More fun shifts (3) to add to my previous testimonial! I forgot to mention that once again, my body felt more physically light and free again (just like after I got the Core Cleanse a year ago…lol) like a child, with no physical restrictions of any kind…lol, that I noticed when exercising (silly jumping up and down literally for 5-7 mins) daily.

Also, during the session, at one point I felt some strange pain and discomfort on my mid-upper back a bit more towards the left side, for like less than a minute, and then the pain released and disappeared, as though I had a chiropractic adjustment of some sort…woohoo! How marvellous!

Shortly after having this session, I came across another free karaoke app Smule, where I can now also sing duet songs with others, incl. a Facebook friend, and i’m having so much fun with that, singing (one of my true away more frequently than before in such effortless fun loving joyful Bliss, and noticing more calm, confidence, and cool charm in my lovely singing voice. Thanks again to our one and only powerful phenomenal energy powerhouse Peter!

Emily Lai RN Receiving Core session June 1, 2019