Good morning Peter,

I just wanted to send a quick note and say THANK YOU!

OMG, omg, omg. After days of what has been like “gutting, cleaning out” of my system after our session I finally felt like completely empty on Saturday. Saturday pressure started building in my spine. Very uncomfortable and I didn’t know what or where it was coming from. I craved sugar (even though I don’t normally) gave in and ate lots of sweets on Saturday night and I couldn’t believe that as soon as that sugar started hitting my system the pain in my spine started to dissipate and eventually was gone!!! WTH?

I kept asking myself what this was that had happened in me. Sunday I did breathing exercises to help process some discomfort I still had in my spine. Sunday night I had more energy leave my body through my left arm (was in pain and super hot for about a couple of hours) then late last night almost at midnight that craving for sugar came back…but not as strong. I asked what it was and the word “codependency” came up.

You don’t know my story but holy crap that pretty much sums up what my life has been this lifetime and I’m sure in the past. I felt like this was my system FINALLY bringing this to the surface to be removed.

It also explains why I haven’t been able to get rid of things and people in my life that I have sooooo much wanted to and done ALL KINDS OF ENERGY WORK and paid for so it will……… and its still with me.

I feel like this work we are doing has FINALLY BROUGHT IT TO THE SURFACE TO LEAVE!

I am jumping for joy in this moment. I can’t wait to see what the Universe brings me now that this will be TRULY gone from me.

BR Receiving Core Energy Session July 10, 2019