Terra Resonator Typhoon utube videos

When I watched the recent utube video on the Terra Resonator Typhoon, I had tears in my eyes because of its beauty, and the experience that it belongs here. The water video was amazing to see ” frozen action in time”. The video with the master crystal ” made me a little dizzy” but that is okay. It is powerful and needs respect. I decided to put my hand on the picture and felt moved to tears again. That a work of art would interact with me to help me move forward with my goals, or to ” charge my food, water, or what ever is truly a blessing.” I have a sense that there is an upward spiral created ( I know first hand what a downward life spiral is like) but I really don’t know. Thank you Peter Schenk for this masterpiece of Grace

Deeply Grateful Customer June 1, 2019

More fun insights on Receiving Core session.

More fun shifts (3) to add to my previous testimonial! I forgot to mention that once again, my body felt more physically light and free again (just like after I got the Core Cleanse a year ago…lol) like a child, with no physical restrictions of any kind…lol, that I noticed when exercising (silly jumping up and down literally for 5-7 mins) daily.

Also, during the session, at one point I felt some strange pain and discomfort on my mid-upper back a bit more towards the left side, for like less than a minute, and then the pain released and disappeared, as though I had a chiropractic adjustment of some sort…woohoo! How marvellous!

Shortly after having this session, I came across another free karaoke app Smule, where I can now also sing duet songs with others, incl. a Facebook friend, and i’m having so much fun with that, singing (one of my true passions..lol) away more frequently than before in such effortless fun loving joyful Bliss, and noticing more calm, confidence, and cool charm in my lovely singing voice. Thanks again to our one and only powerful phenomenal energy powerhouse Peter!

Emily Lai RN Receiving Core session June 1, 2019

Powerful Receiving Core session!

I had my Receiving Core session with Peter over a wk ago, and felt some cool interesting sensations, just like I did with the Core Cleanse that I did a year ago with Peter. Near the beginning of the session, I would see a vision of a huge being expanding and expanding in front of me for quite a while like maybe 10 minutes or so (not sure if it’s someone else, or just my soul or higher self expanding probably…lol). Then I would start feeling numbness or tingling from the right side of my body, coming up from my right foot, ankle, up my leg, up to my elbow, wrist (a bit of pain and stiffness) and hand. After that it would move over to the left side of my body. Last time for the core cleanse, the numbness and tingling started from the left side of my body, and then moved over to the right side. It’s a different order now…lol. This time for the Receiving core, Peter said he was working on 3 chakras, the root chakra, solar plexus, and third eye chakra.

There were times I had a vision of like a cluster of flowers sprouting on one stem and lighting up from my lower spine (near root chakra) during the session. Love it! Sometimes my whole body also felt kinda heavy, like being grounded/rooted to where I was laying on the bed. I’m glad I didn’t even fall asleep during the session, b/c I always felt asleep when i did the 3 Receiving workshops that Peter had earlier last year, and could never stay fully awake throughout the whole thing, even when I tried replaying it several times, and even when sitting up, instead of laying down…lol. So I don’t know how much I was able to receive and integrate from those workshops…lol.

I did kinda zonk out for a while (felt like in a deep theta state…half dreaming), towards the last 15mins of the session, even though I was still able to hear Peter’s voice very clearly when he spoke. When it reached the end, just right before Peter said it’s completed, I actually saw a vision of a white blank screen (blank page) appear for couple of seconds. How Cool!

After my session was over, my head did not feel woozy, when I got up to drink some water this time, before laying back down to rest for another 45 mins as Peter suggested, although I ended up falling asleep afterwards, and slept for a few hours before getting up again, as I wanted to anyway, since I was off work that day. I felt fine that day, but in the next 2 to 3 days, I became so incredibly tired and mentally exhausted, that I realized I must be going through a major energetic upgrade or download, and deep integration from this session, and it’s taking my physical body 48hrs to 72hrs to fully integrate this deep Receiving Core session!

