Chakra Core

Retune, Realign and Renew

The Fountain of Youth isn’t some piece of meaningless fiction. It is 100% real and it is inside you right now.

The problem is, most people conduct 0% maintenance on their personal source of wellbeing and vitality, and over time, it gets clogged and its power diminishes.

The Chakra Core is like a tune up for your inner Fountain of Youth.

It helps you return to your natural sense of balance, with enhanced energy generation, better focus, and the improved ability to relax.

Transformational Clearing, Replenishing and Realignment of Your Major Energy Centers

With the Chakra Core, you’ll experience a transformational clearing, replenishing and realignment of your major energy centers in a personal session with Peter Schenk, Modern Day Mystic founder.

Using a cutting-edge technique that has been decades in the making, he spins up your core vibrations and creates a massive energetic field that throws out all the blockages — using seven carrier waves that correspond to the frequency of each of your major seven chakras.

As each chakra is drained of its old energy, it is simultaneously refilled with optimally balanced, fresh energy that facilitates wellbeing. The result is a feeling of renewal but also a feeling of returning.

You’ll gain an ability to face the world with the balance and optimism you had as a child, combined with the knowledge and experience you’ve gained as an adult.

Restore Your Chakras to Their Original, Healthy Balance

Restore Your Chakras

In ancient Sanskrit, “chakra” means “wheel.” There are seven major chakras, or energy centers, throughout the body, and each one spins to a specific vibration that allows for the proper flow of energy throughout the body.

When they are healthy and unblocked, each one makes an important energetic contribution and helps us to function with an integrated sense of mind, body and spirit.

But over time, due to outside negative forces and a tendency to mimic the dysfunction of others, some of our chakras can get blocked and distorted, which throws off the entire energy channel system.

During your Chakra Core session, Peter will help restore your chakras to their original, healthy balance.

And you’ll once again experience what it feels like to truly be yourself.

These are the energy centers Peter works with during your Chakra Core session:

Root Chakra

Located near the base of your spine, your root chakra represents primal instincts, health of the physical body, and your ability to feel safe and secure. When it is under active, you might notice increased anxiety, feelings of victimization or a sense of detachment. When it is overactive, it can make you feel stubborn, overly controlling or blocked. But when it is in perfect balance, you’ll feel grounded and supported; ready to take the next step toward achieving your dreams.

Sacral Chakra

Just below your belly button, the sacral chakra is your emotional center. It regulates sexual desire, relationships and harmony with others. When it is under active, it can contribute to a feeling of numbness, lack of personal care and a disinterest in the world around you. An overactive sacral chakra can lead to addiction, codependence and overindulgence. However, when it is balanced, you’ll experience more harmonious relationships with the people and things around you.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Situated right above your belly button is your solar plexus chakra. This is your power center. If it is operating at a deficiency, you may feel inadequate and have a tendency to sacrifice your own needs for those of others. When your solar plexus is overstimulated, it can lead to extreme egotism and an argumentative stance. A healthy solar plexus can help lead you to the perfect balance of give and take, satisfaction and creativity.

Heart Chakra

Housed near your physical heart, your heart chakra is the bridge between your lower and upper chakras, and some consider it to be the spiritual center of your being. When it is low functioning, it can lead to a lack of empathy and feelings. But when it is overcompensating, it influences us to be too emotional, often at the expense of our own and others’ boundaries. A healthy heart chakra allows us to experience unconditional affection, spiritual growth, compassion, devotion and love.

Throat Chakra

Residing in the area of the throat, your throat chakra governs communication, self-expression and truth. If it is under active, you might find it difficult to stand up for yourself, speak your truth or communicate with others verbally. If it is overactive, it can cause you to be judgmental and say hurtful things to others. A balanced throat chakra literally gives voice to your mind, body and spirit, helping you to express your thoughts and needs clearly and confidently.

Third Eye Chakra

Located in the center of your forehead, your third eye chakra is the home of intuition and understanding. Due to limiting beliefs and the prevalence of chemicals in modern life, many peoples’ third eye chakra is blocked. This results in foggy thinking, lower awareness of peripheral space (which can lead to accidents) and a dogmatic view of the world. The rare few who have an overactive third eye chakra may be overly analytical, over-thinkers who have difficulty staying grounded. Once the third eye chakra is restored to balance, you’ll experience a newfound awareness, heightened sixth sense and better understanding of the world around you.

Crown Chakra

Seated in the area near the crown of your head, your crown chakra represents your spirituality and enlightenment. When it is under active, you may feel bound to the physical world, with no spiritual inspiration. When it is working too hard, it can lead to cultish and egotistical behaviors. A balanced crown chakra allows you to integrate body and spirit and enjoy a sense of the divine in everyday life.

The Fountain of Youth, Happiness and Vitality Is Yours!

After a Chakra Core session, many people have reported a sense of feeling more balanced: energized and yet calm at the same time.

They have noticed improved feelings of self-confidence and are able to move through the world with more physical and mental ease. And because they are now operating from a healthy, balanced center, they are better able to focus positive attention on their desires, manifesting happy results more effortlessly.

What you can expect after your session…

  • Lasting sense of being grounded, yet inspired
  • The relief of releasing old baggage and letting go of old wounds
  • Enhanced clarity about what you want and the ability to go after it
  • The feeling that you have returned to your “true” self
  • Effortless expectation of and observance of miracles
  • Healthier relationships and communication with others
  • Improved self-image and ability to love yourself unconditionally

You take your car for an oil change every five thousand miles… when was the last time you gave yourself a tune up?

Try the Chakra Core and experience how much better your mind, body and spirit perform when they return to their natural state of vibration!

The Fountain of Youth, Happiness and Vitality is yours by birthright. Give it the attention it needs and claim the prosperity you deserve.

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So where do I start I have finally found a job, that I actually love doing, where I’m seen and valued for my contributions, I enjoy getting up everyday and going & will be receiving a promotion as the office manager, im overall bringing in more money between my job and my clients, I have expanded as a person, spiritually, in my light work, business and have found wholeness, self love and respect for myself, I am sooo beautiful and integral part of the whole!
My relationships have greatly improved, especially with my mother!!
I just finished the attraction workshop and I am bringing in the true love of my life! A healthy, loving, supportive life partner, who is super sexy and my best friend, he is present and simply adores every aspect of me !.. I can feel it in my belly, hello Clairsent! 🌹
I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress!

Jennifer Funt Psychic medium/ healer & business owner, I also am an office manager. office FL March 11, 2021

Its day 1 after my receiving core session, I woke up and it was as simple as clicking a switch all the sudden I am happy, I allowed myself to receive joy and what is actually my inherent state of being goodness and happiness abundance because I chose it. I know that sounds like a mantra or a nice idea but there is an absolute difference between reciting an affirmation and hoping it becomes true, to begin able to click the switch and just be. I also want to add a big difference i made was, after my session i went out in nature for 45 min, I wasn’t even inside around technology, I allowed mother earth to support me in the cleansing of the old, grounding and integration, who says it has to be hard?🤔 Not me I chose ease and grace, its my free will right too!
Thank you, Peter, my friend ❤, I am greatful!

