October 18, 2018

Sumnum Machina stop the mind chatter, I need to sleep through the night

I have had a really difficult time falling asleep my whole life. With myself and family members in Healthcare, mind chatter, robs me from a deep, restorative sleep. I purchased the Sumnum Machina when it first came out. I used the payment plan
which was great. I used my iPhone compass to find North, and asked the stones where they would like me to arrange them.
I am not really into crystals but it was an interesting process. I then said: ” I honor the space in which you exist” , according to the directions , and laid there, with the mind chatter. ” Did I do this? Did I do that? Blah, Blah, Blah. I also own the HFA a new way to travel. When the nuts are on the road, I said to the HFA, ” OKAY, I need your help, a little more today” Maybe 3 minutes later, the weavers, the trucks, the speeding suv’s , no longer matter. I know I’ve had it at least 2 winters. Soooooooooooooooo I said to my Sumnum Machina, ” AMP it up, I need to get to sleep please.”
I started to yawn, felt a “film thing surround me, ” and woke up at 6:30 am. A W E S O M E product . Love it. I am going to take it with me on vacation . It comes with a bag. Thank you so much Peter. My life is so much better, and healthier when I am rested.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZ April 21, 2019

Somnum Machina – A True Blessing

For the past 40 years I have had some level of insomnia almost every night. I have always awakened at least once or twice a night between 1 and 3 a.m. Getting back to sleep was a problem. I have tried so many energetic solutions and most of the usual physical remedies, such as total darkness, sleep frequencies, herbs, over the counter remedies, meditation, etc., you name it – I have probably tried it. Nothing worked more than a few days to a week. Then back to square one – difficulty getting needed rest.

When I activated the Somnum Machina, I awoke the next morning amazed. I had slept the full night for the first time in years – a deep restful sleep. Having had so many experiences of getting some results, only to have them fail a short time later, I was reluctant to talk about using the Sleep Machine.

Not any more!! Now I sleep through the night every night. The Somnum Machina is truly a blessing, and I am eternally grateful to Peter for bringing it forth.

Thank you so much,

Linda Adams Energy Facilitator Somnum Machina - The Sleep Machine March 1, 2019

On the beautiful sleep machine

On the beautiful sleep machine, I have had amazing success with this. I no longer need to consume 50-100mg of benedryl, I sleep much more soundly, comfortably, and wake up feeling so much better than I used to. Just having this in my home, it’s made the energy much more tolerable for myself and my dog! I feel way more loving towards myself as well. I’ve had friends connect with it and honor the space in which it exists, whether down the street, across the country or even in another country, and it’s helped them sleep better. All of Peter’s products are beautiful and very well crafted and beyond amazing! I am so very grateful to have Peter and the products I own in my life.💖

January 30, 2019

Somnum Machina – aid in sleep and jet lag

I utilize many of Peter’s physical products. My most recent purchase was the Somnum Machina. I had the device for 3 weeks before embarking on a whirlwind business trip. Prior to my trip, I used 3 of the somnum machina settings and had better than average sleep. Leaving for my trip, I left the myrrh compass rose to watch over my property, and the HFA (travel) to watch over my car in my absence. I only took the HFA mini with me.

Travelling internationally with multiple hotels and time zone changes, normally I would have trouble sleeping. Instead, I decided to utilize the somnum machina, and mentally set the sleep state that I wanted, and surprising slept very well. I slept so well that on one instance, the hotel staff had to give me multiple wake up calls. Apparently, I slept through the first call, so they called again until I finally answered. I guess I should have given the somnum machina the directive to let me sleep for a set amount of time. Due to my limited luggage space, I could not physically bring the somnum machina, but was able to utilize it like having it on the cloud.

An unexpected benefit derived from the somnum machina was the absence of jet lag. In the past when I travelled overseas, I would come back fighting jet lag, and would have a hard time functioning at work for the first few days back. This time, I did not have any sleep issues nor tiredness upon my return, and went to work the following day. I had actually planned for jet lag, a consistent factor with my past travels, and was pleasantly surprised when I did not have any this time.

That’s why I love Peter’s tools. They are not confined, and expand upon discovery.

I hope you too get to discover the magic and power of these MDM products…..

