly what I need. I embrace and cherish where I am, secure in my environment. I AM Safe.

    I AM Safe: $333 $297

    Availability: In stock

    I AM Balanced

    I AM Balanced, moving together in perfect harmony with the universe. My thoughts and actions are in absolute proportion. I know when to hold on and when to let go. I am well-adjusted and make peace with that which is beyond my control. I am steady and will never fall. I AM Balanced.

    I AM Balanced: $333 $297

    Availability: In stock


    Place your I AM bracelet on either wrist and squeeze until your I AM Bracelet fits comfortably. Based on copper’s abilities to help promote balance, you may wish to place it on your non-dominant side (e.g., if you are right-handed, wear it on your left wrist), but there is no right or wrong choice — let your intuition guide you.

    To activate and link your bracelet, place your middle and index finger on each of the spirals and focus your attention on your I AM Bracelet. Speak out loud, and say, “I HONOR THE SPACE IN WHICH YOU EXIST.” That’s it, your bracelet is activated and ready to assist you on your journey! If you wish to remove or share your bracelet, you can simply de-link it by repeating those steps. For a deeper connection to the manifestational powers of your bracelet, it is recommended that you sit in a quiet space and recite its corresponding mantra. You can do this as often as you like to supercharge the energy flow.

    Please note that because the metals used in your I AM bracelet are pure (not alloyed or coated) in order to achieve the highest level of esoteric performance, they will require polishing and cleaning from time to time. For optimal effectiveness and appearance, they should never be submerged in water.

    Please note: There are NO REFUNDS on the I AM Bracelets.


    1 Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital. (2007, May 2). Mitochondria Has A Role In Cellular Copper Regulation. ScienceDaily. Retrieved June 28, 2018 from www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/05/070501160624.htm

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    Peter always says the products do mind-boggling things. I had not experienced that until last week. After losing my husband two and a half years ago, my grief was so intense that everything became overwhelming. I then came across Peter and his products and decided to give them a go. I have had THE HFA MINI and THE I AM PRESENCE bracelet since December last year. I am less stressed and fearful of everything. I don’t have the constant sadness I had before. I guess they were healing my emotions. Thursday morning I spoke to them and thanked them for all they have done, then asked them to help with my finances. Later that morning I received two calls offering me work at two different companies for a two week’s period each. I was totally bowled over.
    I am grateful to Peter and for the new products that I have, which I now call my companions.

    Lessie HFA Mini and I AM bracelet April 28, 2019

    I truly believe once I set the intention to buy the I am Fertility bracelet it helped me to get pregnant and have a generally well pregnancy

    January 30, 2019

    I am so grateful that I came across Peter Schenk and MDM as these products seriously DO work! His products do EXACTLY as stated!! I simply LOVE ALL the MDM products and services and just wish I had the means to have all of them!! Thank you Peter you are a true asset!! God bless 🙏💕

    January 30, 2019

    Finally I had my I am presence bracelet as a Christmas gift for myself. I can sense a peaceful and joyful energy throughout my body when I opened the box. Since then, I have experienced constant joy without any reasons. There are many things that happened a few days after putting it on which make me feel “I matter”, “I am enough”. I trust that this is the final puzzle I have been looking for on my healing journey now. Thank you so much Peter.

    January 30, 2019

    Hi Peter, I love ALL MDM products and my life wouldn’t be the same without them. They are off the charts, absolutely AMAZING! Thank YOU so much xxx

    January 30, 2019

    As I slipped on my I Am Peaceful bracelet it became one with my energy becoming aligned and allowing with grace and ease. My husband (Bill) commented on how well it is made.
    While wearing my I Am Peaceful bracelet on the way to a luncheon, I saw my exit coming up but passed it. I found the next exit to turn around and back track, this happen a second time. I wasn’t upset, but in the past, I would of been. My heart would be racing and blood pressure raising. Not this time! This was surreal! Since wearing the I Am Peaceful bracelet I have noticed subtle experiences that would of upset me, now I remain calm, flowing with this peaceful vibe. Such a joy, with gratitude. Makes me smile every time I put it on.

    Betty Byrnes I AM PEACEFUL BRACELET December 10, 2018

    I LOVE MY ” IAM PRESENCE” BRACELET AND my Mini resonator…
    my life seems easier and feels MUCH calmer and more balanced…even when the difficult things are happening around me or directed at me…I am amazed at how much calmer.. I am feeling…my Reactions ..are more positive & calmer Actions instead…
    I do NOT want to take my bracelet off…and am still looking for just the right chain for my mini… together I feel well SO GOOD …I hear myself saying .. now when am I going to wear my other jewelry?

    lol As I do NOT want to take them off…the VERY BEST Birthday and Christmas present to give MYSELF !

    Caite Sagehorn retired I AM PRESENCE & MINI RESONATOR December 10, 2018

    As Cinderella, I was made to clean up other peoples messes , but the way I did it, was always wrong, brought retaliation , punishment, and fear of success, fear of failure. One day, an I AM FEARLESS bracelet arrived. Since I was left alone in a very unsafe environment I decided to use it’s magic to push through my biggest fear. Abandonment total despair. The IAM Fearless Bracelet is a BAND ON ME that I use to push through to my financial independence . I AM FEARLESS and recognize the power within.

    Cinderella with guts December 10, 2018

    Hi Peter,

    Several months ago, I received my I Am Purpose Bracelet. I was quite taken by it’s simplicity and beauty. Being very open-minded after using your products for almost six years now, I knew I was in for an adventure of a lifetime. I was not wrong. I had been in a quandary for a while, questioning my commitment to my purpose in life, sharing my gift as an energy healer. My actions were not in alignment with my purpose. Recently, everything changed much for the better. Basically, I went from a trailer park to Park Ave. My new, beautiful environment truly supports what I am up to, having eliminated all negative distractions. It is very high-vibe! The perfect people have begun showing up, offering their unbridled support. Life is good! I now have the freedom to thrive! I cannot thank you enough for the ethereal products which you create for us all.



    David Shear Energy Healer I Am Purpose Bracelet October 29, 2018

    I purchased the IAM FEARLESS Bracelet this morning 9/1/2018.
    When I was 2 years old I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers. I was hospitalized. The doctor asked me what was wrong. I pointed to my stomach and said ulters. Now this is pretty smart because ” ulcers” are a tear in the stomach lining. The radiologist gave me a GI series , which includes a ” milkshake”. This man is forcing a 2 year old in pain to drink a thick drink ( milkshake lie) and then push a heavy xray machine into my gut, hold my breathe and only breathe on his command. Sooooo my IAM FEARLESS gut , revealed its self, and I threw up all over him. The Naked Truth revealed its self. This testing continued every 4 years until I was 18 years old, and had surgery.
    IAM a nurse. I AM a Wellness Counselor. I see healthcare workers in many circles disempower patients who are fearless. I have purchased this IAM FEARLESS bracelet to partner with me to activate the inner wisdom within healthcare decision makers . Thank you Peter and the MDM Team
    USPS takes 2-3 business days. Soul to Soul instantaniously

    The Naked Truth Revealed I AM Fearless Bracelet September 3, 2018

    Please note: There are NO REFUNDS for the I AM Bracelets.

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