February 21, 2018

February 8, 2018

Q Shield for Animals

Q Shield for animals
So here is my mind blowing story. I have a three year old cat that has social issues, doesn’t like anyone in my house, it’s hardly sweet ( which I’m not used to w previous cats). Fast forward, I meet a significant other that I’m spending a lot of time with at his house and I was leaving my cat back home with a lot of guilt and sadness. My boyfriend wanted me to bring him to his house which I might add, is a brand new house with new hardwood floors, etc. And I thought, “absolutely not”. This cat will urinate and be upset. But he kept insisting on bringing the cat home. I called my vet and she said and I quote, “you can’t do it, he won’t do well and he will pee all over the place.
Then, someone told me about the Q shield and I bought it immediately with a lot of skepticism but with a lot of hope. We put it on, activate it, and waited a week. Then, we did the transfer. To my surprise, my Rufus walked in as if he had always lived there. Made himself comfortable in the couch, in beds and ate properly. No attitudes. On top of it, my boyfriend has a lot of family dropping in, which made me also very anxious as I did not know how Rufus would react to all this people. Surprise! He let everyone touch him as if he knew them. It’s been a week an a half and he has not done any kind of damage. Definitely, there is something to say about this product. It has changed my life and the life of my cat allowing me to have a great relationship with him included. Definitely highly recommend.

P.S. He did extremely well in the car ride as well 😳

Migdalia August 25, 2019

feeling protected

I have really loved my Q shield, I’ve noticed it protects me from other people’s emotions. That isn’t to say I don’t read them just as much as I always have, they just don’t attach as easily. I really like your body codes I use them daily in centering myself and I use the water blessing all the time. No I havent been able to get all the products I want yet, they are on my bucket list. Thank you Peter for all you share

Karelian Zitting April 10, 2019

May 14, 2018

Best product ever!

My dog loves his Q-Link. It has calmed him down on his walks. He survived being shot as a puppy before I got him and has suffered PTSD ever since. He’s not fond of thunder and lightening or fireworks, but gun shots are the worst. We do have hunters where we live, so it has been hard to walk him in the morning when these people are out hunting in the woods near us. Now, if something spooks him instead of a flight response or “hit the deck” and shake, he gets startled a bit and then continues on with his walk. If the noise really bothers him, he will turn toward home, but walks steadily and calmly toward the house instead of lunging and trying to drag me home. Because Bubba is a large mixed breed (1/4 Sheba Inu, 1/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/2 Stafford Bull Terrier mix), it is so much better now that we can have longer calmer walks without me having to always be on guard for the next noise that might send him into panic mode. He’s even more stoic in the house when the storms and fireworks get to making more noise than either one of us like. I highly recommend this product and look forward to purchasing other HFA products for myself. Thank you so much for helping Bubba!! I am truly grateful to have found a product that works and helps Bubba.

Donna Davis Retired Q Link for pets February 18, 2018


My dog suddenly became blind and I only realized it when I saw him so disoriented, scared, and was bumping into furniture. I concentrated on the qshield around his neck and asked qshield to help my dog. He is now very calm, knows his way around, barks like a normal dog and am so thankful for qshield’ energy!
Thanks so much Peter!
Elizabeth A.

Elizabeth Avery February 18, 2018

Multi Product owner

I have a three month old German Sheppard puppy that somehow destroyed his Q-Shield. I contacted Peter and he replaced it without question. In fact, he sent me two. This confirms what I already knew about Peter and his products. They work and he is man of great integrity. I love what his products do for me and my family. We need more people like Peter in this world!

I am a very satisfied Customer!

Mark Gerchman School Administrator Q Shield February 17, 2018

Scarlett and I love your Q shields!

My Scarlett girl (Standard Schnauzer) has anxiety issues and is extremely stand offish with people, even with my husband and I who were there when she was born. I have tried so many different things with her and all without getting anywhere. After receiving the Q Shields V2 from Peter last year, I activated it and put it on her. Asking the shield to help her be more friendly and for me to be able to pet and cuddle her sometimes. Fast forward a month or two, she is now coming to me regularly for pets, scratches and she will come and lay down and sleep next to me on the bed. I am so happy to be able to have that special time with her. I also noticed that the longer she wears the Q Shields, the more she seems to want to come and spend time with me which makes me a very happy Mum. Thank you Peter! Your products really work!!

Kate Daniel Q shields for animals February 13, 2018

Shield for Animals

My Fox Terrier is 13 yrs old, he wasn’t running anymore and was having trouble getting up on his favorite chair. He has fatty tumors behind his front legs and it was even affecting his walking. The vet had suggested sugery, which I was afraid to do. I’ve had him on vitamins and CBD oil for the pain . Within 48 hrs of having the shield on he was walking without pain ! 7 days with the shield on and my dog is running !

Donna Eibel December 8, 2017

Q shield V2

I started using this amazing product with my rescued cat and dog who both had a neglectful history. My cat kept attacking our new two-year-old dog roommate who is gentle and kind yet very large, exuberant with little concept of his own space or yours. I came cross the Q shield while working with a favorite client’s busy household of pets. I own a pet sitting service and do a lot of volunteer work with animals, My client/friend also does large scale rescue. A new cat had ended up on her deck and of course she brought him in. Some of the other cats had a big problem with him. Then about a month or so later I started noticing a difference, Harmony coming back into the home. Soon after I first heard the clanking of the Q shield tag From their collars. It was the noise that brought my attention to it and when I first looked at it and noticed it I had no idea what it was. When I asked her I was very enlightened and that’s when I knew this was going to help my pets too. The new positive energy in our home has brought harmony back. I’m very grateful. I highly recommend this product. April P.

April Pawlikowski August 30, 2017

Saved Cats's LIFE-2

This is an update to the testimonial Saved Cat’s LIFE that was submitted a month ago.
Last week we had a follow up vet visit 3 weeks after the surgery and both the surgeon and the vet couldn’t get over how quickly Kremlin has healed up. They kept raving about it. The surgery site is pink in color and is quickly healing. He is back to running, playing and chasing toys and his siblings. Which he hasn’t done in 6 months! He even has started going outside in the back yard to explore. This is the same cat who was afraid to be outside for 30 seconds before! About a week ago he just got his Q-shield 2 and it is so light! So much better because the 1st one was a little heavy for 11 lbs cat and his collar kept stretching. Yesterday he went to the vet to have his stitches removed. Again, the surgery site is healing so well that we are told not to come back anymore for check ups. Yeah! THank you so much Peter!!!

Oksana June 14, 2017