February 8, 2018

February 8, 2018

Updated testimonial for 2nd gen masterclasses – energy still going strong!

The energy from the masterclasses is still going strong and is a very tangible part of my life!! woo hoo!! I did the 2nd gen masterclass series in 2016 and now in 2018, the energy has not disappeared – in fact it has become integrated into my life and my being. And that is more than amazing! Love it!!

The energy that Peter brings forth is a very intuitive and intelligent energy that adapts and it has become part of me! It’s a knowing and a feeling and a distinct vibe of energy – which is amazing because before the masterclass I was not confident in my ability to feel energy and now I can!

Also being part of the masterclass has enabled me to become stronger and more confident in my personality. I can feel that my vibration has increased and I am a lot more aware of other people’s vibrations and intentions. A lot of the changes have been subtle (yet still noticeable) and it feels like an upleveling and lots of growth and shedding old belief systems – in a light and easy way! I am very glad and grateful to have been part of it and it’s something that I appreciate a lot!

M W 2nd gen masterclass from 2016 September 17, 2018

Life changing Master classes

The higher octaves master classes were amazing. The course of understanding energy mechanic and uses really taught me the concept of energy usages and how to shift my vibration. The course of a unlearning everything for the real learning to begin, for me that was life-changing. I was able to let go of old believes that was holding me back and keeping me in the negative pattern. I have noticed a huge improvement in my life and for this I am thankful and grateful. Thank you Peter for having these amazing master classes.

Angela Munoz Director Higher Octaves Master Classes February 21, 2018

Mental wellbeing Masterclass oh boy!!

This class really rocked my world….anyone else notice! WOW! I find I am way more present and catch myself when I start to get triggered or pulled out of my heart space which is where I choose to live from! I made the choice a long time ago that I’d rather be happy over being “right”! This class has opened that awareness of when I can get sucked back in to being “right” instead of happy!!! Love this, very aware of what is going on between my ears! Very intense but awesome class! Thank you Peter and Donna! ??????????????

Georgia August 29, 2016

Master Class Fear Blockages

While I was doing my homework for this class I became aware of 2 fear centers in my body. To my great surprise, when Peter illuminated my fear centers, I lighten up like a Christmas tree! I had several of them on and off my physical body. I was watching all these “lights” in disbelieve, as I had no idea until that moment of how much of my life was ruled by fear. By the end of the class, after Peter shattered all of my fear centers, I found myself in a total darkness. In this darkness I have experienced a profound stillness and vastness. I was in a limitless and soundless space where all is possible!
Thank you Peter for this powerful experience that has changed the way I am in my life and how I view the world.

Ania Stang August 19, 2016

Something's shifting…..

Something is shifting. I’ve taken MC series 1, MC series 2 and now MC series 3. We completed the 1st 2 weeks courses, Destiny & Life of MC series 3. It is not easy to explain… it’s not like when I got a phone call the morning after the Conscious Creation class and received $10,000 from a family member to help me with my renovations! This is different. This is more emotional. I feel much lighter inside and more mentally focused. I have more conviction to take care of myself and my affairs so that I can become more self actualized. The difficulty for me is that not everyone in my life is going to get on the train with me. And yet, I can tell if I continue with these friendships consuming my daily life, I will only be holding myself back. If these friends can adjust to me becoming more of me, I welcome them to stay in my life. I realize that subconsciously I’ve been putting others ahead of me 24/7. It may not be noticeable on the outside, yet I’m very good at helping others to feel good about themselves and making choices at the expense of moving forward myself.

