When I first saw the Wishing Sphere I was intrigued. Hmmm..looks interesting and ancient wishing wells were part of my childhood “hope for magic”.
I threw some ancient Egyptian cards asking ‘what was the outcome of having one of these to play with’. Wow – peace love spirituality etc . within the 5 card reading. Very positive. I felt more and more connected over the coming week each time I looked at it. So with all the travel delays, I am now itching to have it turn up half way across the world. Trying to be patient, however, in a way I feel it is already here as each time I think of it a feeling of peace and quiet reassurance comes over me, despite all kinds of info given to me from postal service, as to how long till delivery.

Pauline Ellis Lazy Lady The Whishing Sphere for Land of Oz May 29, 2020