Jen Psychic medium/ healer receiving core April 22, 2020

I am so grateful to Peter Schenk for never giving up for over 20 years of bringing forth products and services that successfully make the seemly impossible actually the newest reality

February 7, 2020

I am so beyond grateful and frankly impressed with your work, my stomach started flattening last night, I woke up today and I look shredded, I can see my abdominal muscles, again !!!
I also dont feel fear about moving forward, creating expressing myself, that started coming in last night.
New awareness and just feel focused.
For those reading this please understand, I am 37 years old and had issues with severe belly bloat up and down in weight even though I am athlete and eat properly,
you can imagine my frustration, I also had great fear in expressing myself, moving forward and staying in alignment with my goals,I was often pulled around by other people’s opinions…maybe it was interconnected. All I know I have vastly shifted in one night and it will still continue to unfold!
Peter Schenk, thank you Mr. Magic Man!

Jen Psychic medium/ healer/ server Core session January 30, 2020

I had my first quantum session with Peter Schenk, specifically on ability to receive and fears and insecurities, just yesterday, tonight we had a huge family party and I felt myself more free than I have been along time, free to be me free to shine,
ability to hold stronger boundaries and to allow myself to be loved and recognized, also already people have been giveing me gifts! I’m so excited to see how things continue to unfold!
I’d also like to share, I have been using aquawear 5.0 program and the results are fantastic faster and more transformational shifts and I was even able to psychically communicate with a blue jay bird and help him!
It’s my time to shine and I fully claim it now… I CLAIM ME!

Jennifer Funt Psychic medium/ healer Core session December 8, 2019

Hi Peter,

I just wanted to say WOW. Since our session on Saturday morning, last night was the first somewhat “normal” night I’ve had.

My entire body has seemed to do an upgrade of some sort. I see things much clearer. My energy is through the roof. My “tolerance” of others energies aka people is on hype mode. Insights are flooding in.

Two things manifested on Monday quite unexpectedly and my whole body and mind were like in shock (trying to accept). This morning when I woke up I heard a voice that said “you know none of this is real?”. THAT sounded more true to me than ever before and shocked me at the same time.

I’ll be booking another next week!

BA Piercing The Membrane November 7, 2019

“Grab a cup of water, raise your left hand, spread your fingers and say “ I honor the space in which you exist”

I did what Peter asked me to do without much thought, after all his guidance has led to some prosperous times in my life.

He told me to drink the water then lay down on the bed.

“Close your eyes.”

What happened next can only be explained as a dream like state of bliss.

Peter told me to imagine that I was underwater.

As I laid there on what I imagined to be the ocean floor, I felt a sense of peace that I had not felt in a while.

I rose to the surface of the ocean but could not make it to the other side of the water.

For some reason the surface of the water acted as an invisible barrier. I continued to push through to the other side of the water but I couldn’t make through to the other side no matter what I tried to do….

I then saw a figure cloaked in light, he reached his hand out grabbed me and pulled me through to the other side of the water.

I opened my eyes and never felt so alive.

It was like my 3rd eye chakra was fully open and my “spidey senses were tignling” The following week I felt so present and focused. Creatively I could write and design anything that I thought of with ease.

My life was going through a rough patch and I felt like this session gave me the staying power to see it through and not be affected by anything negative that was going on around me.

Weeks later and my visual powers have increased x10 fold. I literally can imagine an entire world and walk through it. I have never had this much confidence in my spiritual abilities and power. Thank you Peter!!!

It’s been nearly a month and I am still feeling the effects of the session. ”

kahlil nevett-james Owner Of Prime Presence Piercing the Membrane Session October 23, 2019

Core Clearing session: My first session with Peter was the Core Clearing and it was a beautiful experience. I have a few excerpts from my experience but there are little words to describe it: 
At the start, I saw shining copper as a lot of energy moved upwards through my crown towards a pyramid; while simultaneously I had visions of large pieces of strata and terrestrial crust exploding in space.    
Lots of light and colors and energy flowed up and down my channel throughout the session. White light up and down through my crown and filling the room.
At one point I saw a maroon vulva giving birth to something white.  As I watched it emerge, I found myself staring at a large diamond!
Afterwards, I expected to be an emotional wreck but was not, although I could tell I needed to go gently with myself for the rest of the day. Instead I had this feeling that something inside was a little tender for a few days, like being sore after a workout.  
I believe this experience, combined with a subsequent energetic session is continuing to unfold for me weeks after, and has so far culminated in more quiet and calm, as in being more centered, accepting, and present in the midst of life. I recommend the experience and working with Peter!

Julie Core Clearing September 16, 2019

default gravatar

I had a Chakra core session with Peter a few days ago. The session itself provided a tremendous sense of relief. I felt that lots of bottled up
energy, stress, emotion and mental debris was drained away and replaced by a healing and peaceful pool of energy. In the days since I have been more relaxed and at peace, more focused and productive. I’ve also experienced clearer thinking and perception. This has resulted in numerous insights into chronic issues that have dogged me, allowing me to let them go and move on. It was a profound experience with an ongoing impact on me and my life.

Harlan Mittag Chakra Core August 23, 2019

10 mins Core Cleanse…amazing!

Morning Peter

hope you are blooming and blossoming!

Woke up this morning in the pit of the worst energy for no special reason :))
Meditated awhile and no shift…curious..

Switched on the Darius and You call to catch up….wow!
Cobwebs blown away clear energy zoomed in and dark space no more…thank you so much!

Orion ordered and I got all those bonuses very generous!

Thank you so very much.

have a wonderful day Peter

love and many best wishes to you


and ten days on still amazing feeling and many break throughs!

Rahima Sayer August 8, 2019

Good morning Peter,

I just wanted to send a quick note and say THANK YOU!

OMG, omg, omg. After days of what has been like “gutting, cleaning out” of my system after our session I finally felt like completely empty on Saturday. Saturday pressure started building in my spine. Very uncomfortable and I didn’t know what or where it was coming from. I craved sugar (even though I don’t normally) gave in and ate lots of sweets on Saturday night and I couldn’t believe that as soon as that sugar started hitting my system the pain in my spine started to dissipate and eventually was gone!!! WTH?

I kept asking myself what this was that had happened in me. Sunday I did breathing exercises to help process some discomfort I still had in my spine. Sunday night I had more energy leave my body through my left arm (was in pain and super hot for about a couple of hours) then late last night almost at midnight that craving for sugar came back…but not as strong. I asked what it was and the word “codependency” came up.

You don’t know my story but holy crap that pretty much sums up what my life has been this lifetime and I’m sure in the past. I felt like this was my system FINALLY bringing this to the surface to be removed.

It also explains why I haven’t been able to get rid of things and people in my life that I have sooooo much wanted to and done ALL KINDS OF ENERGY WORK and paid for so it will……… and its still with me.

I feel like this work we are doing has FINALLY BROUGHT IT TO THE SURFACE TO LEAVE!

I am jumping for joy in this moment. I can’t wait to see what the Universe brings me now that this will be TRULY gone from me.

BR Receiving Core Energy Session July 10, 2019

WOW! I had the profound opportunity to experience an energy clearing session with Peter. Modern Day Mystic YES!! This man is on to something with these products and work. I felt so much peace after Peter’s unique session… “shifts” followed in my consciousness and daily experiences “within”. This is powerful, life enhancing technology at its best!! Thank you for following “YOUR” path and bringing this technology and wisdom to humanity & Gaia!!!

