Wish Fulfilling Gem…The Source V

It is two years now since I was fortunate enough to find The Source V and Peter’s brilliant inventions.
We have used this program every single day since then with such results!
We call it the Wish Fulfilling Gem as it seems to be able to bless and address any requests that are for the benefit for people animals and the planet :))
The most recent interesting story is from an elderly lady who lives alone and is often in pain. However we bless her water each week on her request and the pain is alleviated. She has such faith in it she says it tastes different after being charged. Last week she requested some elder flower flavour to be added like a cordial that she is fond of. I acquiesced and thought no more of it. Some ten minutes later she phoned me to say that it was delicious ! And she could really taste the elder flower.
She lives in another country and we do not see each other that often. It is amazing how this tool can help people, pets and the planet.
So many healing modalities have been accessed through The Source V.
Clearing energy from houses and land, environmental protection for forests and lakes which is tangible to see in the outburst of wildlife that takes up residence in these places.
The latest one is for the entire ocean system of our planet to protect all the creatures and clear any negative pollution. We await the results!
I notice how my energy is always uplifted no matter what the situation is when playing with The Source V.
We make flower remedies, gem essences, multiple layers of healing within remedies for people. All essential oils are charged for the highest frequency and highest good.
And of course all the house water is charged for highest structural alignment for all people and pets. I can go on and on and on.
Even the weather can come under the influence of The Source V.
The potential is limitless!
Of all the wonderful magic tools Peter has offered this, I feel is the Supreme Magician. Thank you so much!

Rahima Sayer April 17, 2019

I still can go inside and hold the vision of unlimited possibilities

In the second RECEIVING WORKSHOP, at the moment of visualizing the infinite possibilities I had a vision of the universe that has stayed with me. I now can relax and connect with that experience whenever I want to feel it again.

Maria mom Spain April 17, 2019

I saw the junk energy leaving

In the first RECEIVING WORKSHOP, at the time of flushing out the junk my arms were moving in circles and I could see in my minds eye how something like dirty muddy water was washing my energy and flushing away. It was super powerful.

Maria Mom Spain April 17, 2019

I will always remember the ride after running the success program

I was doing the Akuaware trial for 5 days. I have resisted driving for my whole life. Since I got my license I had not used the car. 10 years after I got it (the license) I went back to driving school because I just was not confident enough to get the car alone. After that I started driving some times but always with my husband next to me and it was always a negative experience. This year my kid started a new school and I had to drive him there, but just did not have the courage, so I was spending 3 hours a day in public transport with my kid plus a baby. So I ran the “success” program in the Akuaware the day I had decided I just had to drive the car (previous week had done the route with companion several times, It was a 15 min. Drive). As soon as I got the two kids in the car this voice started to go through my head saying: “everything just works out for me”, “I’m doing it great” “ non stop all the way, at each crossing, each time I had to turn etc. I knew it was the program and I doubt I could have done it without your help. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT RIDE. THANKS

Maria mom Spain April 17, 2019

Great result with Marketing and business problem with Aquaware 5

A couple of months back I did an Advanced Features algorithm on Aquaware 5 for a friend of mine who was struggling in his business due to marketing inexperience. I wrote “Mr xxx is very wealthy selling his product all over the world all clients having fantastic results giving everyone great happiness and lush hair of original colour harm to none” . I used the technique a lady used on one of your youtube testimonials, which was along the lines of “ Read the quantum numeric number and state: this intention is flowing into me/xx, and my water, fully activating the manifestation in me/xx in all levels with consciousness now and forever, harm to none.” Well, he has just opened a factory in China producing his product as they think it’s amazing!!!! So how’s that for a result 😀

A user Self employed Aquaware 5 April 11, 2019

Phase One and Terra Resonator combo

I purchased the phase one to help me learn to meditate. I have never been successful and really wanted to “get it”. I already had a TR that I had been using for awhile. When the phase one came, I tried it out and tried several different stones in the center and couldn’t feel any changes.
This morning i put the phase one in top of the TR and charged both of them at the same Time —- wow! I saw blue sparkles everywhere and my mind didn’t wonder. I will continue is to play with phase one with the TR as well as by itself. I know I really have a lot of old patterns and programming to break through.

