Healing session and wishing sphere mini

Amazing healing session! I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself over the last few years, but really feel like a have shifted a lot of energy that I had been struggling to shift myself! 😊
Also! My mini wishing sphere arrived a few days ago, and oh my god, I love it so much!!! From the moment I started to unpack it I’ve been filled with it’s amazing childlike joyous energy!! Even when I’m at work or away from the sphere, I can feel the connection as strongly as if I was physically working with it! It’s amazing!! It’s doing wonders for healing my inner child, and allowing me to connect more deeply with my inner child full time. I’ve started making wishes, big and small, for friends and the consciousness of the planet. Was contacted today by one of the friends that I’ve made some wishes on behalf of, and they are already coming into fruition (she wasn’t even aware at the time that I had made wishes for her), and it’s only been three days! 🙏🦋💖

Lisa Brisbane, Australia April 6, 2021

The Holy grail Tool of Manifesting

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Happy Easter Folks! I subscribed to the Aquasync package suite March 19th and I’ve had it for about two weeks now. You should see me, I am like a kid in a candy shop, I want this one, I want that one, oh oh what about this one, so many goodies lol I was going to wait six months to a year before writing a review, but might as well celebrate the so called “little wins” if we want the so called “big wins” to show up. I needed a new case for my iPhone 7 as the current one was terribly worn out. I’d searched and searched all around town and no one had it. Anyways once I signed up in Aquaware and put in the intent for a NEW RED iphone case [It HAD TO BE RED! lol not black or blue, RED!], amongst many other desires lol I am going for my usual morning walk and instinctively decide to take a totally different route going and a totally different route coming back for a strange reason, and whaddaya know, I walk past a shop and literally my eyes are drawn to the EXACT and ONLY iPhone 7 case I’d searched all around town for over a month to find in probably the ONLY store in town that had it. The lady in the shop was like “This iphone case has sat in this store for many many years and I was wondering if I was ever going to sell it” … Needed some documents and put in the intent to have these documents handed to me by the person and within a week, they did!

Saying I am grateful Peter and His Whole Crazy [Good crazy lol] world has shown up in my reality is an understatement. Having Peter and his line of products show up in your reality is like the reward you get when you finish a difficult level in some complicated field course or video game. The Universe is like “Here you go, this is your magic wand and your reward for all the shit you’ve been through in life, enjoy!” … that’s how I’ve felt this past two weeks.
I’ve spent the last two weeks on this site reading and watching ALL Peter’s blog posts, reading the testimonials [I WANT THE WISHING SPHERE and THE TERRA RESONATOR BLACK!!!!! lol] with each testimonial I read, I magically discover something new about the Aquasync software and how to use it, and The Terraresonator etc and the many ways people are using it. I definitely definitely look forward to writing more testimonials and the wonderous adventures, manifestations, twists and magical surprises that awaits me on my life’s journey having this Personal Genie Always with Me .Long May It Continue … And so it is 🙂

NK April 6, 2021

Not even 24 hours later!

Less than 24 hours after playing the attraction workshop, a replay… I woke up went to the gym & I heard my guides tell me ask a girl, from my gym, if she is looking for a roommate, by the time I made it home, it was a yes & its an actual house & they love cats, which was one of the things I wrote on my manifesting list, a place that would Pancho, the cat would love and be happy, amongst so many other things!
Sidenote guys were flying around me more than normal & I feel positive in a bigger way…
I also took note and considerd my mom, in a way I wasn’t able to before, there was still so much unforgiven & more money has come in!
Keep it coming universe, in my highest and best!!

Jennifer Funt Psychic medium/ healer & business owner, I also am an office manager. office FL March 11, 2021

The Violet Flame 💜 Current

Eye was introduced to the website and the MDM minute thru a close spiritual soul mate. Upon recent we have reconnected. Furthermore I repeated several of the Violet Flame matras being totally open to the experience it needed to experience and express thru me. Seconds after repeating the mantra a current would litterly flow thru my being almost debilitating me but in a good way .its hard to explain. So I played around with it thinking this cannot be true..you know how many mantras I have said over the years and absolutely nothing happens. Lol but with stating and since saying the Violet Flame mantras and as I put my hand over the water jug I had near by it litterly paralyzed me again not in a fearful way. Its just that the frequency is so strong Its almost like eye can’t control it. Lol. I recently came across a picture my now ex husband took of me while living in Colorado at the time , and many years ago. It happened to be in my Facebook collection of pictures. Well it’s a picture of me sitting in the shadows on the rocks while streams of water are flowing. Now picture this .there is a Violet Light Ray’s shining upon me or directly on me …its purple 💜 hues of light are spectacular. I can’t make this up .I hope to share the picture with MDM to see for yourself. I love this and will continue to say the mantras to create the manifestation I so desire. Thanks a bunch.

Sincerely Agape Love in my heart for all of humanity and this entire planet.


BolaniLe Indigo Starseed EYE AM Greatnesz and Grateful! March 11, 2021

My life has completely changed for the better!

So where do I start I have finally found a job, that I actually love doing, where I’m seen and valued for my contributions, I enjoy getting up everyday and going & will be receiving a promotion as the office manager, im overall bringing in more money between my job and my clients, I have expanded as a person, spiritually, in my light work, business and have found wholeness, self love and respect for myself, I am sooo beautiful and integral part of the whole!
My relationships have greatly improved, especially with my mother!!
I just finished the attraction workshop and I am bringing in the true love of my life! A healthy, loving, supportive life partner, who is super sexy and my best friend, he is present and simply adores every aspect of me !.. I can feel it in my belly, hello Clairsent! 🌹
I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress!

