When the elephant in the room is a narcisst

It has taken me a very long time to realize the energy necessary to dismantle a narcissist , but I feel like I accomplished it for my self – my family- and my world Thank you Peter Schenk for your PRODUCTS SERVICES WORKSHOPS AND LOVE

FREE September 1, 2020


Question: How or why did all this pain and suffering happen? Answer: It doesn’t matter, whining about it doesn’t make it go away, and probably makes it worse. WISH LIST: A GUIDE, someone who has been there before me, maybe with a different scenario, but someone with the courage, the fortitude, and who wants to find out the TRUTH, the answers, “THE WAY” What I have figured out is that there are many ” places” where this deeply embedded ( ………..) lives, and it takes time, effort, and tools, to dig it out, poof, gone. I do not own a business or anything, my mission has been to own myself. After many years of elusiveness I can finally say, Life IS GOOD. It is with humility for LIFE that I thank Peter Schenk and the MDM TEAM for giving so much LOVE a way to express it’s self so I feel it, see it, know it.

Grateful August 24, 2020

My Wishing Sphere and HFA mini2

Hi Peter! I just wanted to express how much I love my Wishing Sphere and HFA Mini2! I feel so protected and peaceful! Some of my wishes have cone true!! I’m so excited! I asked for a check for $500 to spend on my trip and I got it!! My HFA mini started tarnishing RIGHT after an argument with my husband! It was literally shiny 1minute and tarnished the next! Wow!! I also wanted to let you know that I used a Pandora brand polishing cloth and it worked beautifully!! The shine cane back as well! Thank you for these amazing products!
Love and Blessings,

Mary C Gust Dental Office Administrative Wishing Shere and HFA Mini 2 August 17, 2020

Aquasync Violet Flame Series Wishing Sphere Incredible Experience

I have been learning from the Violet Flame Series , the Wishing Sphere , as well as the many products and services offered on the MDM website that I have purchased through the years. 8/9/2020 I decided to program a glass of water with the condition a loved one passed from. I took one sip and felt very weird, a little scared, like: ” Why did I do this.” Then I drank some regular water, sat down, and ALL THIS INFORMATION CAME FROM MY LOVED ONE WHO PASSED. Since this person passed several years ago in coma, no closure. I now have closure and so much more. Truly a remarkable experience. Thank you Peter Schenk and the MDM TEAM.

Beyond Gratitude August 12, 2020


June 2020 the negativity in the house I rent a few rooms in was so bad I felt sick and the air was nasty. I put SIRIUS by the electrical outlet, and actually apologized to her for asking her to help. All of a sudden all this stuff came into the kitchen , I felt really dizzy and sick, so I left the house. I the ordered the MCR, 2 payment option, , from the car. Three days later, the energy was better, but not great. I am working towards finding a new place to live, but I can’t yet. I have mapped out cell towers, and I have a feeling that this house and land is being effected by EMF’s and stuff on the outside, and old stuff from the owner on the inside. When my MCR came, I set it up, and held my HFA MINI V1 over it to see what was happening. OMG, the HFA MINI V1 was making huge circles , really fast. I had to get out of the house again. The MCR has been working 4 days now, and I linked it to a family members house, that has weird stuff going on also. The MCR is working really hard to clear the negativity. To see this beautiful piece of technology helping me to live in a healthier environment is truly a blessing. Thank you Peter and the MDM team, for knowing what you know, and doing what you do, to assist me in my goal of personal power on many different levels.



I love this little product.I have always been abit of a sponge as regards picking up other people’s energy around me,very empathic,and this device really helps me to stay balanced and clear and,if I do pick up something,it assists with cleansing my energy field thus freeing up time and energy.Much more efficient than anything else I’ve used.Thank you so much.πŸŽ†β˜€

Teresa Daly Hfa Sirius July 11, 2020

WOW! You, my friend, are not fooling around

HOLY COW! ha ha ha!

I just did the fear and abundance workshop and that was insane!

It hasn’t even been an hour and my energy is completely shifted. I feel free, playful, joyful! It started before the call even ended! And trust me, that was not where I started. My energy is just going up, up, up.

For the first time, in a long time, I have vitality and energy!

I can’t wait to see what happens!

You are the real deal. I find a lot of energy workers just don’t resonate with me but you my friend are not fooling around! Ha ha! I feel like you took a jack-hammer to stuck energy and released it.

Thank-you so much! Huge hugs and blessings!

Joanna Fear and Abundance Workshop June 26, 2020

The magic just keeps unfolding!

OMG UPDATE! So I received the wishing sphere last week, I 1st said a wish for another ” a must ” and within the hour I had received a job, which btw was what I needed it served to release old energy but than as I left my 1st day, I kept getting this updated and improved idea for what I was hired for, so I hit the streets and got a call back 2days from my original start job, and I come in tomorrow to discuss advertising and of course money.. but its a go and my own creative spark I am so overjoyed!!!
Once again thanks Peter!!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘

Jennifer Funt psychic medium/ healer / nail tech The wishing Sphere June 20, 2020

Just like that!

So I got my wishing sphere today, I followed the directions, I first made a wish for someone around me, particularly the person that has given me the most challenge.. then I said bring me the job that supports my sovereignty and my goals of moving out and providing for myself… Within the hour I got a psychic flash of where to go, I got up and I GOT THE JOB!!! I start Monday!!!
Thank you Peter!😘😘😘

Jen psychic medium/ healer / nail tech The wishing Sphere June 11, 2020

Wishes and Dreams Come True

While on a class earlier in the year with Peter Schenk I made a wish. Peter was talking about a sphere that he was holding in his hand that had the Flower of Life inside of it.. As he was describing it, my heart leapt in my throat. I want that, I have to have it. The energy felt amazing.
Fast forward to early May, a few friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday,
β€œThe Wishing Sphere, of course!. They contributed and it arrived just after my birthday. That in itself was a big Wish!
Since then I’ve discovered that I sleep better when it’s on my night stand vs across the room. I have found that my meditation time has become so much easier and more focused. I have wished for inner peace and found such a sweet inner resonance. There are other wishes that have come to pass. I’ve lost 7lbs in the midst of birthday celebrations, who knew that wish would come true so fast.
I have made many wishes for others, for our planet, for healing…The Wishing Sphere has fueled my optimism and confidence in a positive future.
Oh, and I was given a new laptop seemingly out of the blue. My greenhouse is flourishing, a friend stopped by with a huge gift of seedlings and plants and life is flourishing around me.
I am so grateful for this powerful technology. Thank you, Peter Schenk.

Dulcie Wright The Wishing Sphere May 31, 2020