Sharesa Motta Animal Communicator Energy Clearing by Peter July 5, 2019

I had a Receiving Core Session w/Peter this past Monday. I\’ve done several of these to date, now. This was by far the best! Peter; in this 1 hour session cleared/removed issues from over half-a century (I\’m 60 years old) including deep trauma from my childhood and beyond. He knew exactly what was there, I did Not have to guide/tell him. I do know what lies beneath, as well (most of us do know this-we know where/what our pain is-we just can\’t release it). Yes, I did cry for part of the session, as this deep childhood hurt was so very profound and it has caused me a great deal of self-induced pain and destructive behavior over many/many decades. For many years I could Not even love myself or even look in the mirror and see Me nor love Me-so; like many of us busy/gifted medical professionals, I gave all of myself to work and to my patients (and some, could in fact care less). This was my way of avoiding my internal self-hate, but the \’cost\’ was that I gave way too much! No more of that nonsense now! I am here for me now/I take care of me now, I love me now more than anything else in this vast universe. And as a result, I am finally healing-I can now sleep at night/I can look in the mirror & say \”I love You!\” Yes, this needs more work, but I\’m finally \”back home.\” Like the old Blind Faith song: \”Can\’t Find My Way Back Home.\” Look up on youtube-for that was indeed me before the session! Thank YOU Peter, from the bottom on my heart!!!

James Jackson Physician Receiving Core Session June 16, 2019

I received a couple of energetic sessions from Peter a few days ago and I feel much better than I did before. I went through an extremely bizarre and painful breakup and I was really going through it psychologically, emotionally, and physically for a month and a half. I was feeling a dark energy or entity in my gut that made me want to take revenge as well as it just being plain painful. I thought about killing myself very often. I was also having extreme pain in other areas of my body due to candida overgrowth. I had some insight on how to deal with the candida. The pain from the candida overgrowth has calmed down tremendously. That heavy, angry, dark feeling in my gut is gone and I have been feeling much lighter and much more at peace. I still have some moments, but overall, I’m doing so much better than I was 3 days ago. I really appreciate Peter’s approach of focusing on the energy healing, rather than spending a bunch of time talking about the problem. I would highly recommend a session. I am so thankful for Peter and his work.

A June 14, 2019

I did my first Receiving Core Energy Session with Peter and it was nothing short of amazing! My body has expanded in so many ways energetically that it took me a few days to adjust to the new energy. I had aha moments that made me realize would be huge receiving blocks that I never saw before! One of my main issues was being open to others. Being self-sufficient and independent was always something I took pride in. The day after my session my soul said “I don’t want to be alone”. This was VERY humbling to me but at the same time made me see how this would prevent me from receiving things that I have truly wanted at all! I am definitely booking again and can’t wait to see what the Universe has in store for me! I highly recommend this session.

BR Receiving Core Energy Session June 11, 2019

I purchased a thirty minute session with Peter. The reason I wanted the session was to get to know somethings about me and my family. Boy was I in for a humongous surprise. So I was all excited about the call. Every emotion you can think of was going on with me all the way to the call and through the call.
So I call Peter as per his request. As he answered the phone I was amazed for many reasons. I couldn’t believe I was speaking with Peter one on one. I felt like I was speaking a celebrity. Once I calmed myself down and realized that I have to take care of business. I had so many questions for Peter. I blurted the questions out to him. He answered simply by saying “I am not your therapist” (I laughed inside and gained much more respect for him). Not many people are as blunt as I am.
So now we are over the hurdles. I felt so much power flowing through the phone. I was told to get a glass of water. (thought to myself I don’t need no water I have the aquaware here. I want to talk about me.) So I just followed direction after all I do value his opinion. After drinking the water the session begins. (I’m still thinking this is not what I want. I told the inner voice to shut up and let him do what he needed to do) After relaxing Peter says now we’re getting into the layers. He says now I’m going to remove the good from your heart. He also says I was holding on to something that happened to me between the ages of 9-11. (At this point it was total silence he never asked me anything about my past. I never told him anything. He just started it.) I was more amazed at how did he know that. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I then felt a hand scoop up a glob of good from my ❤️. Oh what a relief. Five days later. I still feel the same

Sharice Entrepreneur Session June 4, 2019

More fun shifts (3) to add to my previous testimonial! I forgot to mention that once again, my body felt more physically light and free again (just like after I got the Core Cleanse a year ago…lol) like a child, with no physical restrictions of any kind…lol, that I noticed when exercising (silly jumping up and down literally for 5-7 mins) daily.

Also, during the session, at one point I felt some strange pain and discomfort on my mid-upper back a bit more towards the left side, for like less than a minute, and then the pain released and disappeared, as though I had a chiropractic adjustment of some sort…woohoo! How marvellous!

Shortly after having this session, I came across another free karaoke app Smule, where I can now also sing duet songs with others, incl. a Facebook friend, and i’m having so much fun with that, singing (one of my true away more frequently than before in such effortless fun loving joyful Bliss, and noticing more calm, confidence, and cool charm in my lovely singing voice. Thanks again to our one and only powerful phenomenal energy powerhouse Peter!

Emily Lai RN Receiving Core session June 1, 2019

I had my Receiving Core session with Peter over a wk ago, and felt some cool interesting sensations, just like I did with the Core Cleanse that I did a year ago with Peter. Near the beginning of the session, I would see a vision of a huge being expanding and expanding in front of me for quite a while like maybe 10 minutes or so (not sure if it’s someone else, or just my soul or higher self expanding probably…lol). Then I would start feeling numbness or tingling from the right side of my body, coming up from my right foot, ankle, up my leg, up to my elbow, wrist (a bit of pain and stiffness) and hand. After that it would move over to the left side of my body. Last time for the core cleanse, the numbness and tingling started from the left side of my body, and then moved over to the right side. It’s a different order now…lol. This time for the Receiving core, Peter said he was working on 3 chakras, the root chakra, solar plexus, and third eye chakra.

There were times I had a vision of like a cluster of flowers sprouting on one stem and lighting up from my lower spine (near root chakra) during the session. Love it! Sometimes my whole body also felt kinda heavy, like being grounded/rooted to where I was laying on the bed. I’m glad I didn’t even fall asleep during the session, b/c I always felt asleep when i did the 3 Receiving workshops that Peter had earlier last year, and could never stay fully awake throughout the whole thing, even when I tried replaying it several times, and even when sitting up, instead of laying down…lol. So I don’t know how much I was able to receive and integrate from those workshops…lol.

I did kinda zonk out for a while (felt like in a deep theta state…half dreaming), towards the last 15mins of the session, even though I was still able to hear Peter’s voice very clearly when he spoke. When it reached the end, just right before Peter said it’s completed, I actually saw a vision of a white blank screen (blank page) appear for couple of seconds. How Cool!

After my session was over, my head did not feel woozy, when I got up to drink some water this time, before laying back down to rest for another 45 mins as Peter suggested, although I ended up falling asleep afterwards, and slept for a few hours before getting up again, as I wanted to anyway, since I was off work that day. I felt fine that day, but in the next 2 to 3 days, I became so incredibly tired and mentally exhausted, that I realized I must be going through a major energetic upgrade or download, and deep integration from this session, and it’s taking my physical body 48hrs to 72hrs to fully integrate this deep Receiving Core session!

