Q Shield for animals
So here is my mind blowing story. I have a three year old cat that has social issues, doesn’t like anyone in my house, it’s hardly sweet ( which I’m not used to w previous cats). Fast forward, I meet a significant other that I’m spending a lot of time with at his house and I was leaving my cat back home with a lot of guilt and sadness. My boyfriend wanted me to bring him to his house which I might add, is a brand new house with new hardwood floors, etc. And I thought, “absolutely not”. This cat will urinate and be upset. But he kept insisting on bringing the cat home. I called my vet and she said and I quote, “you can’t do it, he won’t do well and he will pee all over the place.
Then, someone told me about the Q shield and I bought it immediately with a lot of skepticism but with a lot of hope. We put it on, activate it, and waited a week. Then, we did the transfer. To my surprise, my Rufus walked in as if he had always lived there. Made himself comfortable in the couch, in beds and ate properly. No attitudes. On top of it, my boyfriend has a lot of family dropping in, which made me also very anxious as I did not know how Rufus would react to all this people. Surprise! He let everyone touch him as if he knew them. It’s been a week an a half and he has not done any kind of damage. Definitely, there is something to say about this product. It has changed my life and the life of my cat allowing me to have a great relationship with him included. Definitely highly recommend.

P.S. He did extremely well in the car ride as well 😳

Migdalia August 25, 2019