Q Shield For Animals

Q Shield for Animals

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    Q Shield - Energy Protection for AnimalsIf you’ve tried any of the Modern Day Mystic software or Harmonic Field Amplifier products, you already know how powerful these quantum-based tools can be for personal health, attitude-improvement and happiness. But what about your furry companion? Doesn’t he or she deserve the same sense of wellbeing?

    Now you can help calm and protect your companion animal from unhealthy energy, bad habits and fear. The Q-Shield for Animals works in a similar fashion as the HFA mini, except that it was designed in a more compact size for four-legged friends. When attached to a collar or harness, the Q-Shield surrounds dogs and cats in a protective energetic shield that not only keeps unwanted energy out… but it helps to transmute any negative energy within.

    Developed based on the same quantum-harmonic principles as all Modern Day Mystic software, the Q-Shield works to bring more peacefulness and tranquility to the energy field of non-human animals. The technology works to help them become more loving and calm, allowing them to let go of any need to act out bad habits such as indoor “accidents,” excessive barking and chewing or clawing furniture.

    Q Shield - Energy Protection for AnimalsThe Q-Shield for Animals can be particularly helpful for cats and dogs who have been rescued, those with emotional disturbances, health problems and/or behavioral challenges. Although you might not be aware of any specific origin trauma that has led to their current difficulties, it is there. That is because domesticated animals are faced with more modern traumas and fewer tools to alleviate or heal from them naturally.

    In the wild, animals have a natural way of dispersing all trauma. Researchers have observed that gazelles who escape being chased by lions will often exhibit neurogenic tremors, a form of rapid shaking that allows them to physically unload the “memory” of the trauma. It is not limited to gazelles. In fact, most mammals in the wild will exhibit these tremors for brief periods after a traumatic event. But now, domesticated animals are exposed to modern threats that cannot so easily be “shaken off.”

    Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are the invisible zones of energy that surround electric devices, wiring and even Bluetooth and wireless signals. These types of signals are very disruptive to our natural biorhythms, and companion animals are even more susceptible to their effects. The Q-Shield can help block and transmute these disharmonious frequencies, giving animals a general sense of well-being and helping maintain health at a cellular level.

    Q Shield - Energy Protection for AnimalsBeyond technology, companion animals today are bombarded with verbal and emotional abuse, even when they live with responsible and caring humans. Like ours, their subconscious mind does not make a distinction between real and fictitious threats. Consider all of the negativity that is projected by TV and radio programs alone. Bad news, reality shows with psychologically abusive characters and even fiction programs can trigger emotional trauma responses. Add to that things like loud neighbors, fireworks (perceived as harmful explosions, not celebratory symbols), environmental pollution and artificial food additives and it’s no wonder cats and dogs sometimes act out in curious ways.

    With the Q-Shield, a protective bubble is created around your furry friend, shielding them from outside influences and negativity. Benefits can include improved sleep, a general sense of wellbeing, reduction in undesired behaviors, greater affection and trust with humans.

    Think about how much companion animals enrich our lives. They provide a constant sense of joy, curiosity and unconditional love. Outfitting your cat or dog friend is one small way of showing your gratitude. Give them the freedom and wellbeing they truly deserve.


    How it works

    Q Shield - Energy Protection for AnimalsThe Q-Shield for Animals absorbs negative frequencies from an animal’s surroundings, cleanses it and returns harmonic energy. It generates a quantum shield around them that feels similar to how people have described experiencing geologic vortexes in nature – it creates a feeling of serenity and balance.

    During the creation of each Q-Shield device, semi-precious metals are configured in a specific way to induce properties of zero point energy with infinite potential. This energy clears your companion animal’s immediate atmosphere of unwanted frequencies and converts them into calm, positive, healing energy.

    Attaching the Q-Shield to your companion animal’s collar is an easy way to protect them from the scattered energetic frequencies of electromagnetic devices, negative energy from unhealthy people and even the unintended consequences of emotionally traumatic TV and radio programs.

    After just a few days of use, you might find that your companion animal seems to be happier, more cooperative and less likely to lash out at other humans or companion animals. Other side benefits may include diminishing of “bad habits” such as peeing indoors, chewing or scratching furniture or excessive barking or growling. The Q-Shield can help restore a sense of peace that simply makes all of those coping mechanisms unnecessary.

    Q Shield - Energy Protection for AnimalsBecause the Q-Shield is water-resistant, you don’t have to worry if your cat or dog goes outside in the rain, or splashes around near their water dish. In fact, the Q-Shield exhibits protectional properties that extend to water. So any water your companion animal drinks near the device will be more structured and better able to hydrate their cells.

    Give your furry friend the gift of peace, happiness and overall wellness that is their natural birthright. Order a Q-Shield and show them how much you care.


    Usage and Operating Instructions

    Linking your Q Shield to your Animal

    Your Q Shield will need to be linked to your animal before it will operate correctly. Linking is a process by which you activate your Q Shield by honoring its existence. When sitting, or standing comfortably, hold the Q Shield in your left hand and put your attention on your animal and the space around you. Repeat the words “I Honor the Space in Which You Exist” out loud. Once completed your Q Shield is now linked to your animal.

    Once linked the Q Shield can be fitted to your animal’s collar via the provided ring. The more time your animal wears the Q Shield the more powerful the field will become over time. Once the link has been established its good until you unlink the connection.

    Unlinking your Q Shield for Animals from your Animal

    If you decide allow another animal to use the Q Shield you must unlink it first. Remove the Q shield from your animal. When sitting, or standing comfortably, hold the Q Shield in your right hand and put your attention on your animal and the space around you. Repeat the words “I Honor the Space in Which You Exist” out loud. Once completed your Q Shield is now unlinked from your animal.

    Like all the products on the MDM web site we implore you to think outside the box when utilizing this kind of technology. When using the Q Shield think in ways that are outside of your comfort zone with the open mind of a child filled with wonder. This will optimize the performance of your Q Shield and benefit your animal greatly. Enjoy your Q Shield and know your animal is about to embark on a truly amazing journey.

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