Less than 24 hours after playing the attraction workshop, a replay… I woke up went to the gym & I heard my guides tell me ask a girl, from my gym, if she is looking for a roommate, by the time I made it home, it was a yes & its an actual house & they love cats, which was one of the things I wrote on my manifesting list, a place that would Pancho, the cat would love and be happy, amongst so many other things!
Sidenote guys were flying around me more than normal & I feel positive in a bigger way…
I also took note and considerd my mom, in a way I wasn’t able to before, there was still so much unforgiven & more money has come in!
Keep it coming universe, in my highest and best!!

Jennifer Funt Psychic medium/ healer & business owner, I also am an office manager. office FL March 11, 2021