I don’t have any financial debt issues, so i did not receive any extra flow of income or anything….lol, although I did end up giving $20 to a person that showed me he only had a few dollars on him, and asked if I could help give him some money to pay for some car expenses or something, and he was so overjoyed to get what he asked for (since I had no smaller change in my wallet at the time, that he thanked me profusely as he left. I suppose I needed to give, to receive…lol.

When I did Reiki for a friend recently just for a few mins, I could feel my hands tingling like crazy, and my friend from work said she could feel energy centers opening up all over on her body, especially from the head up (crown chakra). How Cool! I remember during the core cleanse from last year, I felt my hands vibrating/spinning with vortices appearing in my mind’s eye, and this time although I didn’t feel that, i’m sure both these sessions helped to magnify my healing powers exponentially, when I do energy healing for others like patients, and other staff, and for friends, and family. Hooray! Thank you so much Peter for another wonderful powerful session, and all your wonderful magical MDM products!!!

Emily Lai RN Receiving Core session June 1, 2019

I am beyond thankful for Peter Schenk’s incredible energy work! After a serious brain injury, I felt I was cast into a dark hole, but since working with Peter, my brain and life have been healing in amazing ways! Now I know not only will I make a full recovery, but I will become an even healthier, happier and more powerful individual due to my time with Peter. His work is a wonderful blessing, which I will always be deeply grateful for!

March 1, 2019

The Core Cleaning session allowed me to have a deep karmic and mental-emotional cleansing that left me feeling much more balanced, clear, and expansive; even more in touch with my knowing.

January 30, 2019

peter and I had a personal session to heal chest pain a few years ago and Peter had the vision of a “tight dark band” around my heart which he immediately removed and I actually felt the tension release in my chest; I have had no other chest pain problems since then.

January 30, 2019

default gravatar

A couple of weeks before this Core Cleanse session took place I realized I was vibrating in the eye of a hurricane. This Core Cleanse session solidified that analogy even more. My eyes seam to be peering out from their sockets even more prominently, while the world just swirls around me.☆ My heart thanks your heart for the work you did in me Peter☆

Natalie Foltz Planetary Catalyst Energy Healing Core Cleanse September 19, 2018

Core cleanse-while receiving this beautiful gift from Peter i felt the indescribable love that I only have felt when I experienced my NDE (near death experience) there is no words other than pure divine love! It’s beyond beautiful, magical, wonderful, bliss. The vibration of all the cells coming alive with the spinning of pure love in and through each cell, is wonderful. One becomes pure light, fluid, peaceful, euphoric!
I remained with this probably about an hour while everything came back into solid form I was light as air you might say. Blissed our! Awesome! Best high ever, no drug can compare! I come from the days of Timothy Leary so yes been there done that! This is so clean and joyful with no side effects except for what’s gotta go! 
As the days moved forward things started falling away, for the ego this can be challenging. It lives in fear, in hanging onto the illusion of what it thinks is real. For me, my ego has consistently held onto many lives of scarcity, lack, fear, etc. when the universe wants your attention, everything the ego thinks keeps one “safe” starts to fall away, it can be downright scary to the physical aspect of ourselves.
The clarity from the cleanse can help allow us to see the tapes of the ego that play endlessly to keep us looping…all I can say is STOP, no more and surrender….everything is in upheaval, appearing to being “taken away” ( from loss of loved ones to car breaking down, no money or a mechanic to help etc) one has to just surrender tell the ego over and over no more no more no more! Surrender to that power that is greater than we are! For me and my conditioning, it’s challenging as everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks down it! I was taught that “God” was judgmental, mean, sitting on throne blah blah blah…I also remember my “being” as a child (pure light/love, same in NDE) quite confusing…I became a defiant rebel much to my own detriment. Now, still a rebel but my wings are returning, stubborn falling away, sweet surrender to love (truth) is replacing and seeing the illusion, while being in physical form is incredible.
I say all of this with deep love and gratitude and truth for me, as to share the total beauty and strength the core cleanse has to offer. 
It’s incredible as it will clear all that no longer serves, that of course one is willing to let go of! Highly recommend! Love you Peter!❤️

Georgia Siegner Front office-RV resort Core cleanse session September 10, 2018

Three days have past since my Energetic Core Cleanse session with Peter, and I got to say, its been great experience. You could really feel the difference in energy, mood and how people act around you.

The session was amazing, starting from immediate movement in my stomach, then a vortex energy running down from the Crown Chakra. I felt tingling throughout my body and after the end of the session, which Peter suggested to relax for the next 30 to 45 mins.

This Energetic Core Cleanse is an absolute life changer and I’m so grateful to have experienced it, thank you Peter Schenk.

David Tinoco Chino CA./ Energetic Core Cleanse/ 8-22-18 August 27, 2018

Had my session with Peter a couple of days ago. It started out with energy gradually running up my legs. When the energy reached my hips they ached for a few minutes. At about that time, there was also energy running from my head down. My stomach began rumbling and I had a dull headache and heaviness behind my eyes up to the top of my head. The energy flows converged in my heart as Peter told me that I had reached the “Love” level – in less time than most – and that I had a lot of emotions to release. At the end of the session the dull headache was at the very top of my head. After we disconnected with instructions to rest for 45 minutes or so, I felt as if my cells were so light and far apart from each other that I could walk through a wall or was in a higher dimension. I am, overall, feeling lighter and more relaxed. I am still noticing other shifts. I don’t know how long they will continue, but I like it! Others should try this out. It is pretty remarkable.

Elaine Ayala Energetic Core Cleanse August 27, 2018

Every step of instruction the last 5 years has produced a lifetime of benefits. Always unexpected where a path begins or ends in each “lesson”.

Amazing experiences unwrap as time flows through each exercise. I noticed tremendous opportinities became available that never seemed “to come my way” in the past.

I have used Aquaware 3.1, 4 and 5. 12th project and sourxe 4 and 5. Each had a unique feel and built experiences that overlapped with a purpose that was very much in tune with how my mind operates.

All of these experiences began with an energetic session in the fall of 2013. My inner workings polished to the brightest white light. That first connection to sourxe began a path of happiness I hope to never lose.

Worth your time and effort to seek this out and then learn to work your mind to create heaven in your own life.

