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I’ve had the Wishing Sphere about a week. I waited two days to unpack it, feeling that there would be a right time to do so. I unpacked it in the evening and as I went to place the quartz crystal ball on the pedestal I experienced a wave of calm, soothing energy flood over me. I remember thinking “Wow! What was that? That’s amazing.” Then as I made my wishes I would feel an actual response energetically from the Wishing Sphere. I wished for healing of part of my body and could feel the energy moving toward that area. I wished for clarity, focus and productivity in my work and could a renewed sense of purpose and resolve to get things done (and have actually been more productive since).
For many years I’ve been told that crystals were alive and would interact with us. Once in a while I thought I experienced it. Now I’ve got a magical energetic connection with what feels like a transponder of my thoughts, energy and desires. This is really fun and MAGICAL. Thanks Peter.

Harlan Mittag Minneapolis, MN May 15, 2020