After having completed all 3 Receiving workshops in which I concentrated on with the intention of work, money and career. I received 3 job interviews the next day!! Then another offer for temporary work starting 1st July.
Very happy to say the least as I haven’t worked for sometime now.

Peter Schenk I simply love your products and services because they simply work!! Results are evident every time.

Thank you!! Much love,
Tarin Kaur. 💕

Tarinder Kaur June 21, 2019

Public request result with Terra Resonator Typhoon and Creationis Miracles Arca Archa box

The local news reported a missing dog from a car crash and reached out the community to find him because the owner was in an induced coma and was very close to the dog. After hearing the story I wrote a statement that the dog had been found and reunited with the family looking for him and put that note on my Terra Resonator Typhoon and then in my Creationis Miracles Arca Archa box. . Today an update showed that indeed the dog had been found and reunited with his family and that the owner is now out of his coma. Was glad to contribute energetically with this tool for a successful result.

Lynn W June 21, 2019

Many Doctors are waking up to the fact, that people need a good nights sleep Somnum Machina

I have searched for at lease 20 years or more for a sleep solution. When Peter designed the Somnum Machina, I just knew it was exactly what I needed. One caveat with Peters products is there is a relationship with the product. You just know.
I used the 2 pay option, but I began thinking about , and reading about how to set it up. Set up is easy, a compass on my iPhone directed my placement of the beautiful stones. Then the fun begins. I reveal to Somnum Machina what I need. Like womb service. I say: I honor the space in which you exist. I need a restful restorative sleep / eliminate mind chatter. I want to get up at x ‘ oclock. Next thing I know, it is morning around x’oclock. I then say, I honor the space in which you exist, and I disconnect. When you get yours home, maybe you will discover another way. You can’t screw it up, because you can’t, it is impossible. I feel sharper, more relaxed, healthier, stronger at the gym, and more confident. Thank you again Peter for this important and life giving product.

Finally found a sleep solution that really works June 21, 2019

Beautiful Result

I bought the Myrrh Compass Rose about 8 or so months ago, and set it up in my home. We have just had the hottest summer here in Australia up to 48 deg C. I have never seen leaves starting to fall from my Lyme bush and fruit trees before, hedges wilting, all of which have been here for over 50 years as it’s an old established garden used, supposedly, to Australian conditions. I thought I was going to lose the garden, even though I was watering when my rain tank had some water in it. But things have eased up now as we have had pretty good rains in the last couple of months (a Compass Rose effect?), but it has been a struggle for the garden to get its strength back, but it’s good now. But last week I went out into my back yard where the fruit trees are and I could really see a difference – they are truly powering with more fruit than ever before. I had to prop up a lemon bush’s branches as they are so heavy with fruit, and new fruit coming on behind them on other branches. Then I looked next door – OH what a sad sight! Their lemon bush is flat out producing half a dozen lemons and not many leaves at all, and the land looks exhausted. Not mine! I know it’s down to the Compass Rose. That’s why I bought it, as I saw another testimonial about how brilliant an effect it had on gardens. Thanks so much Peter – you’ve really made a difference here with this fantastic product. I think you have saved my garden! May YOUR garden always be blooming. X.

A gardener Myrrh Compass Rose June 21, 2019

“Can’t Find My Way Back Home”

I had a Receiving Core Session w/Peter this past Monday. I\’ve done several of these to date, now. This was by far the best! Peter; in this 1 hour session cleared/removed issues from over half-a century (I\’m 60 years old) including deep trauma from my childhood and beyond. He knew exactly what was there, I did Not have to guide/tell him. I do know what lies beneath, as well (most of us do know this-we know where/what our pain is-we just can\’t release it). Yes, I did cry for part of the session, as this deep childhood hurt was so very profound and it has caused me a great deal of self-induced pain and destructive behavior over many/many decades. For many years I could Not even love myself or even look in the mirror and see Me nor love Me-so; like many of us busy/gifted medical professionals, I gave all of myself to work and to my patients (and some, could in fact care less). This was my way of avoiding my internal self-hate, but the \’cost\’ was that I gave way too much! No more of that nonsense now! I am here for me now/I take care of me now, I love me now more than anything else in this vast universe. And as a result, I am finally healing-I can now sleep at night/I can look in the mirror & say \”I love You!\” Yes, this needs more work, but I\’m finally \”back home.\” Like the old Blind Faith song: \”Can\’t Find My Way Back Home.\” Look up on youtube-for that was indeed me before the session! Thank YOU Peter, from the bottom on my heart!!!

