I received a couple of energetic sessions from Peter a few days ago and I feel much better than I did before. I went through an extremely bizarre and painful breakup and I was really going through it psychologically, emotionally, and physically for a month and a half. I was feeling a dark energy or entity in my gut that made me want to take revenge as well as it just being plain painful. I thought about killing myself very often. I was also having extreme pain in other areas of my body due to candida overgrowth. I had some insight on how to deal with the candida. The pain from the candida overgrowth has calmed down tremendously. That heavy, angry, dark feeling in my gut is gone and I have been feeling much lighter and much more at peace. I still have some moments, but overall, I’m doing so much better than I was 3 days ago. I really appreciate Peter’s approach of focusing on the energy healing, rather than spending a bunch of time talking about the problem. I would highly recommend a session. I am so thankful for Peter and his work.

A June 14, 2019