STOP ! NO ! DON’T DO THAT ! DO IT MY WAY! YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT! ALL of that mind chatter, clutter, internal dialogue would show up right at the point of action on my part. I have been tracking the NAY SAYERS, CENSURESHIP, GARBAGE for about 3 months. Okay, but now what?????? Along came Peter Schenk’s AVIDDHA Manifestation Workshop.
As I performed the 1st technique that you can learn in Part 1, internal dialogue was on speed dial , Your not blah blah blah, STOP, NO, etc. It was like driving 100 miles an hour with rules of the road laid out in my path, driving on egg shells. LOOK OUT FOR THE ……………… So this morning I went through a stop sign ( this is for entertainment purposes only and NOT to be taken literally * sign disclaimer , A whole bunch of negativity just isn’t there. I can breathe. Thank you Peter and the MDM TEAM, for your love.

K.Taylor March 12, 2020

Quick cash come through!

I just wanted to share, that I wrote, very simply increase my cash flow on my Terra resonator Black and drank increase cash flow quantum water, from Aquawear 5.0 program and the very next day I was gifted over 500 dollars!

Jennifer Funt N/A Aquawear program/ Core bundle session/ Terra resonator Black. March 6, 2020


About 3 weeks ago, I started the aquaware beta. I am a single mom going through some really challenging moments. I have a 10 year old son who has been completely abandoned by his father 16 months ago. My son’s self-worth and self-esteem took a severe dive His passion is sports..He has always done well in school and in sports. This year with all the trauma we have gone through, it all started to affect him – grades dropping, interests diminishing, anxiety and self doubt increasing. I decided to program his water with sports enhancement, various athletes, study skills, reading, math, science, literature, writing skills, positivity, and optimism. I put together three different programs. I programmed 32 64 oz bottles of water. My son began drinking 16 ounces a day of water programmed with academics/good mood and my quantum layered sports 1 or Quantum layered Sports 2. We alternate between the sports programs each day but he’s drinking the academic and mood program daily. Our intention is to add 4 oz each week more of water until he reaches half his body weight of water. I didn’t want to chance any detox reactions. I can happily report his good mood and school enthusiasm has returned. Last week he was in a semi-final championship game of a 3 on 3 League. He faced a fierce competitor. His teammates were nervous as most 11 year olds are in a big game. My son told his teammate to trust him that he had this game and if they did the defending and got him the ball he guaranteed he would get the shots in. There was five minutes left in the game and they were down by 7 points. In those five minutes my son got nine baskets in and the other team didn’t score. They went on to the championship game last night. Facing the fiercest team of the league my son’s team was considered the underdog. My son devised a game plan and his teammates agreed. They were victorious. My son scored 22 baskets out of the 34 that his team. scored. They won the championship. The smile on my son’s face and his teammates face was as if they just won the NBA final. At the end of the game 2 High School refs came over to shake my son’s hand and congratulate him. They told him his game was unbelievable and how amazing he played. He was awarded MVP. At the end of the game, a handful of parents came up to me and commented on how unbelievable my son’s shots were in the last two games. That they were awestruck on how he stepped up his game and dominated the court. My son was beaming from ear-to-ear. People were taking pictures of him because they said they had to capture the outrageous smile on his face. He was bouncing off the walls with joy when we came home and told me that this was a night that he would never forget. We both agreed that the aquaware program definitely brought out his confidence and athletic skills to the max. Thank you Peter and the Modern Day Mystic team for the gifts you bring to people to enhance their life. We have approximately 60 days of programmed water. I can’t wait to write back about all the amazing outcomes he receives during this time. BLESSINGS! PATRICIA

Patricia Domestic Engineer/ Mental Health Therapist Aquaware 6 beta March 3, 2020

30 Day Challenge Makeover Update : VIBRATIONAL TOOLBOX

There is some kind of inner movement that is created when all the puzzle pieces find each other inside an intention.
IAM in awe of how the various coaches created a synchronistic opportunity for me to pick and choose what and when I needed support to create and meet my goals for a healthier mindbodyspirt . Like a VIBRATIONAL TOOLBOX I kept bumping into lemons at the grocery store I kept forgetting water at the grocery store Other people in line bought ginger root, big things of ginger root I decided to clean up my desktop icons and hit Peter Schenks Body Geometry List ” by mistake”. Saw and opened EXTREME BODY FAT MDM MINUTE and the curser just jumped to it. By following the instructions I dismantled a very very deep wound that occurred at a very early age. Took me three days for me to find it OR for it to find me. My point : It is my experience that by purchasing Peter’s MDM products and services and following through on the inside intention within : the invisible becomes profound knowledge Thank you so very much Peter and the MDM TEAM

K.Taylor March 3, 2020

30 Day Challenge Makeover

I started the 30 Day Challenge like in January 4 to 24 2020. I did not register because that would mean I had to commit to doing it. LOL
Then I registered because I saw the sign . REGISTER , So I have officially challenged myself the end of January to February 24, 2020, but I have learned a lot about myself. I have that 10 lbs to loose, belly fat and bloating. I sit in chair, sit in the car etc. sedentary lifestyle.
Inspired by RINO SORINO I used the BATH SALT BATH , got outside more, and got to the gym 5 nights a week for legs.
Inspired by Peter Schenk I ate a cauliflower pizza. not bad.
Inspired by Wendy Johns I did EARTHING I did not know that stuff about the earth intellectually. I also loved the Arthur’s Merlin by
Steve A. Roberts and my need to reduce inflammation. I actually ate more veggies, and cut out night shades.
Inspired by Dr. Howard Silverman I ate more fruit, and added Nanno Greens to my shake.
Inspired by Jim Standish I was more apt to lay off junk food.
Inspired by Donna Whittington It was nice to know I was supported.

