I am so beyond grateful and frankly impressed with your work, my stomach started flattening last night, I woke up today and I look shredded, I can see my abdominal muscles, again !!!
I also dont feel fear about moving forward, creating expressing myself, that started coming in last night.
New awareness and just feel focused.
For those reading this please understand, I am 37 years old and had issues with severe belly bloat up and down in weight even though I am athlete and eat properly,
you can imagine my frustration, I also had great fear in expressing myself, moving forward and staying in alignment with my goals,I was often pulled around by other people’s opinions…maybe it was interconnected. All I know I have vastly shifted in one night and it will still continue to unfold!
Peter Schenk, thank you Mr. Magic Man!

Jen Psychic medium/ healer/ server Core session January 30, 2020