I had my Receiving Core session with Peter over a wk ago, and felt some cool interesting sensations, just like I did with the Core Cleanse that I did a year ago with Peter. Near the beginning of the session, I would see a vision of a huge being expanding and expanding in front of me for quite a while like maybe 10 minutes or so (not sure if it’s someone else, or just my soul or higher self expanding probably…lol). Then I would start feeling numbness or tingling from the right side of my body, coming up from my right foot, ankle, up my leg, up to my elbow, wrist (a bit of pain and stiffness) and hand. After that it would move over to the left side of my body. Last time for the core cleanse, the numbness and tingling started from the left side of my body, and then moved over to the right side. It’s a different order now…lol. This time for the Receiving core, Peter said he was working on 3 chakras, the root chakra, solar plexus, and third eye chakra.

There were times I had a vision of like a cluster of flowers sprouting on one stem and lighting up from my lower spine (near root chakra) during the session. Love it! Sometimes my whole body also felt kinda heavy, like being grounded/rooted to where I was laying on the bed. I’m glad I didn’t even fall asleep during the session, b/c I always felt asleep when i did the 3 Receiving workshops that Peter had earlier last year, and could never stay fully awake throughout the whole thing, even when I tried replaying it several times, and even when sitting up, instead of laying down…lol. So I don’t know how much I was able to receive and integrate from those workshops…lol.

I did kinda zonk out for a while (felt like in a deep theta state…half dreaming), towards the last 15mins of the session, even though I was still able to hear Peter’s voice very clearly when he spoke. When it reached the end, just right before Peter said it’s completed, I actually saw a vision of a white blank screen (blank page) appear for couple of seconds. How Cool!

After my session was over, my head did not feel woozy, when I got up to drink some water this time, before laying back down to rest for another 45 mins as Peter suggested, although I ended up falling asleep afterwards, and slept for a few hours before getting up again, as I wanted to anyway, since I was off work that day. I felt fine that day, but in the next 2 to 3 days, I became so incredibly tired and mentally exhausted, that I realized I must be going through a major energetic upgrade or download, and deep integration from this session, and it’s taking my physical body 48hrs to 72hrs to fully integrate this deep Receiving Core session!

I don’t have any financial debt issues, so i did not receive any extra flow of income or anything….lol, although I did end up giving $20 to a person that showed me he only had a few dollars on him, and asked if I could help give him some money to pay for some car expenses or something, and he was so overjoyed to get what he asked for (since I had no smaller change in my wallet at the time either..lol), that he thanked me profusely as he left. I suppose I needed to give, to receive…lol.

When I did Reiki for a friend recently just for a few mins, I could feel my hands tingling like crazy, and my friend from work said she could feel energy centers opening up all over on her body, especially from the head up (crown chakra). How Cool! I remember during the core cleanse from last year, I felt my hands vibrating/spinning with vortices appearing in my mind’s eye, and this time although I didn’t feel that, i’m sure both these sessions helped to magnify my healing powers exponentially, when I do energy healing for others like patients, and other staff, and for friends, and family. Hooray! Thank you so much Peter for another wonderful powerful session, and all your wonderful magical MDM products!!!

Emily Lai RN Receiving Core session June 1, 2019