Todd McCall Business Owner Energetic Sessions July 23, 2018

I had my Core Cleanse session last Friday, and it was so powerful and definitely a deep soul Cleanse. I felt a lot of energy moving in my body. Initially the left side of my body felt numb starting from my left foot and left calf, which later on moved to the right side, when the left side was no longer numb. Sometimes the left side of my head felt tingly, and other areas like my feet and hands. At one point my hands also felt numb for quite a while, and later on shifted to feeling heavy like vortexes spinning and drilling in like i’m receiving pure source energy from the universe (my hands chakras opening and expanding probably). Near the end my whole body started feeling light and airy, after some moments of feeling some heaviness in my whole body for a while (like my soul was being rooted deep in my physical body). Love feeling all these fascinating and very noticeable body sensations! Peter was right in saying that after my session ended, that I should lie down for at least half an hour (as my head would be feeling heavy and dizzy) to finish the integrating and processing, as my body would start to harden up, after it initially softened by the end of the session. I was lying on my living room couch for my session. After my session ended, as I was walking upstairs to my bedroom and used the bathroom first, my head really was feeling heavy and kinda dizzy and wonky, before I finally lay down in bed. He was also right in saying I won’t be able to fall asleep for that half hour, due to the strong energies moving, and I didn’t fall back to sleep until maybe after 45mins or so. I had gotten up early to have this core cleaning session for 8-9am, so I went back to bed until after 1pm, to get ready to go to work by 2:30pm for an evening shift. I felt so refreshed and energized after I woke up later (as if I had a day off work yesterday…lol) to go to work, although the left side of my neck and shoulder felt sore, maybe I slept in the wrong position for a while, or it could be dense energies moving out of my body from the session. I noticed my eyesight improved, and everything I see appears to be brighter and more sparkly under the sun, and I feel light as a bird (more noticeable when I exercise!) despite noticing some muscle soreness in my back (probably linked to my menstruation coming). My menstrual period (which was due to come) came by the next day on Sat, and most of the bleeding finished in almost less than 3 days (even shorter than before…simply Amazing), without any menstrual pain or discomfort at all. Love it! Thank you so much Peter Infinitely for this wonderful deep energetic gentle Soul-Cleanse! I highly recommend everyone to do a core Cleanse if they can!

Emily L. RN Core Cleanse July 23, 2018

I had an amazing deep core cleaning session with Peter few weeks ago. It started with energies running all over. My crown charka buzzed and then I got a feeling of something stock in my throat. I kept trying to swallow it but instead it came out as a burp. I told Peter about it right away and he told me that it had to come out. I had to burp few times but it got even more intense as if someone was chocking me, it was so strong. I couldn’t even breath but after sometime it got lighter and was gone. The energies were still running but I got very relaxed and centered for the remaining of the session. Also, my usually underactive 3rd eye had energies running through and I felt strong movement/vibration there. After what it seemed like a long time (half hour perhaps?) Peter told me to relax and let the energies run when he was done. I didn’t bother to ask him for how long because I knew what he would say: “only you would know”. I laid down for about hour – hour and half. Some emotions and thoughts came up. All of a sudden the sobbing started followed by intense crying. I felt lighter and open. At the end I felt it was OK to get up.Overall I had quite a release of emotions in such a short time. Very interesting session! An eye opening experience. I highly recommend it.

Oksana Becker Deep Core Cleaning Session July 23, 2018

My energetic session was for one half hour and it was powerful. Peter pinpointed the issue right away and balanced my manifestation energy. I feel clearer, balanced and focused. During the session I could feel the energy moving thru my body and lower vibrations just leaving. Wow, Peter what a Gift!! Highly recommend an Energetic Session and/or the Core Cleaning. My Core Cleaning was incredible and life changing for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sharon.

Sharon Stallman Pennsylvania July 8, 2018

Hello. I had my core cleaning session yesterday and it was amazing. I am very familiar with energy and taught Kundalini Yoga, but my session was very powerful but gentle. Experienced quite a bit of movement and energy vibrating throughout my whole body during the session, but felt very safe at all times. All I can say is I feel different and see the world differently but with peace and love. It’s like I opened my eyes from the session and the world looked brighter and clearer. Definitely I am at a higher vibration, thank you Peter. Would recommend anyone to experience a session.

Sharon Stallman 1152 Hearthridge Lane June 29, 2018

I gave myself a core cleanse for my birthday! It was powerful, and expansive, and psychedelic. 🙂
It definitely opened the door(s) for the clarity to do the work that needed to be done. There are really no words that can describe this type of session that fully embrace the experience. Try it! Be Ready! You will See!


Angela Ahava Core Cleanse June 20, 2018

I had my core cleanse 4 days ago and it felt like a releasing of stuff from a life time. I also noticed that over the weekend people who really loved me started contacting me by phone, by text and by facebook messenger. You know –people from high school from thirty years ago. I had always heard when you leave the earth you will know who really loves you. Well, I think if you have a Core Cleanse you will be shown who really loves you and be so grateful you will be in tears for these wonderful people. I also noticed men looked at me longer. ha ha 🙂 Maybe I’ll get abunch of dates!! Thank you Peter for our wonderful session. You said you saw pink and purple and tons of gratitude and I am truly grateful for the experience. It is subtle but each day brings a new gift.

Jodi Walker Consultant Core Cleanse May 30, 2018

I had my very 1st Energetic Core Cleanse Session with Peter this morning at 0900.
This was also my first phone session.
Note: I already own a majority of Peter’s wondrous creations.
The day prior to the session I had some trepidation, since I did not know what to expect & I’m a person who likes to be over prepared for everything that confronts me. But, during the 1 hour session my fears immediately vanished and Peter & I went down the “spiritual rabbit hole” together. A lot of negativity, that I had been carrying around like some old tarnished security blanket, just literally vanished. I had a brief period of sadness & tears, then it was all gone! Such peace & such immense love that I had almost forgotten existed inside me was reborn & some very pleasant childhood memories again resurfaced for me. I realized afterwards, that a great deal of my inner pain was re-cycled by my mind over/over & that I can stop this repetitive cycle and just “let go” and allow myself to be in pure joy. There is so very little to be learned from all this pain/sadness/remorse, I see now. Afterwards, I just started laughing/smiling/giggling like some small child. Most out of character for this stubborn & at times emotionally rigid physician. It is now 4 pm-I took a short nap after the session, and I am still buzzing! Thank YOU Peter for ‘bringing me back’ to the infinite me-the me that I mistakenly thought No longer existed. I will do another session soon-but this may not even be necessary-Peter is just that good everyone. Thank You!
Dr. James Jackson DO

James Jackson Family Physician Indiana May 26, 2018

Wow!! I hardly know where to begin with my testimony. In 4 days my life has totally turned around for the Better! I am SO EXCITED! I have had humanitarian projects I have been working on for years, and within 3 days of this session there was a major breakthrough with funding! The first three days I felt like I was spinning off and on. I would have a bout of lightheadedness or nausea for just a few seconds, then it would stop…i felt very strange…almost like my head was seperate from my body a compass that is trying to reenter itself. It was very odd feeling. After three days now I have had a lot of new energy and love flowing through me….i cannot wait to see what each new day holds! I am telling all my friends about this! Thank you Peter for this incredible gift!

K schafer core cleansing May 26, 2018

I had a session with Peter today. Went very well. Had such energy afterwards.
Really got my vibration up. Felt like taking on things that I didn’t before.
Had mainstreaming ideas. I was on fire!