James Jackson Physician Receiving Core Session June 16, 2019

I highly recommend getting energetic sessions for relief from physical or emotional issues.

I received a couple of energetic sessions from Peter a few days ago and I feel much better than I did before. I went through an extremely bizarre and painful breakup and I was really going through it psychologically, emotionally, and physically for a month and a half. I was feeling a dark energy or entity in my gut that made me want to take revenge as well as it just being plain painful. I thought about killing myself very often. I was also having extreme pain in other areas of my body due to candida overgrowth. I had some insight on how to deal with the candida. The pain from the candida overgrowth has calmed down tremendously. That heavy, angry, dark feeling in my gut is gone and I have been feeling much lighter and much more at peace. I still have some moments, but overall, I’m doing so much better than I was 3 days ago. I really appreciate Peter’s approach of focusing on the energy healing, rather than spending a bunch of time talking about the problem. I would highly recommend a session. I am so thankful for Peter and his work.

A June 14, 2019


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Had a stubborn, painful shortening of the tendon of one thumb, often causing burning, leaving it in a bent position and “triggering” when bent or tried to use it normally. Repeated treatments with healing equipment, combined with the Body Geometry for abnormal anatomical tissue positions and sessions on any underlying emotions brought improvement, but far from “healed”.
Was “inspired” today to do 3 Body Geometry’s, one after the other (original one plus Cartilage & Joint Repair & Say no more to Joint Pain.) The result? My hand feels almost completely NORMAL!
Thanks, Peter, for being such a clear, giving channel.

Sara Levine Transformational Healing: Starting from the Soul Body Geometry June 14, 2019

Amazing Expansion

I did my first Receiving Core Energy Session with Peter and it was nothing short of amazing! My body has expanded in so many ways energetically that it took me a few days to adjust to the new energy. I had aha moments that made me realize would be huge receiving blocks that I never saw before! One of my main issues was being open to others. Being self-sufficient and independent was always something I took pride in. The day after my session my soul said “I don’t want to be alone”. This was VERY humbling to me but at the same time made me see how this would prevent me from receiving things that I have truly wanted at all! I am definitely booking again and can’t wait to see what the Universe has in store for me! I highly recommend this session.

BR Receiving Core Energy Session June 11, 2019


I purchased a thirty minute session with Peter. The reason I wanted the session was to get to know somethings about me and my family. Boy was I in for a humongous surprise. So I was all excited about the call. Every emotion you can think of was going on with me all the way to the call and through the call.
So I call Peter as per his request. As he answered the phone I was amazed for many reasons. I couldn’t believe I was speaking with Peter one on one. I felt like I was speaking a celebrity. Once I calmed myself down and realized that I have to take care of business. I had so many questions for Peter. I blurted the questions out to him. He answered simply by saying “I am not your therapist” (I laughed inside and gained much more respect for him). Not many people are as blunt as I am.
So now we are over the hurdles. I felt so much power flowing through the phone. I was told to get a glass of water. (thought to myself I don’t need no water I have the aquaware here. I want to talk about me.) So I just followed direction after all I do value his opinion. After drinking the water the session begins. (I’m still thinking this is not what I want. I told the inner voice to shut up and let him do what he needed to do) After relaxing Peter says now we’re getting into the layers. He says now I’m going to remove the good from your heart. He also says I was holding on to something that happened to me between the ages of 9-11. (At this point it was total silence he never asked me anything about my past. I never told him anything. He just started it.) I was more amazed at how did he know that. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I then felt a hand scoop up a glob of good from my ❤️. Oh what a relief. Five days later. I still feel the same

Sharice Entrepreneur Session June 4, 2019

Terra Resonator Typhoon utube videos

When I watched the recent utube video on the Terra Resonator Typhoon, I had tears in my eyes because of its beauty, and the experience that it belongs here. The water video was amazing to see ” frozen action in time”. The video with the master crystal ” made me a little dizzy” but that is okay. It is powerful and needs respect. I decided to put my hand on the picture and felt moved to tears again. That a work of art would interact with me to help me move forward with my goals, or to ” charge my food, water, or what ever is truly a blessing.” I have a sense that there is an upward spiral created ( I know first hand what a downward life spiral is like) but I really don’t know. Thank you Peter Schenk for this masterpiece of Grace

Deeply Grateful Customer June 1, 2019