I don’t have any financial debt issues, so i did not receive any extra flow of income or anything….lol, although I did end up giving $20 to a person that showed me he only had a few dollars on him, and asked if I could help give him some money to pay for some car expenses or something, and he was so overjoyed to get what he asked for (since I had no smaller change in my wallet at the time either..lol), that he thanked me profusely as he left. I suppose I needed to give, to receive…lol.

When I did Reiki for a friend recently just for a few mins, I could feel my hands tingling like crazy, and my friend from work said she could feel energy centers opening up all over on her body, especially from the head up (crown chakra). How Cool! I remember during the core cleanse from last year, I felt my hands vibrating/spinning with vortices appearing in my mind’s eye, and this time although I didn’t feel that, i’m sure both these sessions helped to magnify my healing powers exponentially, when I do energy healing for others like patients, and other staff, and for friends, and family. Hooray! Thank you so much Peter for another wonderful powerful session, and all your wonderful magical MDM products!!!

Emily Lai RN Receiving Core session June 1, 2019

My sister got a great new job

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My sister has been looking for a new job for months. So I put a note in my Miracle box ” My sister Diana is now getting a GREAT New job” the next day she told me she applied for a great job and hopes she get it. I just Smiled because I knew she would get it. 3 days later she got the call THE JOB is hers. We are both so happy. Thank you Christy and Peter for this awesome Miracle box, it works. If you Believe.

Judy Huffman Massage therapist / Energy worker May 15, 2019

More TR-Plus Miracles

I just remembered 2 more things I would like to add to my testimonial on my Terra-Resonator Plus. I bought one of my nurse uniforms tops (black color with x’mas trees and Winnie the Pooh designs on it) from one of my work colleagues, who sold it to me, b/c she found it too small and tight on her after she wore it. Anyway, I noticed everytime i wore it, I would experience so much bad luck at work (like a patient accidentally spilled her poop container after emptying her colostomy in the bathroom, all over the floor, and i would have to clean it up myself, plus all kinds of crazy things happening at work…lol). So after I wore it maybe like 4 times, I got scared and stopped wearing it for a while, and thought of throwing it out, b/c if I donate it away, someone else might get the bad luck…lol. Then I thought of charging it on my TR-Plus to clear any possible bad energy, that my co-worker probably acquired it from somewhere (who knows…lol), and sure enough, after I charged it on my TR-Plus and just kept it there for a few hrs I think, when I wore it again (kinda scared with anticipation…lol), it was totally fine and great, and no more crazy wacky things happening…lol.

The 2nd miracle is I recently developed a small blister on my upper lip near middle right side, shortly after I finished eating some leftover takeout foods. So I popped it, and set the intention for my TR-Plus to charge me (saying the words I Honor the Space in which I exist), even though my TR-Plus is upstairs in my bedroom, while i’m in the living room watching TV. Usually I bring it down to the kitchen to charge all kinds of foods and groceries almost daily, b4 I eat or cook them. On that day I just got lazy, and decided to just visualize it near me (since I know visualizations healing always work for me anyway, as everything is energy…lol), and I felt a cold chill, gentle healing energy enter my whole body as I felt some physical sensations and head kinda woozy types of shifts after visualizing myself charging myself on my precious TR-Plus. There’s just a small mark on my lip now after I burst the weird bubble blister (which could’ve been a mouth sore or cold sore, but that usually would hurt more and look so visibly gross…lol), and no pain, swelling, or any itchiness at all from it, even after a few days. Thank god! Thank you Peter once again, for all these endless magical miracles! Hoorayyy!!!

Emily Lai RN Terra-Resonator Plus May 2, 2019

Amazing Miracles!

I’ve been buying and using quite a number of Peter’s MDM products for nearly 2 yrs. I first started buying his HFA-mini and HFA-a new way to travel, from Darius’ You Wealth Revolution. Then my sister felt so drawn to it (the HFA-mini), and asked me to order one for her and her daughter, and the HFA-a new way to travel, for her car. I also bought the HFA-mini for my mom. I remember one time my mom kinda got lost when I told her to wait for me at a specific spot in the mall, and she walked away and wasn’t there when I returned. I was looking around nearby that area and waiting for her for quite a while, and tried calling her cell with no answer. So all of a sudden I thought of asking my HFA-mini to communicate and link with hers, and sure enough, in less than a minute, she appeared right next to me. Instant manifestation. Yay!

