Manifesting Healing with Terra Resonator Typhoon

I want to share my experience with the Terra Resonator Typhoon. I was fortunate enough to receive this as a gift from a very special friend to help me to cope with upcoming open heart surgery late last year. The surgery was to remove and replace a bulging aneurysm on my ascending aorta where it attaches to my heart. This is an extremely dangerous, complicated, and risky surgery.

I prepared for my operation by focusing on intentions and visualizations, along with listening to guided meditations to put me in a relaxed state. I used the Terra Resonator to help manifest my intentions for swift healing and full recovery without complications. I did this by putting an illustration of an aorta with an aneurysm alongside an illustration of the same aorta successfully repaired with a fabric graft. I folded that paper up and placed it on the surface of my Terra Resonator beneath my Grapefruit & Ginger Flower candle. Every evening I took the time to light the candle and focus on my intentions, visualizing my aorta repaired as in the illustration, and envisioning a favorable outcome of full healing and recovery. This is what I wanted most to manifest.

Here I am today, nine weeks after surgery, and my recovery has been remarkable. My surgeon and cardiologist have both been amazed at how well I have done. I was up and walking within 24 hours after surgery, even though I was still in cardiac intensive care. I did not need any assistance at home when I was released from the hospital five days later. One of the aspects of this experience that I found the most startling, and for which I am extremely grateful, was my lack of pain. I had my breast bone sawed open and pulled apart for hours while the surgical team worked on my aorta and my heart. Yes, I was sore and uncomfortable, but I never needed anything stronger than a regular Tylenol for my pain. I think that is both extraordinary and unusual, and I am grateful for my Terra Resonator’s role in helping me to manifest the very best possible outcome from this surgery. P.S. I also kept my HFA Mini with me for my entire hospital stay! Thank you, Peter.

Carol Forest Terra Resonator Typhoon January 11, 2020

“Time for Me to Fly”

I would say that this is the ultimate creation by Peter, no doubt! I have a vast majority of Peter’s amazing creations. Each one has, shall we say a different “flavor” & function, at least for me. I received the Sirius over 1 week ago. First of all she is so beautiful and so very well crafted. Once I activated her, I could tell this was going to be my new favorite go to manifestation device. I also possess the HFA Orion, so I don’t wish to make her jealous!
The HFA Sirius ramps up quickly and she is quite intuitive. We are getting to know each other-this may take a bit of time-the Sirius is a bit complex. In addition, she will do things for me that I never asked for-all good stuff of course/right now she is instilling peace/calm in my hectic environment. I am learning also how to “fly” again-have a big project I a working on to help me quickly leave medical practice-and she is up to the task! So, thank you again Peter.
Everyone, please get one while they last-you will be most pleased!
Dr. James Jackson

James Jackson Physician HFA Sirius December 28, 2019

Set free!

I had my first quantum session with Peter Schenk, specifically on ability to receive and fears and insecurities, just yesterday, tonight we had a huge family party and I felt myself more free than I have been along time, free to be me free to shine,
ability to hold stronger boundaries and to allow myself to be loved and recognized, also already people have been giveing me gifts! I’m so excited to see how things continue to unfold!
I’d also like to share, I have been using aquawear 5.0 program and the results are fantastic faster and more transformational shifts and I was even able to psychically communicate with a blue jay bird and help him!
It’s my time to shine and I fully claim it now… I CLAIM ME!

Jennifer Funt Psychic medium/ healer Core session December 8, 2019

You Wealth Revolution Network 11/22/19 Peter Schenk presentation

I have shared several testimonials because as I obliterate stuck trauma holds, I purchase the products and services from MDM that support my psychic surgery. This term is my term since I have been in healthcare in one way or another all of my life. I was /am married to a surgeon ( he has since passed) so I liken Peters work to going into the place in my body that I sense is wanting some loving support to stop hurting, and use a product and service to assist to suffer no more.

Therefore I listened to the above mentioned offering and allowed Peter to assist and guide my focus and awareness.

Holy Crap, that is a medical term, I was to led to my right hand. This precious hand experienced an incident of terror at the age of 8 or so. In that moment of despair vs loving vibration my SELF realization unfolded the truth. Orion plus palm of hand plus zero point equals puncture wound equals anastomosis . In medical procedures we open the physical wound, drain or suction out the contamination and with time, all the tissue / fascia ” gets together and parties. This spot ” is my personal zero point”. The flash of insight was very sacred. Thank God you do what do Peter

A Flash of Sacred Insight November 24, 2019

Divine Feminine Divine Masculine Divine Union Workshops

Like receiving a one on one session with Peter and Christy using the power of the GROUP to get to the core resolution

T November 21, 2019

TR Black Test Result

I tested the TR Black device energetically using an advanced objective software system. The parameter used was how beneficial this device is to human health.
The TR Black scored extremely high, 98 out of a possible 102.

Charles Singer President of Verve Technology LLC TR Black November 21, 2019

Divine Masculine Workshop

Dismantles archetypal patterns. YAHOO

More Driven in the Moment November 13, 2019

Piercing the Membrane

Hi Peter,

I just wanted to say WOW. Since our session on Saturday morning, last night was the first somewhat “normal” night I’ve had.

My entire body has seemed to do an upgrade of some sort. I see things much clearer. My energy is through the roof. My “tolerance” of others energies aka people is on hype mode. Insights are flooding in.

Two things manifested on Monday quite unexpectedly and my whole body and mind were like in shock (trying to accept). This morning when I woke up I heard a voice that said “you know none of this is real?”. THAT sounded more true to me than ever before and shocked me at the same time.

I’ll be booking another next week!

BA Piercing The Membrane November 7, 2019

Divine Masculine Workshop

I experience part two of the 3 part series Divine Masculine Workshop. During the Sacred Geometry portion we were instructed to focus on the right lower half of our geometry and the co-creators of the workshop, Christy Warnick and Peter Schenk would focus on that area along with us. Maybe 1/3 into this process, this nasty black fog showed up . I kept breathing and focusing and following instructions

Beyond Powerful Beyond Mighty Experiencial Workshop November 7, 2019

The Beauty and Majesty of the Divine Feminine


getting my house in order October 27, 2019