April 24, 2019

Divine Masculine Workshop

I experience part two of the 3 part series Divine Masculine Workshop. During the Sacred Geometry portion we were instructed to focus on the right lower half of our geometry and the co-creators of the workshop, Christy Warnick and Peter Schenk would focus on that area along with us. Maybe 1/3 into this process, this nasty black fog showed up . I kept breathing and focusing and following instructions

Beyond Powerful Beyond Mighty Experiencial Workshop November 7, 2019

Life Transforming!

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I attended all three workshops and I hesitated submitting a testimonial only because I don’t know if words can do justice to the transformation that occurred within me and to the world around me. All three workshops were very powerful, building on the prior one. Being new to energy work all I can say is WOW! I felt something change/shift within me, things that used to bother me (like being ultra sensitive) suddenly didn’t. I have always felt very alone in the world, like I didn’t belong and suddenly I felt a connection to everyone and everything. I don’t think I have ever been truly at peace in my life, but now there’s a calmness about me that is almost surreal. Receiving from the universe and from people has enabled me to give back tenfold. Everything in my life has changed, my corporate job was eliminated (a good thing). I had been involved in a very unhealthy relationship for three years to someone that was toxic and I never seemed to be able to break free, but now I am happy to report he is a thing of the past. I have been stuck in Texas for 12 years and finally the tides are changing and I will be moving within the next 3 months. Financially things had been a struggle, but now there always seems to be more than enough money to pay the bills and do the things I want to do in life and this is without my corporate job. Recently, I discovered what my purpose is in this life and all of the sudden, all of the trials and tribulations I have been through made sense. For so long, I felt confused, unfocussed, not sure where to go or what to do, now I have more clarity than I ever have had in my life. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, because so far in just a few short months the transformation both on the inside and out is miraculous. Thank you Peter for what you do! I know it was no accident I stumbled across your work. -Jill

Jill Button Entreprenuer Receiving Workshops I, II, III April 25, 2019

The Receiving workshops

The Receiving workshops have increased my business income and clients dramatically. Immediately after Version 3 workshop I had 3 clients contact me in the same day, and now I can truly say I have no problem receiving or accepting gifts from anyone with any guilt, thank you Peter for creating these wonderful workshops.

David Lopez January 30, 2019

When I listened to the First Receiving workshop

When I listened to the First Receiving workshop, The 3 snakelike entities wrapped around my throat screeched and slipped off of me dead. I stopped having agoraphobia after this happened.

January 30, 2019

Recieving workshops 1, 2, and 3

I knew that I was in a role reversal as a kid. I mothered my mother. Tough childhood. This pattern really inter feared with my experience to receive just for me. During the holidays my %$#&! was in my face, big time. Thank God, Peter ‘s sincerity to help us came in the form of Receiving Workshops. I did each one , three times to get to the core imprint.
With respect and honor, the wound was exposed. I said to my mother, in the moment : ” I AM not your mother”
It was the courage to expose a lineage of a child parenting a parent STOPPED . There is no way this moment could have showed up without Peter’s decision to create this safe experience and my decision to show up , purchase the service, and persevere until I ” got it”. I only have love and gratitude for my ancestors and love and respect for the next generation. Thank you so very much Peter

Grateful Customer January 8, 2019

Receiving Workshop 3

The Receiving workshop 3 was as profound as the first two!! The energy shifted things within my body, breathing became so much easier, I saw beautiful colors, the Violet was the most profound and also healing of all! I recommend all three of these Receiving workshops, the energy was unbelievably strong, and so many shifts happened that I cannot even put them into words! Thank you, Peter for your profound energetic work!

Karen Clothier Animal Communicator/Healer January 7, 2019

Reciving Workshop 3

My experience of the Receiving Workshop 1 , 2, and now 3 was to offer an opportunity to explore LIFE in a safe, loving, evolved environment. Very deep Very profound Very important

Thank you Peter

Another Grateful Customer January 2, 2019

Receiving Workshop V3

Thank you very much Peter for this powerful Receiving Workshop V3. I felt a lot of energy flowing through my body. I can see already some changes related to money and I am open to receive more amazing things.
Thank you again!

Marta M Beautician London January 2, 2019


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I am not a “quiet” meditator – I have a physically demanding life and usually double task – so I felt kinda guilty when I was looking for pictures as Peter was talking – however the pictures were my “active visuals” – the synchronicities of the pics I was searching for and then a post that kept coming up were so cool! The universe helped me make my own personal specific visuals during the workshop plus…. Peter had been here at the resort to confirm my lake vortex and the “St Germain” light portal on the mountain here – so its significance was magnified as well. It will remain a powerful “manifestation” visual for me now – thanks Peter!

Cathy Hohmeyer Energist/Nutritionist/Chef/Wellness Resort Owner Receiving 3 December 28, 2018

RECEIVED $50,000 OMG – The Third Workshop was the Charm

I was not able to listen to the live workshop this Tuesday, but was able to listen to the replay this past Thursday night. I had taken the first two Receiving Workshops, and thought the third one was very powerful. Yesterday, Friday, was blown away to receive an amazing gift of $50,000! I was one of those who wrote to Peter hoping to be selected for his abundance pilot program, as I needed help with my finances and life in general. This is the breakthrough I’ve hoped for and am so grateful to Peter and his wonderful services/products. Words cannot describe what this means to me – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Very Grateful Customer Receiving Workshop V3 December 27, 2018