The HFA-a new way to travel, has helped me avoid getting in a car accident maybe more than once, and I always find a parking spot easily even in busy, crowded parking lots. I noticed I always feel immense Joy & Bliss, and so full of energy as soon as I get in my car to drive, even after a long hard evening of work. Then when I got version 2 (the newest version) of HFA for my car, I would automatically be able to get to work right on time (over 90% of the time anyway….lol), instead of being like 5 mins late (my bad habit of leaving my home later than I should at a certain time and hence always arriving work a few minutes late….ha). Sometimes even when I somehow left home a few mins late, I still managed to get to work right on time by 3pm for my evening shift at the hospital. Of course now I also often make the conscious effort to leave home a bit earlier, to avoid being late due to bad traffic at times. When I started feeling excited about getting my new Orion order soon (should be arriving within the next 2 days), then I drove and reached my workplace 5 mins earlier! How funny. Can’t wait to receive my new Magical Orion!

I also own quite a few pyramids (I Am Presence, I Am Fertility, I Am Fearless, plus I Am Healthy—for my husband, who has type 2 diabetes, on oral meds only). I remember when I first got the pyramids, I was all of a sudden given the opportunity to sing the Canadian national anthem song in front of the mayor of Markham, Frank Scarpitti, in my area in Canada) at a summer street festival, when he was visiting our booth where I was volunteering for the Toronto Bodhi Meditation Centre, and the other members were showing him how to do the Energy Bagua walking meditation, and later on we were all singing along with him, chinese and English songs, as he loves to sing. Usually I would have been so nervous and kinda scared to sing in public, without any preparation, since it was a last minute decision, and I’m not used to perform/sing in public, and took many years to slowly overcome and manage the bad stage fright before that would make me sing so terrible before ..lol. Anyway, this time I was surprisingly calm and poised, and had no stomach jitters at all, and sang fine without feeling any fear, so I figured the I Am Fearless pyramid plus the others too, must’ve really helped me to remain more confident and calmer than usual. Wow!

I also have a TR-mini, and later on, the TR-plus, which I so love and treasure. Shortly after I first got the Terra Resonator-mini, my brother’s dog Ollie (that my sister was dog-sitting at her home for a while since our bro was away on vacation) got sick for a few days from probably eating something wrong on the grass in their backyard, and kept throwing up whatever he ate for a day or 2, so then he stopped eating for a few days. As soon as my sis told me that he was sick, I decided to set the intention to ask my TR-mini to help Ollie recover faster and start eating (without even writing a note to put on it..lol), and by the next day, he started eating and drinking fine again, after my sis took him to see the vet, and he prescribed some antacids for stomach upset to put in his food, to eat them. Initially he was reluctant to eat, but eventually he did by the next day, and recovered very quickly.

I like to charge lots of foods, fruit, drinks, water, crystals, new books, skin creams, small plants, anything and everything I can think of (lol…) on my Terra Resonator Plus. My patients’ health would improve a lot and be less restless or demanding sometimes, after I started putting my census list of patients (from the hospital unit I work at as a registered nurse in a rehab. hospital) to charge on my TR-plus almost daily. I also do or visualize some energy healing (bodytalk cortices and Reiki) for many of my patients for just a few mins each time to help relieve pain, or be more calm, and less confused, and help improve mobility greatly, and see a lot of small and large daily miracles from that too. But with the use of TR-mini and TR-plus, the magical healing effects become even more profound! For example, a chronically ill patient (now considered palliative) that was eating poorly, started eating and drinking well all of a sudden within a few days, and was shouting less than before (was shouting so frequently for attention initially, now only when he needs to be changed or to eat or drink). Woohoo!