Nancy Haller [email protected] energetic core cleanse May 21, 2018

I booked a Core Clearing Session with Peter. As my day unfolded, I felt weird, it took me awhile to understand what was going on. Now I know what BEING LOVED is like. Bullies, yuckie people , who were there in my path yesterday, did not show up on MY BOOKING DAY. A lightness did however, and insight showed up also. Like harnessing the FIRE THE FIRE OF LOVE.. That is the ” flash of insight I received”. What is important to understand is : I HAVE NOT HAD MY SESSION YET. I ONLY BOOKED IT”

Looking Forward To Recieving May 19, 2018

The energetic core cleanse was a beautiful experience. I felt all the low vibrational energy make room for a lot of love filling my being and my heart. I felt very peaceful and at ease after the session. The anxiety and grief I was feeling prior to the session were all gone. All it needs is to be prepared to let go of everything you don’t need anymore and to trust Peter. Namaste!

Mijke Organizational healer Core Cleanse May 19, 2018

I just finished a session with Peter and “WOWZA!!!!” doesn’t even come close. The energy was SO palpable. In the time we had together, I went through different stages of having the giggles, to yawning like crazy, to feeling very prayerful and Sacred, to feeling light again. At one stage, even with my eyes closed, I SAW the energies as I was moving my hands!!! I could the colours of the energy in slow motion. It was unreal! I felt so much joy in my entire body. It was such an AMAZING experience! It took me a while to even come out of that energy even after the session with Peter. It was very profound and SO FUN!

Thank you so much for this experience, Peter! What a gift to be able to hang out with you energetically.

Missy Dee Session May 16, 2018

Hi Peter,
I managed to get someone to make a video pertaining to my fabulous session which you so graciously offered me. I was not able to say everything that I wanted so that it would not be too long as I was afraid that I would not receive it in my e-mail like last time, and that I would not be able to resend it to you.
So I was basically a bit nervous doing it.
I just wanted to tell you that you are really the best! You are a Super Star! I felt the first very big shift very powerfully. It was as if you had taken a tremendous load off my back and the other shift was also quite strong. I have been feeling much more harmonious, more present with no mind chatter and just ready to face whatever obstacles may come my way with courage and enthusiasm! I have much more mental clarity and now see life as happening for me and not against me. You made me change my whole perspective which is wonderful. I sleep much better and don’t even need as many hours to sleep. I wake up feeling very refreshed and incredible.
I absolutely love all your products and I want to buy them all as soon as I’m able. Presently I still have to work on my financial abundance which I am doing with the Aquaware 5 and my HFA mini, the courses and the other products that I got from you.
All I can tell you is that I’m so glad you’re in my life. I also want to thank you so much for having upgraded my Lightbody which I also love so much and use.
Thank you so much for all that you have already done for me. You have no idea just how much this means to me. I’m a young 65 almost 66 year old and living in Portugal. I have a son and 3 beautiful grandchildren who all live in Maputo – Mozambique. They come over for a month every year.
With your magnificent session you made me realize that life is all about change and that we are always trancending ourselves and you definitly managed to raise my consciousness and my frequency and I see things in a much more fun way and with more clarity. I am no longer afraid of the future and simply just see life in a completely different perspective. Not only that, but I also realized that life and everything is just a question of perspective. How beautiful is that?
I just cannot thank you enough for the lovely way you have changed my life. I love you Peter for who you are. I’m really very thankful, grateful and appreciative that you are here in the world bringing us all of your outstanding products, sessions and courses which are helping humanity go through life with much more grace and ease and also to have the right approach to life.
All my love and appreciation always,

maria josé costa sessions May 1, 2018

Had ma an energy reading from Peter and was astounded how he could even pinpoint the exact date I had a major trauma and the session seriously assisted me to clear the residue of undesired emotions, the trauma in other words. Pete has Swiss-style psychic ability. And I suggested he also concentrate on working with Swiss people, as they appreciate such remarkable precision.

Christtoff Flipper Schulz alchemist BC, Canada April 14, 2018

I came to the realization that healthcare/ disease care providers are opinionated.
That’s what they do. What I was not aware of was the depth of effect an authority figures’ opinion had on my truth, my knowingness…., until I received a CORE CLEARING ENERGETIC SESSION from PETER SCHENK. I was able to MAINTAIN the essence of my mission while keeping vigil at the bedside of a family member at hospice by holding sacred space no matter what.

They Don't "KNOW US VERY WELL, DO DEY" March 31, 2018

default gravatar

A testiominal about my private energic session with Peter Schenk 2 weeks ago. I have had past energy sessions, by different people, and never felt a shift of my energy field. What a huge difference in my session with Peter?
As my session started, I felt little shifts in my energy field. About 10 minutes into the session I had a HUGH release of blocked energy. WOW!!!
My energy body feels so much lighter and happier now. If you have never had a private session with Peter I highly recommend one. The most wonderful thing is you don’t have to wait weeks, months, and years to see the results. You can have the results now.
The sessions, as well as Peter’s products will change your life in the most positive ways. Thank you Peter so very much. All of your work is, “Totally Awesome”!!!

Sandra Howell Retired/Disabled Private Energic Session with Peter Schenk March 20, 2018

After three years of sessions with Peter they are now part of my yearly budget and he is still amazing me. In the fall of 2016 I felt some thing was really wrong with my brain. It was affecting my thinking and it was more than a fog. I went to the local health food store because I thought I might just need a brain supplement and was given the name of an intuitive on the West Coast. I took the app’t with the intuitive and was asked what I was doing because I had an immense amount of radiation in my head. I received the good advice to keep my computer away from my bedroom and I knew I needed to get some help so I got an app’t with Peter and without giving any clues to him, the 1st thing Peter said to me was, ” What have you been doing, sticking your head in a microwave?” I was a new person after the session. I was able to think again. A skeptic could argue that this sounds like placebo effect but I’ve had several sessions with Peter over the years and I always get results. The only reason I posted this testimonial is because an intuitive/healer on the West Coast and a Modern Day Mystic on the EAST Coast came up with the same response. I have left many testimonials that even I’d have a hard time believing if they hadn’t happened to me or a family member. More recently during the sessions I’ve been able to watch the slide show of energy Peter is sending or shifting which has added a whole new dimension to the experience.

Barbara Lammi Chilliwack, Canada March 14, 2018

I have been in healthcare since the day I was born. I have also endured trauma due to invasive procedures that are not designed to heal, but to explore and provide healthcare professionals with data. Of course, tests are necessary , sometimes overused, but in my case, the trauma, misaligned my energy system.
I have known this since I was two. I was raised my misaligned parents , who sent me to schools , to hospitals, etc. who did not ” get me”. This has been my take on it. On March 5, 2018 at 7: 30 pm I chose to stop this pattern, and received ( took a risk) a private session with Peter. Peter has the uncanny ability and skill to bring forth , what felt like a gentle, yet powerful energy that infuses the contracted ( traumatic ) energies with love, light, and vibration. I felt safe, I just kept breathing ( I trust Peter, just read all of the other testimonials) and within 30 minutes or more( Peter stays until the WORK is done), the areas of my head, neck shoulders, expanded, felt lighter, and loved. This trauma was from the inside out. Repeated overstimulation of breathing /digestive areas of the body on and off for over 18 years. ( I guess the healthcare providers did not have enough proof to make an accurate diagnosis.) IAM FEARLESS IAM on a resurrected alignment that will guide me to continue to help myself and others, in the only way that I know how… It is an honor to receive a private session from Peter Schenk and to own his beautiful creations ( products and services). Sometimes they make me cry because of the depth within them.

