10 mins Core Cleanse…amazing!

Morning Peter

hope you are blooming and blossoming!

Woke up this morning in the pit of the worst energy for no special reason :))
Meditated awhile and no shift…curious..

Switched on the Darius and You call to catch up….wow!
Cobwebs blown away clear energy zoomed in and dark space no more…thank you so much!

Orion ordered and I got all those bonuses too..so very generous!

Thank you so very much.

have a wonderful day Peter

love and many best wishes to you


and ten days on still amazing feeling and many break throughs!

Rahima Sayer August 8, 2019

Body Geometry cleaning your blood

My blood pressure reading used to be 140-130/109 but after practicing the “Body Geometry Cleaning your Blood” for less than a week, my blood pressure went down. It is now 120/70. Considering I have not been taking my prescribed medication for the last three weeks because of the bad side effects. I am ecstatic. Thank you very much Peter.

Winnie Fajardo July 31, 2019

I invested in Terra Resonator Typhoon, because I invest in myself

I received my Terra Resonator Typhoon today. As I removed it from the packaging , I started crying . The symbols etched into the protective box, spoke to me on a very deep level. As I took the stones out of the cloth sacks, my mind went to those fabric robes that people wore in ancient times. I placed the stones with my family members in mind. My mother, father, husband who has passed, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter , daughter in law, son in law, and the last stone for me. The placement of the stone in the middle felt like perfection. As I spoke the words ” I HONOR THE SPACE IN WHICH YOU EXIST” , we just knew. Peter, thank you for bringing more love and light into the world with your products and services as only you can.

Mama Bear Incarnate July 22, 2019


Good morning Peter,

I just wanted to send a quick note and say THANK YOU!

OMG, omg, omg. After days of what has been like “gutting, cleaning out” of my system after our session I finally felt like completely empty on Saturday. Saturday pressure started building in my spine. Very uncomfortable and I didn’t know what or where it was coming from. I craved sugar (even though I don’t normally) gave in and ate lots of sweets on Saturday night and I couldn’t believe that as soon as that sugar started hitting my system the pain in my spine started to dissipate and eventually was gone!!! WTH?

I kept asking myself what this was that had happened in me. Sunday I did breathing exercises to help process some discomfort I still had in my spine. Sunday night I had more energy leave my body through my left arm (was in pain and super hot for about a couple of hours) then late last night almost at midnight that craving for sugar came back…but not as strong. I asked what it was and the word “codependency” came up.

You don’t know my story but holy crap that pretty much sums up what my life has been this lifetime and I’m sure in the past. I felt like this was my system FINALLY bringing this to the surface to be removed.

It also explains why I haven’t been able to get rid of things and people in my life that I have sooooo much wanted to and done ALL KINDS OF ENERGY WORK and paid for so it will……… and its still with me.

I feel like this work we are doing has FINALLY BROUGHT IT TO THE SURFACE TO LEAVE!

I am jumping for joy in this moment. I can’t wait to see what the Universe brings me now that this will be TRULY gone from me.

BR Receiving Core Energy Session July 10, 2019

Blessed and Grateful!

WOW! I had the profound opportunity to experience an energy clearing session with Peter. Modern Day Mystic YES!! This man is on to something with these products and work. I felt so much peace after Peter’s unique session… “shifts” followed in my consciousness and daily experiences “within”. This is powerful, life enhancing technology at its best!! Thank you for following “YOUR” path and bringing this technology and wisdom to humanity & Gaia!!!

Sharesa Motta Animal Communicator Energy Clearing by Peter July 5, 2019

TR mini and Orion

Love my Orion. Again, I enjoy sharing my testimonials as I use them further along. Our friend was in desperate need of finding a good renter asap and selling his other property and a good house cleaner. 1st, I had him hold my Orion and speak his intentions for s good renter fast, 2nd, his other property sells at the price he wants or better. Well, the good renters showed up in a week, his other property has a good realtor listed it higher than he thought. As for house cleaning, i used (TR mini)my good friend has her cleaning business and had just lost a valuable client. Intention was “she now has a great job” . Well, our friend hired her, and she has had other clients use her services. So happy to have this extension to help others. Plus my husband need a good 2nd car, I put that down “he now has a wonder working car”, plus intended things would work out $ towards it. Turns out his friend that went with him to car dealer, bought his old car and we were able to put that towards loan. It’s a win win.

Prem Kaur Light Feather Tx June 24, 2019


After having completed all 3 Receiving workshops in which I concentrated on with the intention of work, money and career. I received 3 job interviews the next day!! Then another offer for temporary work starting 1st July.
Very happy to say the least as I haven’t worked for sometime now.

Peter Schenk I simply love your products and services because they simply work!! Results are evident every time.

Thank you!! Much love,
Tarin Kaur. 💕

Tarinder Kaur June 21, 2019

Public request result with Terra Resonator Typhoon and Creationis Miracles Arca Archa box

The local news reported a missing dog from a car crash and reached out the community to find him because the owner was in an induced coma and was very close to the dog. After hearing the story I wrote a statement that the dog had been found and reunited with the family looking for him and put that note on my Terra Resonator Typhoon and then in my Creationis Miracles Arca Archa box. . Today an update showed that indeed the dog had been found and reunited with his family and that the owner is now out of his coma. Was glad to contribute energetically with this tool for a successful result.

Lynn W June 21, 2019

Many Doctors are waking up to the fact, that people need a good nights sleep Somnum Machina

I have searched for at lease 20 years or more for a sleep solution. When Peter designed the Somnum Machina, I just knew it was exactly what I needed. One caveat with Peters products is there is a relationship with the product. You just know.
I used the 2 pay option, but I began thinking about , and reading about how to set it up. Set up is easy, a compass on my iPhone directed my placement of the beautiful stones. Then the fun begins. I reveal to Somnum Machina what I need. Like womb service. I say: I honor the space in which you exist. I need a restful restorative sleep / eliminate mind chatter. I want to get up at x ‘ oclock. Next thing I know, it is morning around x’oclock. I then say, I honor the space in which you exist, and I disconnect. When you get yours home, maybe you will discover another way. You can’t screw it up, because you can’t, it is impossible. I feel sharper, more relaxed, healthier, stronger at the gym, and more confident. Thank you again Peter for this important and life giving product.

Finally found a sleep solution that really works June 21, 2019

Beautiful Result

I bought the Myrrh Compass Rose about 8 or so months ago, and set it up in my home. We have just had the hottest summer here in Australia up to 48 deg C. I have never seen leaves starting to fall from my Lyme bush and fruit trees before, hedges wilting, all of which have been here for over 50 years as it’s an old established garden used, supposedly, to Australian conditions. I thought I was going to lose the garden, even though I was watering when my rain tank had some water in it. But things have eased up now as we have had pretty good rains in the last couple of months (a Compass Rose effect?), but it has been a struggle for the garden to get its strength back, but it’s good now. But last week I went out into my back yard where the fruit trees are and I could really see a difference – they are truly powering with more fruit than ever before. I had to prop up a lemon bush’s branches as they are so heavy with fruit, and new fruit coming on behind them on other branches. Then I looked next door – OH what a sad sight! Their lemon bush is flat out producing half a dozen lemons and not many leaves at all, and the land looks exhausted. Not mine! I know it’s down to the Compass Rose. That’s why I bought it, as I saw another testimonial about how brilliant an effect it had on gardens. Thanks so much Peter – you’ve really made a difference here with this fantastic product. I think you have saved my garden! May YOUR garden always be blooming. X.

A gardener Myrrh Compass Rose June 21, 2019