I also really love my “I Am Unconditional Love of Self” bracelet, that i only wear when i’m off work, b/c I don’t want to get it wet (constant hand-washing after contact with every patient) or dirty with hospital germs..lol. As soon as I got my bracelet, I could feel an immediate softening and spacious expansion of my heart into infinite divine unconditional love, everytime i put it on, or when I think of it. How beautiful! Thank you ever so much, Peter, for all your endless wonderful magical creations of MDM products and energy healing services that is helping immensely to improve so many people’s lives, and raise the vibrations of the planet!

Emily Lai RN Various MDM products May 2, 2019


Loving Orion so far– here is what happened ever since I got him. (I wear him in my pocket or in my bra)

*Got a raise–and it was for more than I thought it would be!
* I got extra busy and hoped this friend would show up at 3:30 instead of at 2:00 and then this friend showed up at 3:45! (Whew)
* I needed a certain person to respond to my text in a timely manner–and she did! (Usually she does not) (I also used the Sourxe trial for a week so for this one, it was a combination of Orion and Sourxe)
* I had issues downloading the (trial) Sourxe and Orion helped me figure it out! (I am SO not a tech savvy person)
*I had a bit of a delay in my schedule and hoped I would not miss my client and sure enough I arrived 10 minutes before she did!
*There seems be a positive energy all around.
*I have a closer bond with my children.

I truly am enjoying this and my personal relationship with Orion. (There was this one time when I thought I lost him–well, actually, twice, and I got upset and worried–it’s like a feeling of losing a cat or something! Yup– a real relationship, indeed)

Thank you Peter, for all that you do. I look forward to getting all of your products.

Jolene Mahoney Mental Health Therapist Fremont, California May 2, 2019


I received my HFA V2 last week and all I can say is wow. Driving to work has been very relaxing and everyone seems to be very courteous. While driving I notice that other cars keep a safe distance from me and even use their turn signal when passing me. I can feel the energy coming from the HFA. I love the product very much and will purchase another in the future. Peter thanks for the work you put into these magnificent products that you bring into the world. I am a life long customer.

Dion HFA V2 May 2, 2019

My New Companions

Peter always says the products do mind-boggling things. I had not experienced that until last week. After losing my husband two and a half years ago, my grief was so intense that everything became overwhelming. I then came across Peter and his products and decided to give them a go. I have had THE HFA MINI and THE I AM PRESENCE bracelet since December last year. I am less stressed and fearful of everything. I don’t have the constant sadness I had before. I guess they were healing my emotions. Thursday morning I spoke to them and thanked them for all they have done, then asked them to help with my finances. Later that morning I received two calls offering me work at two different companies for a two week’s period each. I was totally bowled over.
I am grateful to Peter and for the new products that I have, which I now call my companions.

Lessie HFA Mini and I AM bracelet April 28, 2019

Life Transforming!

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I attended all three workshops and I hesitated submitting a testimonial only because I don’t know if words can do justice to the transformation that occurred within me and to the world around me. All three workshops were very powerful, building on the prior one. Being new to energy work all I can say is WOW! I felt something change/shift within me, things that used to bother me (like being ultra sensitive) suddenly didn’t. I have always felt very alone in the world, like I didn’t belong and suddenly I felt a connection to everyone and everything. I don’t think I have ever been truly at peace in my life, but now there’s a calmness about me that is almost surreal. Receiving from the universe and from people has enabled me to give back tenfold. Everything in my life has changed, my corporate job was eliminated (a good thing). I had been involved in a very unhealthy relationship for three years to someone that was toxic and I never seemed to be able to break free, but now I am happy to report he is a thing of the past. I have been stuck in Texas for 12 years and finally the tides are changing and I will be moving within the next 3 months. Financially things had been a struggle, but now there always seems to be more than enough money to pay the bills and do the things I want to do in life and this is without my corporate job. Recently, I discovered what my purpose is in this life and all of the sudden, all of the trials and tribulations I have been through made sense. For so long, I felt confused, unfocussed, not sure where to go or what to do, now I have more clarity than I ever have had in my life. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, because so far in just a few short months the transformation both on the inside and out is miraculous. Thank you Peter for what you do! I know it was no accident I stumbled across your work. -Jill

Jill Button Entreprenuer Receiving Workshops I, II, III April 25, 2019