Wow, I watched Peter on a healing show that I am subscribed to and was fascinated by his intuitive ability with geometry and numbers. So I was drawn to the wishing Sphere and being connected with the Universal Energy myself as a Distance Healer I knew it would work. I received my Wishing Sphere mini the other day and felt the Energy instantly. With everything that is going on in the World I have felt a lot of dense Energy with clients and just in general around me. As soon as I opened it I felt the dense
Energy lift and a light and joyful Energy flow in. I have only had it for 5 days now and have had success with it as soon as the very next day with magical things happening. I have also used it in Meditation and during a healing session with Great results. As one who is attuned to Universal Energy as I am I can tell you this really does work.

RYAN PRIDDLE Ontario April 19, 2021