I feel like I am Aladdin with magic lamp

I received my Wishing Sphere on May 14th 2020. After activating her I immediately felt very powerful energy in my palms. I literally forgot my long wish list and just connected to this beautiful girl for a while. When I could come back to my reality, I made my wishes 🙂 And today, two of my wishes came true: 1- One of my friend’s toddler boy had got development issue and he was very slowly growing. My first wish was healing his body from head to toe and speeding up his growing process. Today my friend called me and she told me that his son could begin to walk without any support. She said that it must be a magic. And yes indeed, it is a magic! 2- I got an amazing business meeting with my manager whom I have got issues many times. Both we were happy and could communicate very well each other. And yes, it is a magic as well. I have more wishes will come true and I will update soon. I feel like I am Aladdin with a magic lamp. Peter, your tools are making me speechless but this time you made a magician 🙂 Thank you so much for bringing Magic Sphere into our lives! God bless you Peter Schenk!

Clara Y. Lawyer Canada May 20, 2020


The HFA MINI V2 I ordered came today in the mail. It wasn’t even out of the box yet, and I could feel the energy of LOVE and BEAUTY. Since I bought it as a gift, I just had to take a peak, before I presented it to the awesome person I am giving it to. I was SPEECHLESS. The pendant is so adorably beautiful and truly a treasure. I know this gift will inspire a relationship that is blessed. Thank you Peter and the MDM TEAM.

Healthcare Worker May 19, 2020

Truly “Magical” Wishing Sphere

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I’ve had the Wishing Sphere about a week. I waited two days to unpack it, feeling that there would be a right time to do so. I unpacked it in the evening and as I went to place the quartz crystal ball on the pedestal I experienced a wave of calm, soothing energy flood over me. I remember thinking “Wow! What was that? That’s amazing.” Then as I made my wishes I would feel an actual response energetically from the Wishing Sphere. I wished for healing of part of my body and could feel the energy moving toward that area. I wished for clarity, focus and productivity in my work and could a renewed sense of purpose and resolve to get things done (and have actually been more productive since).
For many years I’ve been told that crystals were alive and would interact with us. Once in a while I thought I experienced it. Now I’ve got a magical energetic connection with what feels like a transponder of my thoughts, energy and desires. This is really fun and MAGICAL. Thanks Peter.

Harlan Mittag https://MNChiropractors.com Minneapolis, MN May 15, 2020

Jaw dropping results

Hi Peter,

I received my wishing sphere last week and was not really sure what to expect from it. I am having my house painted and the one guy could not show up because his wife was sick. She was having some medical issues on top of hitting her head and needing brain surgery. I was then told her kidneys were failing and that she was told that she would need dialysis 3X per week probably for the rest of her life. I do not know this woman but had a lot of compassion for her situation. I asked my one painter her name and I was drawn to wish her improved health. I then found out today…one day later that she does not need dialysis and no one knows why. OMG!!! Coincidence? So I then asked for continued healing for her in miraculous ways. I’ll let you know if I hear anything more. Great Stuff Peter, Thank you, Janet

Janet Duffy wishing sphere May 12, 2020

Wishing Sphere

Wishing Sphere is beautifully crafted wish fulfillment device that is a must for anyone interested in manifestation. You will be surprised at the potency of this product.

Zia Director Wish Sphere May 12, 2020

Wishing Sphere magic

I received the new Wishing Sphere yesterday and it looks great! I also intuited a neat way to use it last night: I turned out all the lights and lit one of the Grapefruit & Ginger Flower candles right behind about one foot. This causes the sphere to come alive with dancing red waves coursing along all of the laser etched lines in the flower of life; it literally “came to life” with waves of power! It is truly mesmerizing if you haven’t tried it. You may wish to make this suggestion to people in one of your MDM minutes, I would highly recommend it. I spent about an hour enmeshed in its dancing colors last night, and my wishing capacity really came alive! I waited 33 seconds between each wish as you suggested, and during this time, I did one of your basic body geometries where you join your hands at the palms and then open your fingers to form a “V” while breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose three times. This took about 33 seconds and seemed to “clear the air” for the next wish.

Peter, thank you so very much for this new Wishing Sphere, it has touched me the most of all your physical aids you’ve made available to the public so far. It is truly wonderful “magic”!


Mark Weaver Wishing Sphere May 8, 2020

HFA mini part 2 an Empaths dream!

I bought the upgraded HFA mini and all I can say is WHOA!!
I have both the orginal and the new upgraded, smaller more compact version..
I decided to test them out and tried on my orginal for a bit and then switched to the new one and it I could literally feel a force feild around me, instantaneously!
I also noticed when I went out to publix or have been around fearful people, especially with everything going on, I was not at all effected and I’m extremely empathetic..
Thanks as always Peter!

Jennifer Funt Psychic medium/ healer HFA mini 2 May 4, 2020

HELP. Why wait until you need it? Why not be prepared 24/7 ? SPIRITUAL ASSISTANCE ON DEMAND

Physician heal thyself. My amazing, gifted, talented , husband was a surgeon. What I have figured out is we are
all PHYSIC PSYCHE ians. Our bodies, minds, spirits need constant attention ,nourishment, in order to function at it’s highest level no matter what is going on in the world . Just like a constant flow of water in a stream, Peter Schenks Modern Day Mystic products, services, workshops, are available 24/7 , seven days a week, 365 days a year. Thank you Peter and the MDM team for the all that you do, and all that you are .

Works in HEALTHCARE May 4, 2020

Its as easy as turning on a light switch.

Its day 1 after my receiving core session, I woke up and it was as simple as clicking a switch all the sudden I am happy, I allowed myself to receive joy and what is actually my inherent state of being goodness and happiness abundance because I chose it. I know that sounds like a mantra or a nice idea but there is an absolute difference between reciting an affirmation and hoping it becomes true, to begin able to click the switch and just be. I also want to add a big difference i made was, after my session i went out in nature for 45 min, I wasn’t even inside around technology, I allowed mother earth to support me in the cleansing of the old, grounding and integration, who says it has to be hard?🤔 Not me I chose ease and grace, its my free will right too!
Thank you, Peter, my friend ❤, I am greatful!

Jen Psychic medium/ healer receiving core April 22, 2020

Truly A Miracle

I have used the Creationis Miracles Arc Archa several times since I ordered it 6 months ago and I would definitely say that this is an amazing tool. I lost my wallet where I keep all of my major credit cards. I immediately cancelled all of my credit cards. I placed a note on the box with the statement that it someone will find the lost wallet with credit cards. Not even an hour passed and one of my neighbors called me and said she found it on the common lawn area shared by our townhomes. I have also used it to successfully resolve the difficult technical issues I encountered on several projects I have been assigned to. This is truly a great tool !

Eddie Research and Development Manager USA April 22, 2020