Dear Peter

words cannot describe the incredible beauty of Orion both physically and energetically.
Everything harmonises even in the difficult places. I hesitate to put actual descriptions on this for it would be so very different for everyone but really it is the lights are switched on and the path becomes clear..such a wonderful gift. Thank you so much.
And on top of that with the purchase through the You Wealth Revolution Package you so generously added in the Receiving workshops.( still available folks)
Everyone needs these!!
They are so incredibly beautiful and the energy is wonderful and clear and bright and you feel amazing beauty all around you. Do I sound high? Yep its the energy of beauty and high frequency. The infinite possibilities of existence are opened up to us all through this,
Such generosity in these wonderful gifts from you Peter!
May you continue to create wonderful worlds of energy for us all. I love Orion and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Love and many best wishes

Rahima Orion and Receiving workshops August 23, 2019