I dont have a lot of computer background. I was totally drawn to Peters Aquaware products yet felt daunted by thinking it was a lot to understand and then navigate. I took my time, marveled at the brilliance of it coming into creation, enjoying it so thoroughly on every level. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, creatively
Even upon just opening it – I felt like “I AM Coming Home” .

I’ve had many physical issues I’ve been addressing, some with serious ( life threatening ) diagnosis’. I feel more whole, centered and congruent, having come from a place of working a lot on healing in various ways I was scattered all across the playing board.

The energy is “magically” more real than anything.
For anyone feeling like its may be hard to learn I encourage you / recommend staying with it. It’s actually easy .

I found images from the custom intentions that are perfect for me. They stay with me and its so Divine.

Tammie. Feld Aquaware - AquaSync February 12, 2020