Peter always says the products do mind-boggling things. I had not experienced that until last week. After losing my husband two and a half years ago, my grief was so intense that everything became overwhelming. I then came across Peter and his products and decided to give them a go. I have had THE HFA MINI and THE I AM PRESENCE bracelet since December last year. I am less stressed and fearful of everything. I don’t have the constant sadness I had before. I guess they were healing my emotions. Thursday morning I spoke to them and thanked them for all they have done, then asked them to help with my finances. Later that morning I received two calls offering me work at two different companies for a two week’s period each. I was totally bowled over.
I am grateful to Peter and for the new products that I have, which I now call my companions.

Lessie HFA Mini and I AM bracelet April 28, 2019