I used my Sirius, TR Typhoon , Aquaware, Sourxe v , Aqua Sync beta, , Orion , to release-recharge-rejuvenate-and refocus .

Changes: I still have bloating and belly fat but I dropped 6 lbs. I added Kambutcha for probiotics. I added dancing, fun stuff, Pilates Reformer, and the gym. basically I like doing a bunch of different things , and that’s okay. I also climb several flights of stairs daily. So I have also learned to put something fun to do in my day, rather than put honey in my tea, eat a bag of chocolate, cookies, ice cream etc. I started as a sedentary bloated belly fat person 1 to a 6 out of 10.. I am using this start up to continue healing my knees, and become basically stronger and healthy. AND HAVE MORE FUN MOVING Thanks everybody.

K.Taylor February 25, 2020

I AM WORKSHOP + Aquaware

I dont have a lot of computer background. I was totally drawn to Peters Aquaware products yet felt daunted by thinking it was a lot to understand and then navigate. I took my time, marveled at the brilliance of it coming into creation, enjoying it so thoroughly on every level. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, creatively
Even upon just opening it – I felt like “I AM Coming Home” .

I’ve had many physical issues I’ve been addressing, some with serious ( life threatening ) diagnosis’. I feel more whole, centered and congruent, having come from a place of working a lot on healing in various ways I was scattered all across the playing board.

The energy is “magically” more real than anything.
For anyone feeling like its may be hard to learn I encourage you / recommend staying with it. It’s actually easy .

I found images from the custom intentions that are perfect for me. They stay with me and its so Divine.

Tammie. Feld Aquaware - AquaSync February 12, 2020

brilliant minds

I am a actor that was having no luck in landing a acting role. I tried brilliant minds DiCaprio and the next movie role I landed a speaking role in a major movie. Thank you so much Aquaware 5.all actors should use it it sure worked for me.Watch for me in a movie with Spike Lee.

Mick Swartzenwick February 7, 2020

Individual Sessions: Successfully achieving the impossible

I am so grateful to Peter Schenk for never giving up for over 20 years of bringing forth products and services that successfully make the seemly impossible actually the newest reality

February 7, 2020

I AM overjoyed!!!

I am so beyond grateful and frankly impressed with your work, my stomach started flattening last night, I woke up today and I look shredded, I can see my abdominal muscles, again !!!
I also dont feel fear about moving forward, creating expressing myself, that started coming in last night.
New awareness and just feel focused.
For those reading this please understand, I am 37 years old and had issues with severe belly bloat up and down in weight even though I am athlete and eat properly,
you can imagine my frustration, I also had great fear in expressing myself, moving forward and staying in alignment with my goals,I was often pulled around by other people’s opinions…maybe it was interconnected. All I know I have vastly shifted in one night and it will still continue to unfold!
Peter Schenk, thank you Mr. Magic Man!

Jen Psychic medium/ healer/ server Core session January 30, 2020

Manifesting Healing with Terra Resonator Typhoon

I want to share my experience with the Terra Resonator Typhoon. I was fortunate enough to receive this as a gift from a very special friend to help me to cope with upcoming open heart surgery late last year. The surgery was to remove and replace a bulging aneurysm on my ascending aorta where it attaches to my heart. This is an extremely dangerous, complicated, and risky surgery.

I prepared for my operation by focusing on intentions and visualizations, along with listening to guided meditations to put me in a relaxed state. I used the Terra Resonator to help manifest my intentions for swift healing and full recovery without complications. I did this by putting an illustration of an aorta with an aneurysm alongside an illustration of the same aorta successfully repaired with a fabric graft. I folded that paper up and placed it on the surface of my Terra Resonator beneath my Grapefruit & Ginger Flower candle. Every evening I took the time to light the candle and focus on my intentions, visualizing my aorta repaired as in the illustration, and envisioning a favorable outcome of full healing and recovery. This is what I wanted most to manifest.

Here I am today, nine weeks after surgery, and my recovery has been remarkable. My surgeon and cardiologist have both been amazed at how well I have done. I was up and walking within 24 hours after surgery, even though I was still in cardiac intensive care. I did not need any assistance at home when I was released from the hospital five days later. One of the aspects of this experience that I found the most startling, and for which I am extremely grateful, was my lack of pain. I had my breast bone sawed open and pulled apart for hours while the surgical team worked on my aorta and my heart. Yes, I was sore and uncomfortable, but I never needed anything stronger than a regular Tylenol for my pain. I think that is both extraordinary and unusual, and I am grateful for my Terra Resonator’s role in helping me to manifest the very best possible outcome from this surgery. P.S. I also kept my HFA Mini with me for my entire hospital stay! Thank you, Peter.

Carol Forest Terra Resonator Typhoon January 11, 2020