I started the 30 Day Challenge like in January 4 to 24 2020. I did not register because that would mean I had to commit to doing it. LOL
Then I registered because I saw the sign . REGISTER , So I have officially challenged myself the end of January to February 24, 2020, but I have learned a lot about myself. I have that 10 lbs to loose, belly fat and bloating. I sit in chair, sit in the car etc. sedentary lifestyle.
Inspired by RINO SORINO I used the BATH SALT BATH , got outside more, and got to the gym 5 nights a week for legs.
Inspired by Peter Schenk I ate a cauliflower pizza. not bad.
Inspired by Wendy Johns I did EARTHING I did not know that stuff about the earth intellectually. I also loved the Arthur’s Merlin by
Steve A. Roberts and my need to reduce inflammation. I actually ate more veggies, and cut out night shades.
Inspired by Dr. Howard Silverman I ate more fruit, and added Nanno Greens to my shake.
Inspired by Jim Standish I was more apt to lay off junk food.
Inspired by Donna Whittington It was nice to know I was supported.

I used my Sirius, TR Typhoon , Aquaware, Sourxe v , Aqua Sync beta, , Orion , to release-recharge-rejuvenate-and refocus .

Changes: I still have bloating and belly fat but I dropped 6 lbs. I added Kambutcha for probiotics. I added dancing, fun stuff, Pilates Reformer, and the gym. basically I like doing a bunch of different things , and that’s okay. I also climb several flights of stairs daily. So I have also learned to put something fun to do in my day, rather than put honey in my tea, eat a bag of chocolate, cookies, ice cream etc. I started as a sedentary bloated belly fat person 1 to a 6 out of 10.. I am using this start up to continue healing my knees, and become basically stronger and healthy. AND HAVE MORE FUN MOVING Thanks everybody.

K.Taylor February 25, 2020