Wishing Sphere magic

I received the new Wishing Sphere yesterday and it looks great! I also intuited a neat way to use it last night: I turned out all the lights and lit one of the Grapefruit & Ginger Flower candles right behind about one foot. This causes the sphere to come alive with dancing red waves coursing along all of the laser etched lines in the flower of life; it literally “came to life” with waves of power! It is truly mesmerizing if you haven’t tried it. You may wish to make this suggestion to people in one of your MDM minutes, I would highly recommend it. I spent about an hour enmeshed in its dancing colors last night, and my wishing capacity really came alive! I waited 33 seconds between each wish as you suggested, and during this time, I did one of your basic body geometries where you join your hands at the palms and then open your fingers to form a “V” while breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose three times. This took about 33 seconds and seemed to “clear the air” for the next wish.

Peter, thank you so very much for this new Wishing Sphere, it has touched me the most of all your physical aids you’ve made available to the public so far. It is truly wonderful “magic”!


Mark Weaver Wishing Sphere May 8, 2020

HFA mini part 2 an Empaths dream!

I bought the upgraded HFA mini and all I can say is WHOA!!
I have both the orginal and the new upgraded, smaller more compact version..
I decided to test them out and tried on my orginal for a bit and then switched to the new one and it I could literally feel a force feild around me, instantaneously!
I also noticed when I went out to publix or have been around fearful people, especially with everything going on, I was not at all effected and I’m extremely empathetic..
Thanks as always Peter!

Jennifer Funt Psychic medium/ healer HFA mini 2 May 4, 2020

HELP. Why wait until you need it? Why not be prepared 24/7 ? SPIRITUAL ASSISTANCE ON DEMAND

Physician heal thyself. My amazing, gifted, talented , husband was a surgeon. What I have figured out is we are
all PHYSIC PSYCHE ians. Our bodies, minds, spirits need constant attention ,nourishment, in order to function at it’s highest level no matter what is going on in the world . Just like a constant flow of water in a stream, Peter Schenks Modern Day Mystic products, services, workshops, are available 24/7 , seven days a week, 365 days a year. Thank you Peter and the MDM team for the all that you do, and all that you are .

Works in HEALTHCARE May 4, 2020

Its as easy as turning on a light switch.

Its day 1 after my receiving core session, I woke up and it was as simple as clicking a switch all the sudden I am happy, I allowed myself to receive joy and what is actually my inherent state of being goodness and happiness abundance because I chose it. I know that sounds like a mantra or a nice idea but there is an absolute difference between reciting an affirmation and hoping it becomes true, to begin able to click the switch and just be. I also want to add a big difference i made was, after my session i went out in nature for 45 min, I wasn’t even inside around technology, I allowed mother earth to support me in the cleansing of the old, grounding and integration, who says it has to be hard?🤔 Not me I chose ease and grace, its my free will right too!
Thank you, Peter, my friend ❤, I am greatful!

Jen Psychic medium/ healer receiving core April 22, 2020

Truly A Miracle

I have used the Creationis Miracles Arc Archa several times since I ordered it 6 months ago and I would definitely say that this is an amazing tool. I lost my wallet where I keep all of my major credit cards. I immediately cancelled all of my credit cards. I placed a note on the box with the statement that it someone will find the lost wallet with credit cards. Not even an hour passed and one of my neighbors called me and said she found it on the common lawn area shared by our townhomes. I have also used it to successfully resolve the difficult technical issues I encountered on several projects I have been assigned to. This is truly a great tool !

Eddie Research and Development Manager USA April 22, 2020

COVID-19 Spiritual Help Violet Flame Utube Video series

In order to help prevent disease in the body, it is important to keep oxygen saturation at a level that is at a percentage that your healthcare provider tells you is right for plan of care. Everybody knows that, it is common knowledge. Helping to reduce stress, reduce worry, and allow the cells of the body to be more open , MAY, have a positive effect on staying healthy or healing. I wonder if having an experience of the VIOLET FLAME VIDEO SERIES guided by Peter Schenk Modern Day Mystic might have a positive effect on the people who experience it.