Grateful nurse R N L P C March 6, 2018

I had the most amazing session with Peter. I was working on love and abundance. Peter’s energy was very strong and powerful. I definitely was feeling all the shifts. I’m excited for things to come because I know that I am no longer in a stuck vibration. If you have never got a session with Peter, I highly recommend it. It is definitely life-changing. I know that I no longer am the same.

Angela Munoz Private Session March 2, 2018

I had a session with Peter on Thursday the 22nd. Now a few days later I can say so many of my health imbalances have become balanced and normal. My heart was going off beat, giving me occasional weakness – it has become normal and I feel so much better physically as well as emotionally as he cleared up a long standing pattern from an incident years ago – an incident I didn’t even remember. Also a hip that kept going out and needed chiropractic resetting frequently – that has cleared up and it almost is hard to believe, but true!! I knew that past incidences create a pattern in us that can play out over and over in our lives – but it is difficult sometimes to bring them up to clear out! We don’t even know where,
what, why they are there.
My thinking is clearer, and I am in a more positive space – happier! So thank you so much Peter, such good work you are doing. Manorama Ananda Vancouver BC Canada ..

Manorama Ananda 109-14280 19a Ave session with Peter February 27, 2018

Peter !? its all about YOu and the Energy and Compassion and Passion YOu project to each and everyone of us !
You have been and are a Blessing in my life .,.I use your meditation-hand positions and energy ( almost)
on a daily bases. Have sent your video’s to many
You are an Amazing Energetic Gifted Soul.,.( unfortunately I haven’t had the financial means to purchase any of your products at this time) But,Yet I know ,that will be changing very very soon and I would love to try some at that time? and to actually bless oyu financially because I believe in and feel for your work I know without a shadow of a doubt you are and will continue to be Blessed for sharing your knowledge and gifts to so many others God Speen NOw and Always in the continuation of your journey and spiritual gifts .,,.You Are Loved Supported ! as you support and love us in the Highest Light

Cindy Nelson 2616 n pearl st you/yourself! your MDM minutes and hand positions February 22, 2018

I would suggest getting energetic session(s) with Peter Schenk if you are interested in results. In my case, the result of one session with him created such a palpable change within me that I was able to recapture the feeling of wholeness. The outer change was so noticeable that my friend now complains that I laugh all the time. She has to tell me to stop laughing so she can understand me when I speak. It is not what Peter adds to you, but what he removes, so you can experience the fullness of the Being that you were meant to be. Since my session with him less than 2 months ago, three of my friends have gone to him for sessions without any recommendation from me. They see results, and want to experience the same in their lives. The gift that Peter brings is priceless. I treasure what has been bestowed upon me.

Jenny L California February 19, 2018

Peter since I have met you my whole life has changed for the better! Seriously no joke.
All abuse and abusers seem to have fallen away from my
life and I did tell you this in a recent session with you.
I have bought a HFA Mini and feel safe and comfortable as I am a psychic and sensitive to energy. I have bought your workshops and my relationships have improved.
I am happy and genuinely feel happier on an everyday basis.
Thank you Peter for being in my life! God bless xx

Tarinder Dhillon Psychic Reader Energetic Sessions/HFA Mini/Workshops February 18, 2018

During the Energetic Session, Peter was able to see an emotional experience that was buried deeply since 1982. It was creating a block in a couple of areas of my life. I sensed something was needing to be unearthed which is the reason I felt drawn to have a session, although I didn’t mention this to Peter prior to the session. I could feel it but couldn’t pinpoint it. Peter saw it immediately and helped me to remember so I could release it. Within 10 days I felt compelled to call that person and talk about all that had happened. Our conversation was healing for my friend, as well. Due to my initiating the call to talk about things, he was able to release all that he had been holding onto and his life is moving forward, also! Until the day of the session, I thought I had dealt with the emotions surrounding that experience. Now I’m moving forward with great success in areas of my life where I’d felt stuck. Thank you, Peter! I’m so grateful you’re using your gifts to help the world!

Ginny Healer Energetic Session February 14, 2018

My rehomed dog Rusty was lost a week ago. I happened to mention it to Peter after he was missing for 14 hours and was told by Peter that Rusty was still alive, and he is within 5 mile radius of his latest home. I received a phone call from a lady 5 days later saying she has Rusty and she lived about 5 miles from his current home! I couldn’t get over how spot on Peter was with the info!! No I can’t wait for my session with him to see if he has any insight to my other lost dog!! Peter, you rock!! Thank you so much!!!

Kate Daniel June 8, 2017

I was having knee pain level of 15 ( low is 1 -10 is high). I tried everything I could think of to lower the level . Nothing worked. I went online and requested a 15 minutes session with Peter, and by day 2, I was walking at a level 5. I did see an MD first to rule out any muscle tears etc. of course. I also did the Body Geometry regarding cellular communication. The worked in sync so that I could sleep at night, and function during the day. It’s a slow go, but my knee joint is less ” frozen” in pain. Many thanks Peter, you certainly know your energetic gifts and how to use them to create amazing products and services.

pain free client May 31, 2017

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I had severe dizziness, and ask Peter what I should do. He suggested that I do a private energetic session, within minutes he helped alieviate the dizziness. After the session was over, I felt somehow lighter, like new!!! It was truly amazing! I have had private sessions with other healers, but I have never experienced anything like this healing! Thank you, Peter!! I feel like I have someone there for me now, and that is a great feeling!

Karen C March 5, 2017

To Peter Schenk 16th April 2016
Hi Peter
Thank you for the gift of Clearing Energy…I have managed to listen to it but not the follow up one..
In th e past I have not been able to see the water in the glass do anything but this time it changed..
I couldl see the bubbles and it rippled a lot…when you increased the energy it rippled faster and carried on as long as you were talking about it…
At the same time I was being given a massage by guides I guess I do get those but this time I couldn’t stop shakgentle…stopped when you finished talking as it were
My blocks
The most urgent is my left eye that has lost its vision to bleeding and cateract because of high BP
Have not stopped with the water with those intentions.. it effects my balance and brain and since I am coming to the US in May for 5 weeks I am being extra careful
Thank you again for your gift and cannot wait to share it with the group on 30th April…
Gratefully Florence
Perth Australia

April 28, 2016

I had an hour long healing done with Peter for my 85 year old mother as she had fallen and fractured her vertebrae and she was in severe pain.

While she was in hospital and for some time before that , her mood was very low and she was very depressed. She also has dementia.

My mum used to be so active and worked really hard all her life rearing a family of seven on a farm, and also teaching in a primary school.
It was so painful for our family to visit my mum and to see her so depressed and low in spirit. We were also sad at the prospect of her ending her days in such a depression as she was always a very positive person.

I scheduled a session with Peter while I was at work on Thursday evening but he could not do the one on one session until Sat evening. He told me that he would send comfort to my mum in the meanwhile.

The next evening I went to see my mum and there was already a huge change in her.
Her mood had vastly Improved as before this she had become very introverted and had almost given up, and now she was taking an interest in us and smiling and joking much more like her usual self.
Her pain levels had gone down and she was in discomfort rather than pain.

The next evening Peter did the one on one session with me over Skype while I held my mother in mind. He released a lot of negativity and worked on clearing old energy within the family. I asked Peter if my father was there as he had passed away five years ago. He said that my father was instrumental in all of this healing for my mother.

