Alexandra, San Antonio, TX. United States

Where to start… I’m fairly new to this, and started out with a bit of trepidation and skepticism. I have to say that the changes have been very subtle, but consistent, depending on the intentions.. In the AM I try to energize myself for the day with a Morning Jolt, along with my coffee, it works great.. Since I do suffer from some fatigue due to liver issues, I also do intentions directed specifically to my liver, and I’m noticing subtle changes with my levels of fatigue. It’s been interesting dabbling around with other intentions, such as: Permanent gray hair removal or Natural hair color… what can I say, I am female and a little vanity still ensues….sigh I have found great relief with the Great Night Sleep, I am a very light sleeper the slightest noise will wake me up,this has given me the ability to have not only a restful sleep, but a deep REM sleep, which I so much desired for a very long time. It’s all still a work in progress but looking forward and loving every minute of it, and I’m referring not only to the Aquaware 3.1/4.0 but life in general. Will be interesting to see and try the Upgrade Aquaware 4.0. Thank you Mr.Schenk Much Love, Peace & Light. ūüôā

December 26, 2014

Brenda, Calgary, Canada

Much health has been gained by using the Aquaware program, my body is at peace and more harmony expanding knowledge from universal streams I feel helping me to feel balanced and at peace within. The opportunities to expand have been coming into my life and I feel absolutely great!

December 26, 2014

KW, Hawaii USA

My daughter, who was 3 1/2 at the time was throwing a terrible tantrum. She was yelling and crying and making me upset in the process. I had already had a bottle of water charged with the Spiritual Purposes intent of “Water Spray” (clears & raises the energy in a room – lifts the general energy, mood and ambiance to higher realms). I spritzed myself with the spray first and then my daughter (which made her even more upset) and then continued with her room and the rest of the house. By the time I was done spraying the house, she not only calmed down, but fell fast asleep. She slept for hours and woke up refreshed and in a fantastic mood. It was fast, easy and incredibly effective. Thank you, Peter, for all you do!

December 26, 2014

Alexis, Toronto, Ontario

I don’t heal like normal people do, have scars, even if I get a mosquito bite it take more than a month to heal. I burned the top of my foot and it left a hole, I was sick to my stomach to look at it. I quickly used wound healing, scars, trauma, infection, and specific manifestation work. For three days I would spray the wound, and I thought there is no hope, so I stopped and just put a bandage on it and refused to take it off, because I knew there was no way the hole would close much less not leave a mark. Well lo and behold, the bandage fell of after 3 weeks and there was nothing there, I could not believe it, I kept staring and staring at it in disbelief. So so Happy about this.

December 26, 2014

Kathryn Murray, Mangawhai New Zealand

Ever since Aquaware my sleep has been amazing – when I want a long restful sleep, that is what I intend into my water. If I know I will be very busy and less time for sleep, then I intend to be refreshed after less sleep. Works every time. The same with dream states. I am so happy with this program and am excited about the upgrade to AW 4.0. Thank you Peter

December 26, 2014

Bettina Schwarz, Kindberg, Styria, Austria

I am so happy with Aquaware 3.1, that I have decided to write David – this is the right hand from Drunvalo Melchizedek. Here is the letter I wrote.¬†Dear David! About 6 weeks ago I bought a software program ‚ÄúAquaware 3.1‚ÄĚ from Peter Schenk. It is so marvelous that I want to write you and give you this info. I have a feeling that this product from Peter Schenk would be a great help for the students of the School of remembering. For example you can increase your Alpha brainwaves or Clearing your traumas just by drinking water which you have imprinted with this Software Program. I know it sounds a little bit to easy – but it works.¬†Two weeks ago my son had a bad intoxication from a insect sting. A red line was already going from his hand up his underarm. I made him some water to drink with Aquaware and a bath. I also took pictures before and after the bath. After the bath the line on his underarm was half his size. Next day it was gone. Aquaware has about 500 different intentions at the Moment. Maybe Drunvalo can work with Peter Schenk together. Also with his newest work – Levitation. You can find Peter Schenk and Aquaware on the Internet. Please tell Drunvalo about it.
Much love Bettina

December 26, 2014

Anonymous, Australia

Hi Peter, Wow, feeling so blessed to have stumbled across you and your software. Firstly sceptical, then blown away from results of indulging in far too much energised water over the next few days. Ouch. But of so peaceful, calm and carefree Рditto for my dog! You generously gave me a session with you. Thank you so much. Next day, about to sweep a piece of wet grass into the bin, I looked closely and found a perfect, tiny, dried four leaf clover, stem and all. With a big smile I thought Рhow neat Рthank you to the heavens. My luck is changing. Only even seen pictures of them. Then, big, noisy, windy thunderstorm, rain blowing sideways and I hear a lone magpie safely under a tree in front yard singing away so happily for ages. He has obviously been enjoying the charged water along with his family. Being so new to Aquaware 3.1 I have since learned to hasten slowly with intent percentages or end up detoxing way too fast. The Reconnection done years ago sensitised my hands a little Рnow they are tingling intensely when I speak of your work or switch on the program. Certainly looking forward to 4.0. The biggest thank you for all you do Рour world is a better place.

December 24, 2014

Janice and Philip Ruffolo, Cuenca, Ecuador

We have both been working with Aquaware 3.0 for 2 months now, each of us zeroing in on specific intentions. We both drink A LOT of water and I am underway more often he and I’ve come to appreciate the intention for incontinence urinary – needing fewer pit stops. Also being very active the muscle recovery intention has benefited me greatly – I was surprised how much after cleaning up after flood damage – no muscle aches! I’ve also been using the intention to improve facial skin since I’ve wanted to work on something that I could see. I do notice a difference beginning with overall smoothing and continuing to diminishing forehead lines. My husband, who has had 7 spinal surgeries has used: brain, nervous system, and soft tissue intentions and he has noticed improvement in his stability and walking, with reduction in foot and leg pain. Using intentions for bowel, bladder, and constipation problems resulting from spinal surgeries he has also noticed considerable improvement. We have both been using the intentions for dental issues and notice a decrease in tooth over-sensitivity and a strengthening of gum tissue. And one more intention for plants… the growth has been exponential. We are convinced!

December 23, 2014

Lainie L., Mars PA 16046

I’m excited to up-grade to 4.0 Aquaware. I have been using 3.1 for several months, now. My whole family has seen amazing results from this program.¬†My husband has reduced one belt notch without trying and has done nothing¬†different except drink his nucleated water for weight loss daily. My chronic constipation is nearly gone, and a heart problem is much¬†improved. I can’t sing the praises of this product enough!

December 21, 2014

jaz Goven, Thailand

What I love about Aquaware is its versatility. I make room sprays to clear old energy – mine and others. I spray myself with “great mood” and it happens. My skin issues are clearing. energy levels are increasing and my plants and flowers are healthier and last longer, It’s amazing.¬†If you are in any doubt about what Aquaware is doing for you then just zap the water you put your flowers in and see how much longer they last.¬†Can’t wait to get Aquaware 4.and start manifesting bigger and faster.¬†Thank you Peter!

December 21, 2014