Amazing healing session! I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself over the last few years, but really feel like a have shifted a lot of energy that I had been struggling to shift myself! 😊
Also! My mini wishing sphere arrived a few days ago, and oh my god, I love it so much!!! From the moment I started to unpack it I’ve been filled with it’s amazing childlike joyous energy!! Even when I’m at work or away from the sphere, I can feel the connection as strongly as if I was physically working with it! It’s amazing!! It’s doing wonders for healing my inner child, and allowing me to connect more deeply with my inner child full time. I’ve started making wishes, big and small, for friends and the consciousness of the planet. Was contacted today by one of the friends that I’ve made some wishes on behalf of, and they are already coming into fruition (she wasn’t even aware at the time that I had made wishes for her), and it’s only been three days! 🙏🦋💖

Lisa Brisbane, Australia April 6, 2021