Jenny L California December 10, 2018

Somnum Machina-Ambien Can’t Even Touch This!

I have had my Somnum Machina now for about 3-4 weeks. I am a super busy physician who is on call 1 week every 3 weeks and I have been dealing with chronic insomnia x multiple years. I am often awakened at night on call with the inability to sleep after this + even when off duty, I still sleep quite poorly. I have tried almost every supplement/device under the sun for my insomnia and they work on a very temporary basis, if at all. Once I set up my Machina in my bedroom, I have had the best sleep of my life! My dreams are so vivid as well. I awaken fully refreshed/so full of energy!
And, I’m just using one of the sleep settings right now/wait till I see what this device can really do! Improved sleep is merely one of many programmed functions, that the Somnum can do.

Ambien, can’t hold a candle to this amazing creation from Peter!

-Thank You again, Peter. You are a genius.

Dr. James Jackson DO
Family Medicine Physician

P.S. I will next do a testimonial on the Receiving Workshop Series. There is nothing like this anywhere on the planet!

James Jackson Primary Care Physician Somnum Machina December 3, 2018

I AM FREE of hitler

I was raised by dr jekyl and dr jekyl so life has been tough, but I do have knowledge that no one else has in the way that I came about it. I have hung in there with myself and have worked with The ModernDayMystic experiential products for about 6 years. Receiving money has been really difficult and of course I have been very curious as to why. I took the Receiving Working V1 and V2 three times each. I have a sleep pattern where I would wake up every hour ( being attacked at night as a kid, as well as other stuff, just would not let go. OKAY, here it comes. My THIRD nights sleep allowing my Somnum Machina to do it’s thing, I decided to use my ” signature number” ( it just shows up when I need help, ) as my NORTH. I AM FREE of hitler is the realization I untangled with the genius of Peter’s products and services used in tandem with each other as I need them. ( hit ler) is really ( hit her) which is what happened to me as a kid.
My persistence, the timing of Peter’s products and services, and the courage to buy them and use them, did what needed to be done. I AM looking forward to receiving the money that I need to thrive. Thank you Peter.

Grateful Customer December 1, 2018

Did not have to be Freud to figure this out

When I was a kid, I would get very sick around the holidays, took it personally, it was my fault. This was praying on my mind when I went to sleep last night. I ordered the SOMNUM MACHINA yesterday. It will take awhile to come in the mail.
I had this very vivid dream of an infant with a long thin red piece of dental floss like material coming from it’s nose. It is not unusual for infants to be suctioned if needed so I began breathing into the scenario. I had thought about ‘ Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” but could not access enough information to make it click. I woke up from the dream, but continued to breathe into the picture. WHO NOSE, MUST BE YOUR BLOODLINE. IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT, IT WAS NO BODYS FAULT. OMG, what a relief to know this huge piece of the puzzle. When I receive my SLEEP MACHINE I will thank it in person. To have that kind of revelation so quickly, I did drink AQ5 LOVE at 81% during the day. Words can not describe my gratitude Peter, thank you.

My childhood puzzle was solved and trauma eliminated SOMNUM MACHINA October 29, 2018

Sleep machine WHOO HOO

Somnum Machina is one beautiful product, and it’s abilities seem to be endless in a sense…but then that is Peter….outside the box!
The box it comes in is beautiful as well…a vid to come!
Upon receiving the shipping info I had already started connecting to this little sleep machine…the energy of it is so peaceful. Upon receipt I honored its space and just had it sleep next to me for a few nights, having conversations with it. Finally the unboxing and putting together…some kinda fun for sure!
The crystals are gorgeous and each one has its own uniqueness.
I’m loving this little baby for sure, oh yes and if by chance I forget to check in at night, honor it’s space etc….it lets me know…
Once this hits the market…all I can say is grab while you can…I can only imagine they’ll go really fast!
Thank you Peter for another amazing product!

Georgia Arizona October 18, 2018

More Than a Sleep Aid…

It was designed to help with sleep, but the crystals work 24/7 to help manifest intentions. As I get more practice with the different settings, I find that I am just beginning to scratch the surface of its capabilities. It is a magical, beautiful piece!

Maria Brenner Somnum Machina October 18, 2018