Sandra Barbato August 18, 2016

Destiny class

I’m not sure if this is the build on 1 & 2 or what but this class was off the charts powerful! I was wiped out afterwards, but of course after all the water had to p..lol! I closed my eyes and immediately saw the most beautiful blue surrounded by millions of stars, sparkles and felt as though I was sitting right in the Universe, peaceful, love, vast, nothingness yet everything, rocked my world! Also heard classical music deep within my ears, plus frequency sounds that I hear quite often actually.
Fell asleep immediately when my head hit the pillow! Still feeling the effects!
I wanted to add as well when I mentioned 60 years of crud that has needed to be removed, I’ve done years of work on myself, nothing compares to what Peter does with his energy, sacred geometry and bringing all he brings to these classes! He’s done what years of therapy didn’t touch!
These classes will ROCK your world in a way as far as I know only Peter can do! Journal., do the homework and show up you will be amazed at the things that take place in your life!
Thank you Peter for all you do and bring! Thank you Donna for all your loving support??????????

Georgia August 7, 2016

Super Powerful Master Classes

Master Classes are an incredibly powerful journey to self awareness and to a profound healing. For me, these classes turned out to be an amazing game changer! My life shifted in unexpected and impressive ways. I am now totally at ease with what is happening in my life, as I fully trust the Universe. Without much effort I daily experience many awesome manifestations. My interactions with family and people around me are now on much deeper level and without the usual drama. I am often in a state of profound inner peace, gratitude and joy.
On several occasions I repeated past classes (gen 1&2) with equally powerful results leading me to more extraordinary changes. These classes helped me to effectively move through many challenging life situations.

Thank you Peter for your powerful and precise delivery of the Sourxe energy. With ease and grace you made the impossible to be possible. Thank you Dona for co-hosting and sharing your amazing Light with all of us 🙂

Ania July 28, 2016

Masterclass series

These classes are nothing short of life changing in every area. Peter’s amazing energy, use of sacred geometry, and doing what only Peter can do is nothing short of mind blowing AWE! From where I was from Class 1 to now is nothing I could have even imagined and I know that more opens everyday! if you are on the fence with this, jump off, dive in…..it’s the greatest gift you can give yourself, it’s a gift that keeps on giving, the growth continues…..long after the class is over plus you can always go back and do it again:)! Almost 60 years of gunk going away, now that is saying something! Bless you Peter…You ROCK!????

July 27, 2016

Clearing Fear

This class as all the master classes was outstanding! Let me just say that at the beginning of this workshop I was filled with anxiety as my whole world has been turned upside down, thank you Peter, it needed to be! That said, when all of a person’s “comfort zones” are being removed it’s scares the s**t out of you (at least it does me)! It’s been a week and each day I’ve noticed I’m calmer, feeling of acceptance with some excitement building facing the HUGE unknown coming my way at this time with no money! Talk about needing to remove fear and replace with trust! Once again Peter you never disappoint!
Anyone, wanting to shift in ways you can’t even imagine I highly recommend these classes! You won’t be sorry, surprised, elated, damn happy you said yes…indeed!
Profound, awe inspiring, each class brings one ever closer to that zero-point space of a new way of being!
Thank you Peter for your generosity and all you bring, outstanding! Thank you Donna for all your support too!

Georgia S July 27, 2016

Masterclass 2nd gen

We just finished the 2nd generation master classes and the last one on Awakening Love brought it home! Since I have noticed more peace, more love and respect for self which then in turn pours out to all around me.
I love the quote that came to Peter during the class as it is simply true, without self love who and what are we. With self love, judgement begins to fall away, doubt, fear, lack of trust of self all begins to fall away.
When Peter says each class builds upon the next, he’s not kidding. When he says the homework and journaling are important, it is!
It adds to the potent energy he brings to each class!
He mentioned some have not downloaded the copy of the class which blew my mind, I’ve not only DL’d each one, I have them saved and backed up for safe keeping!

He asked at the beginning that we wait to redo class until we finished but now that they are done, it is my intention to do them again, they are simply profound and incredible!
I highly recommend these for anyone who wishes to make advances in their life!
Thank you Peter as always you ROCK and thank you Donna for all you do as well as all of the love and support?

Georgia Siegner June 12, 2016