There is some kind of inner movement that is created when all the puzzle pieces find each other inside an intention.
IAM in awe of how the various coaches created a synchronistic opportunity for me to pick and choose what and when I needed support to create and meet my goals for a healthier mindbodyspirt . Like a VIBRATIONAL TOOLBOX I kept bumping into lemons at the grocery store I kept forgetting water at the grocery store Other people in line bought ginger root, big things of ginger root I decided to clean up my desktop icons and hit Peter Schenks Body Geometry List ” by mistake”. Saw and opened EXTREME BODY FAT MDM MINUTE and the curser just jumped to it. By following the instructions I dismantled a very very deep wound that occurred at a very early age. Took me three days for me to find it OR for it to find me. My point : It is my experience that by purchasing Peter’s MDM products and services and following through on the inside intention within : the invisible becomes profound knowledge Thank you so very much Peter and the MDM TEAM

K.Taylor March 3, 2020