Our whole family witnessed the amazing change with our mother, and also the lady next to her in her hospital room said that it was miraculous.

I am noticing subtle changes within the members of my family and issues which they were procrastinating about are now being moved forward and dealt with.

Two weeks later my mum is now in a convalesce home and although she is confused as she has dementia, she is very happy in herself and her pain is very manageable.

I put all of this change down to the healing with Peter and I feel that my late father is helping us. Thank you for your wonderful healing Peter.

Aine D,

I had an hour long healing done with Peter for my 85 year old mother as she had fallen and fractured her vertebrae and she was in severe pain.

While she was in hospital and for some time before that , her mood was very low and she was very depressed. She also has dementia.

My mum used to be so active and worked really hard all her life rearing a family of seven on a farm, and also teaching in a primary school.
It was so painful for our family to visit my mum and to see her so depressed and low in spirit. We were also sad at the prospect of her ending her days in such a depression as she was always a very positive person.

I scheduled a session with Peter while I was at work on Thursday evening but he could not do the one on one session until Sat evening. He told me that he would send comfort to my mum in the meanwhile.

The next evening I went to see my mum and there was already a huge change in her.
Her mood had vastly Improved as before this she had become very introverted and had almost given up, and now she was taking an interest in us and smiling and joking much more like her usual self.
Her pain levels had gone down and she was in discomfort rather than pain.

The next evening Peter did the one on one session with me over Skype while I held my mother in mind. He released a lot of negativity and worked on clearing old energy within the family. I asked Peter if my father was there as he had passed away five years ago. He said that my father was instrumental in all of this healing for my mother.

Our whole family witnessed the amazing change with our mother, and also the lady next to her in her hospital room said that it was miraculous.

I am noticing subtle changes within the members of my family and issues which they were procrastinating about are now being moved forward and dealt with.

Two weeks later my mum is now in a convalesce home and although she is confused as she has dementia, she is very happy in herself and her pain is very manageable.

I put all of this change down to the healing with Peter and I feel that my late father is helping us. Thank you for your wonderful healing Peter.
Aine D

February 19, 2016

I had a session with Peter lately and it was Outstanding ! I tried everything before and nothing worked and after every program I finish more broken and more depressed! For the first time I can feel the change: so many pains are gone from my body, especially my head. As Peter said it was as if I had an Energetic Surgery, it’s the first time that I feel such powerful energy. I feel so peaceful now,
I’m so grateful for the support and the kindness that I’ve had!
Peter you’re doing an Amazing job, Keep going!! 🙂

February 8, 2016

I had an energy clearing session with Peter and all I can say is I was BLOWN AWAY. The energy was so strong, and had a very unique feel to it. I have found myself with so much energy lately, after having fatigue for months. Thank you Peter…from one energy Connoisseur to another!

January 27, 2016

I participated in the Energy Clearing Session and have had some amazing shifts. I was very ready to release and clear out the residual ‘yuck’ that had been clogging me up. I had a profound experience with the sacred geometry and feeling the ‘egg’ burst into billions of particles and dissipate. I had quite a day the next day with a body cleansing, but feel absolutely super charged and wonderful. I know something profound took place. Thanks Peter for you and your teams dedication to this work. Changing lives…changing lives. Again…many thanks!!!

January 27, 2016

Hi Peter! I had a session with you about 6 weeks ago which did wonders for my adrenal function. I added Aquaware “perfect health” here and there since then and my intention was not to limit my thinking to thyroid but anything affecting my thyroid function. I just now received a call about my thyroid and after 3.5 years of distressing visits to the Naturopath and tryiing this and that to get the T3 T4 conversion
to stabilize……it has. No office visit. No “now what” to deal with.
Not perfect but it has reduced the STRESS I’ve felt about this and I believe that it could change again for the better. thank you yet again, Barb

July 15, 2015

Wow! thank you Peter. I had and Indigo biofeedback session 6 hrs after my session with you. Interesting feedback:), my adrenal score was 88 and I have been at 24- 36 for a few years. It has been creeping up since I started sessions with you but today was stellar! Since starting the sessions I have been able to discontinue cortisol replacement drops and cream. The dark discolouration on my arms has almost disappeared and I’m starting to grow back some body hair. Adrenal function=hormones=energy=ability to manage stress and much more. No surprise I guess one bit of feedback that stood out was that I was “channeling”….I’m guessing that was your energy. Thank you x 1,000,000!!!!!! Barb

June 21, 2015

Before my short session with Peter today I thought that my rage was finally clearing and what was left of it was only a mild version of an anger. Right after Peter started to work with me my rage showed its face in a form of a dragon and it was not happy! It was screaming until its voice was gone. It was spitting orange-red fire and thrusting with great power in all directions. I was silently witnessing its misery and its power. It was several minutes later when I finally noticed that the dragon was shackled to me with several heavy chains. As the session progressed and the chains broke one by one, for the first time, I had an olfactory experience. Two very distinctive strong smells lingered for several minutes. They were gone once the beast was liberated from its bondage. Totally exhausted it curled up by my side in peace. I felt immediately at ease, free and relieved. I was speechless and truly grateful for this experience. I had tears in my eyes for several hours afterwords. Never before I felt such deep stillness and calm.
Thank you Peter for your gifts, your amazing Being and your continuos dedication to help us make our lives filled with love, gratitude and abundance.

June 4, 2015

Last Wednesday I had a 15 minutes Energy Session with Peter and he did a deep clearing on me. The next day I realized I could walk up and down the stairs with no problem. Due to osteoarthritis I had been stiff in my ankles and toes which now is gone. Marvellous! Also my fingers are much better and I think it is getting better every day. I am also much straighter in my back and I feel much lighter in my body! During the session and about 45 minutes after, I felt the energy in my feet and hands and tingles on my upper lip.
I use Aquaware 4.0 every day for all sorts of things and I am a true believer of its/your power. Thank you se very much Peter!
Eva in Sweden

May 3, 2015

My over the phone session with Peter was amazing. As an energy healer myself I love Peter’s right 2 the point, drop the story, zone in, and his magic is underway. I apparently required grounding and I must say it is the most I have ever felt my body in my being. My approach to things has slowed down from the bronco rodeo ride to a calmer gallop. I am aware when the bronco rears up and I just pull back on the reins. I have displayed a lot more kindness toward self. Look forward to the next session. Thank you Peter.

April 26, 2015

Looks like you are the guy! What I have been trying to get a cure for, for the past 25 years unsuccessfully, you got the job done in one small session. Thank’s peter, I’m so appreciative and so happy to have found you! So gifted and a great guy!
Dianna B.C. canada

April 26, 2015

Energetic Cleansing from the Inside Out

In this one-hour experience, we will completely clean ALL of your negative energy all the way down to the very core of your being.

Only in this newly offered service will you truly understand what its like to be reborn in perfect synchronicity with all that is.

Special Session Packages

When you commit to your own personal growth and buy a one of these special packages of sessions, you’ll get additional time with Peter!

  • Set of 5 1-hour sessions — includes 1.5 bonus hours!
  • Set of 10 1-hour sessions — includes 3 bonus hours!

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