I received my Wishing Sphere on May 14th 2020. After activating her I immediately felt very powerful energy in my palms. I literally forgot my long wish list and just connected to this beautiful girl for a while. When I could come back to my reality, I made my wishes 🙂 And today, two of my wishes came true: 1- One of my friend’s toddler boy had got development issue and he was very slowly growing. My first wish was healing his body from head to toe and speeding up his growing process. Today my friend called me and she told me that his son could begin to walk without any support. She said that it must be a magic. And yes indeed, it is a magic! 2- I got an amazing business meeting with my manager whom I have got issues many times. Both we were happy and could communicate very well each other. And yes, it is a magic as well. I have more wishes will come true and I will update soon. I feel like I am Aladdin with a magic lamp. Peter, your tools are making me speechless but this time you made a magician 🙂 Thank you so much for bringing Magic Sphere into our lives! God bless you Peter Schenk!

Clara Y. Lawyer Canada May 20, 2020