Core Clearing session: My first session with Peter was the Core Clearing and it was a beautiful experience. I have a few excerpts from my experience but there are little words to describe it: 
At the start, I saw shining copper as a lot of energy moved upwards through my crown towards a pyramid; while simultaneously I had visions of large pieces of strata and terrestrial crust exploding in space.    
Lots of light and colors and energy flowed up and down my channel throughout the session. White light up and down through my crown and filling the room.
At one point I saw a maroon vulva giving birth to something white.  As I watched it emerge, I found myself staring at a large diamond!
Afterwards, I expected to be an emotional wreck but was not, although I could tell I needed to go gently with myself for the rest of the day. Instead I had this feeling that something inside was a little tender for a few days, like being sore after a workout.  
I believe this experience, combined with a subsequent energetic session is continuing to unfold for me weeks after, and has so far culminated in more quiet and calm, as in being more centered, accepting, and present in the midst of life. I recommend the experience and working with Peter!

Julie Core Clearing September 16, 2019