Jennifer Funt Psychic medium/ healer & business owner, I also am an office manager. office FL March 11, 2021

Vita Navitas Wands for Healing

I knew they were for me as soon as I saw them. Wonderful wands for healing anything with Source energy. Beautiful craftsmanship. I love the tachyon crystals and the feel of the pure copper and silver. Amazing for chronic, long-standing conditions and releasing trauma, taking us back to perfection as we were created by Source.
Blessings to those who handcrafted my wands and to Peter for making them available with love and inspiration.
I\’m sure there is more to discover and enjoy.

Carlene Yasak Therapist and Teacher in Paris Vita Navitas February 14, 2021


Peter, I wanted to share the latest of my Wishing Sphere magic! My daughter who is a single mom and working 3 jobs had signed up for a college course that cost $3000. I looked at my wishing sphere and thought why not? I wished for $3000 to come to her so she would not have the burden of an extra monthly payment to pay for her class. About a month later she called me with crazy exciting news!! One of her dear friends decided to write a check to my daughter’s college for $3000 from her mom’s estate to pay for her class!!! My mouth dropped and tears came rushing in! All I can say is WOW!!!!!

Mary Gust Reception Wishing Sphere January 31, 2021

Vita Navitas:::Wishing Sphere XL:::Aquaware 6 (Powerhouse Tools)

Vita Navitas:::Wishing Sphere XL:::Aquaware 6 (Powerhouse Tools)

I decided to buy the Vita Navitas, & Wishing Sphere XL and purchase the Aquaware 6 monthly subscription. I guess I want to cover all bases with these high-level tools. As Peter Schenk has stated with these high frequency tools – they call you to them. They each have a personality and are made for you to work with them. I am a Technical Manager in an Engineering/Technical Department and so can look at things logically, and scientifically and I also have a very strong intuition and ‘heart-felt’ sense when something is powerful and can change your life for the better.
I have started to work a lot with the Aquaware 6 Suite of programs and am finding them tangibly powerful and meaningful. It has been interesting to see how it is changing my energy, so that I am able to work with others at my company with a new way of communicating that is clearer, better received and more open & transparent. I am progressing with the tools in the Aquaware 6 Suite and I can see the changes happening where I am heard more easily and readily. I sense that these tools are allowing me to speak more easily from my heart in a way that is assisting the people that I work with to become more empowered within themselves through their heart. On the physical and spiritual healing side I recognize the benefit of staying calm, cool and collected in situations that would have brought up tension (especially at this time working remote and dealing with people that have been affected by the COVID-19 situation in a devastating way where they have had family members commit suicide or pass away from this virus). I feel and believe that the Aquaware 6 Suite of Tools will be very assistive in changing ‘World-Wide Global Environments and Humanity” for the better – through the heart. Opening the heart actually allows one to access Infinite Intelligence for immediate information and personal guidance, which I think will be more and more important for taking care of the Earth.

I just received the Wishing Sphere XL and have gotten some group training from Peter Schenk through a Zoom Meeting call recently and can feel the vibration of this tool. I am already getting how powerful this tool will prove to be.

I also just received the Vita Navitas tool. I will be attending a group training from Peter Schenk through a Zoom Meeting call on this tool as well.

Playful Notes (I played with getting the ‘biggest bang for my buck’, so to speak, so created a wish and an affirmation with similar words just put in a slightly different way to utilize the power of each tool.)

The Wishing Sphere XL: a wish that I created allows me to work with this tool in an effective way –
“I wish to attract and fully receive a life that gives me ultimate creativity, abundance, prosperity, fulfillment, passion, incredible love, bliss, and awe.”

Aquaware 6 Tools: an intention that I created to work with this tool in an effective way –
“I am NOW attracting and fully receiving a life that gives me ultimate creativity, abundance, prosperity, fulfillment, passion, incredible love, bliss and awe.”

Wishing everyone well. The investment for these tools is well worth it. I am looking forward to discovering more treasures from these tools. I am having a blast and much fun in my journey with these tools.
Janet aka ‘Jeannette’

Janet Newman January 28, 2021

Vita Navitas

Vita Navitus
Never fails…one evening I felt like my jaw hurted very much. I’ve done some dental procedure on one of my teeth about a couple of months ago, however that night it really caught me out of my guards. It was late night to call my dentist so I decided to give it a try to use Vita Navitus for the first time in my life. I followed directions and just waved Vita Navitus
sticks close to my cheek where the pain was for about 5-10 minutes. After I was done with it my pain was remaining there for a few minutes and then I started to go along and do things completely forgot that pain was existed..Eventially I realized: “wait a minute..I feel no more pain!” It gave me such a piece of mind and pain free experience right there on the spot that I would recommend anyone to have it as an emergency tool in your Health Kit. Thank you Vita Navitus for my Healthy Life Being!
Galina B.

Galina Bacon NY January 23, 2021

Wishing Sphere XL

When I came to my office I found out my wallet is missing. I was able to go back home only during my lunch break or four hours after and was looking for my wallet everywhere but still couldn’t find it. I was feeling frustrated and didn’t know what to do. Then I started to cry and pray at the same time touching my new Wishing Sphere and asking for help..
I had to go back to my office and decided to walk through the whole parking lot to look for my wallet where my car was parked the same morning. And while walking and searching everywhere in the garage area all of a sudden I’ve noticed my wallet near somebody’s car. I picked it up feeling as it was miracle and smiled in tears couldn’t believe I had found it in busy parking lot near shopping area after so many people passed by..my wallet was found safe and sound.
I feel very happy and fortunate to have Wishing Sphere and appreciate and words can’t describe the appreciation very thankful to talented creator Peter Schenk!

Galina Bacon NY January 23, 2021