Healthcare Worker April 22, 2020


I have 2 instances to report. I have both Orion and Sirius and I call them my team or more often “guys”.
I take a handful of supplements and vitamins twice a day. For some reason the evening set doesn’t go down so easily even though I take 2 pills at a time with a sip of water from a 12 oz. glass. After I have to eat a piece of fresh or dried fruit to push the pills through. On one particular evening, after taking all the pills with water as always I felt that everything got stock in the throat area and was not going down. I tried eating fruit but it made everything worse as it got stock too. I began to choke as I could barely breathe. I drank some water but it pored out of my mouth as water had nowhere to go. The choking got more severe. I tried to swallow but ended up with no air. Thoughts started flashing that this is the end and what a silly one it is. I live by myself so I thought no one will start looking for me for a few days and my poor animals will starve (or eat me..). Something told me (a voice in my head) to grab Orion and Sirius. They were in my pocket as usual so I did take them out. All I could think was “help guys!” I became calm instantly, could think straight and was able to take 1 slow breath. Right away, within few seconds the pills that were stock literally disappeared from my throat – they didn’t come up and they definitely didn’t go down as I didn’t swallow. They were there few seconds prior and then they were gone. The overall feeling I felt after was like nothing happened, so calm and soothing.
Few days ago I was weeding in the frown yard and had my cat with me outside. I was going to take him for a walk later and had him on his retractable leash. I placed the leash handle under a leg of a chair on the front porch. He really wanted to go then and started to pull hard and dragged the chair down releasing the leash handle. The plastic leash handle was hitting the pavement behind him when he started to trot, making loud sounds.. So he took off like crazy as if something was chasing him. I yelled his name to no avail and he kept running away around the corner to another street. I run after him till I heard something hitting the pavement. I stopped and felt around in my pockets. I pulled out Orion and 2 crystals but Sirius was missing. I started looking around my feet for it but didn’t see it. I begun panicking because since I couldn’t find it and was afraid it jumped off from the pavement to the lawn and I wouldn’t be able to find it in the grass. I kept looking around and then I asked Orion to help me find Sirius. Right after I said it, I looked down again and there it was right in front of me by my feet on the sidewalk where it was not before. I was so happy to see it! I grabbed it and walked around the 2nd corner looking for my cat. I was calling his name but he was clearly stressed and scared that he was not answering like he usually does when I call him. I didn’t know what to do and in what direction start looking for him. I asked the “guys” again for help in finding the cat. When I turned around on my hills I saw him sitting under the tree few feet away from me, just looking at me. The same tree that I walked by just a minute ago.
It’s hard to pinpoint in each instance what spiritual tool helped me – since I had both in my hand (except for when Sirius fell out of my pocket) – I see them as a team rather than 2 separate items. So to me they work in tandem, 2 parts of one. Grateful to Peter for giving us such incredible tools to play with!!!!

Oksana Becker HFA SIRIUS April 4, 2020


This is my first time using Navitus, under the Beta program testing. I had just got back from an international flight, and instead of feeling the typical jet-lag, felt energized and able to function as normal back in my home time zone,from the first day I was back home. My mind felt very clear, and focused, not scattered or my physical body seeking every opportunity to lay down and nap. I was able to easily adapt back to a 6hr time zone difference. Typically, I prefer to wait a while, before posting a testimonial, but results from just using Navitus for first few days back after a long trip, just amazed me. Again, thanks to Peter, and his amazing toolbox of technologies..

Pam Bradley Navitus Beta April 4, 2020


I have figured out through daily practice of a product – service- workshop or energetic from the MODERN DAY MYSTIC website, that dismantling , deconditioning . releasing, rewiring, relearning, decoding, the magnificent dynamics of the MINDBODYSOULSPIRIT ever so gently and lovingly allows MAGI C

Dorothy March 27, 2020


STOP ! NO ! DON’T DO THAT ! DO IT MY WAY! YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT! ALL of that mind chatter, clutter, internal dialogue would show up right at the point of action on my part. I have been tracking the NAY SAYERS, CENSURESHIP, GARBAGE for about 3 months. Okay, but now what?????? Along came Peter Schenk’s AVIDDHA Manifestation Workshop.
As I performed the 1st technique that you can learn in Part 1, internal dialogue was on speed dial , Your not blah blah blah, STOP, NO, etc. It was like driving 100 miles an hour with rules of the road laid out in my path, driving on egg shells. LOOK OUT FOR THE ……………… So this morning I went through a stop sign ( this is for entertainment purposes only and NOT to be taken literally * sign disclaimer , A whole bunch of negativity just isn’t there. I can breathe. Thank you Peter and the MDM TEAM, for your love.

K.Taylor March 12, 2020