Alicia, USA Phase one and terra resonator combo April 11, 2019

Orion Review

Orion is beyond amazing! Yes, you do feel energy coming from it – all Peter’s products have that so it’s a given. I’m not surprised by any reviews that rave about that. Side note – I was playing with my pendulum above a pyramid and then had it over Orion and boy did it start moving in a vortex motion right above Orion. You move pendulum away from it and it stops. Put back and it starts vortexing again (is it a word?). Back to the review now. A little while after I received Orion there were talks about promotion for me after the position was removed 3 months ago. All of a sudden we were told by the client that position is back on. I asked Orion for a significant salary increase. I wanted 15K. Didn’t work out for me – but I did get 10K increase.. That part when Peter says be careful what you wish for: I got the promotion but with that came work hours change – I used to work from home in the morning and then going to the office for 4-5 hours in the afternoon/evening. Well that ended with 8:00 – 4:30 requirement. I was not happy with that and still not but was told to work the hours or pretty much look elsewhere..
It’s really bad traffic in DC area coming to work but I do connect Orion with my HFA travel asking for safe, smooth and quick commute. Most of the days I’m able to maneuver and find alternative routes.
There also other money that start coming in unexpectedly which always helps. I started paying off my debts quicker.
My intuition has improved – one day I got a feeling about a cat. I already have 3 cats so was not considering getting another. A week later I get another message/thought about a “Bengal cat”. I started searching and found Bengal on Craigslist 1 hour away from me. I didn’t act on it and waited till next day. I called the owner to speak with her and she said – out of all areas you are the 3rd person to contact me from Alexandria and she had someone already committed coming over in few hours. She called me back and said the guy backed out so if I’m interested I can come. I came back from her house with 2 cats that are brothers because I had instant connection. They turned out to be my soul family members from another lifetime – my children and I do feel that deep sense of love.
These two little 1 year old boys decided to escape by sliding window screen one day and jumping off it. I instantly asked Orion for help finding them and guiding them home. They were gone few hours and I was making flyers and posting lost ad on nextdoor after walking around the yard and neighbors to the left and right and calling them to no avail. So as I finished posting ad online I was guided to go back yard and call them again – all of a sudden I heard their myauing back. I was guided by their voices to the neighbors way down and had to find way to get into their yards at 12am but found each on separated but got them safely home.
Something else occurred that had deep impact on me: I’ve had issues with my partner of 10 years. We were supposed to get married for a while but something was not feeling right for me even though we have been trying to conceive for the last 2 years. I’ve been holding Orion or on me while doing morning activations. One of them to have a best loving relationship of all my lifetimes where I and my partner are loving, caring and respectful to each other. On March 2nd I found out by divine guidance that my fiancé had a short affair 8 months ago and was still communicating with the person from overseas in the last few months ( I overheard the phone conversation by coming home too early). I guess again – be careful what you wish for.. I wanted a pure loving relationship but instead I got an eye opener that the one I’m in is not it..
I also play around with having Orion in different positions when I’m sleeping – on the night stand, under the pillow, or in a pouch by my heart.
During the day it’s in my braw – but I did notice that it is getting darker or getting those green oxidation lines like you get with HFA mini when it is next to my skin in the braw.
I’m now asking Orion for clarity, ability to move forward, finding forgiveness (I was pretty angry for few weeks), loving myself deeply, happiness and a great amazing relationship that is nothing short of my best desires for myself. I needed time off and away so my boss offered to pay for my vacation!!! At first she was not but after I talked with Orion and said she will offer to pay she just told me that she added extra money to my paycheck! It is amazing how everything is working out very quickly. I’m still playing and learning as I go. Some things worked out beautifully. The others not so much as I hoped but in a way everything is in my best interest I’m sure. As I’m opened to new possibilities I’m pretty sure more things and changes are coming my way. Stay tuned.
P.S. Thank you Peter!!!! <3

Oksana B. Orion April 10, 2019

Aquaware 5.1 Super I.Q

After using the super I.Q quantum intent on Aquaware 5.1; I noticed an almost instant understanding of a variety of subject manner. Other effects included increased synchronicity with information; as soon as I thought of what I wanted to learn a flood of resources seemed to align in my reality. Concepts and ideas that would have been a great effort to comprehend appeared as a stream of information flowing through my mind.

Franklin Pierce Famulski Graphic Designer Ontario Canada April 10, 2019

feeling protected

I have really loved my Q shield, I’ve noticed it protects me from other people’s emotions. That isn’t to say I don’t read them just as much as I always have, they just don’t attach as easily. I really like your body codes I use them daily in centering myself and I use the water blessing all the time. No I havent been able to get all the products I want yet, they are on my bucket list. Thank you Peter for all you share

Karelian Zitting April 10, 2019

Miracles box

I ordered my miracles box and had to wait maybe a month because it was on back order. I took the opportunity to write out intentions of what I wanted for various areas of my life. One of my intentions was to expand Fuller Into my gifts. The day the box arrived, (actually before it was inside my house) I won an activation to expand my spiritual gifts and abilities. I hadn’t even put my list in my box but the Universe heard them! I am still playing with the box and will update as I get more insights!

Alicia USA Miracles box April 10, 2019