August 28, 2018


10 mins Core Cleanse…amazing!

Morning Peter

hope you are blooming and blossoming!

Woke up this morning in the pit of the worst energy for no special reason :))
Meditated awhile and no shift…curious..

Switched on the Darius and You call to catch up….wow!
Cobwebs blown away clear energy zoomed in and dark space no more…thank you so much!

Orion ordered and I got all those bonuses too..so very generous!

Thank you so very much.

have a wonderful day Peter

love and many best wishes to you


and ten days on still amazing feeling and many break throughs!

Rahima Sayer August 8, 2019

Blessed and Grateful!

WOW! I had the profound opportunity to experience an energy clearing session with Peter. Modern Day Mystic YES!! This man is on to something with these products and work. I felt so much peace after Peter’s unique session… “shifts” followed in my consciousness and daily experiences “within”. This is powerful, life enhancing technology at its best!! Thank you for following “YOUR” path and bringing this technology and wisdom to humanity & Gaia!!!

Sharesa Motta Animal Communicator Energy Clearing by Peter July 5, 2019

“Can’t Find My Way Back Home”

I had a Receiving Core Session w/Peter this past Monday. I\’ve done several of these to date, now. This was by far the best! Peter; in this 1 hour session cleared/removed issues from over half-a century (I\’m 60 years old) including deep trauma from my childhood and beyond. He knew exactly what was there, I did Not have to guide/tell him. I do know what lies beneath, as well (most of us do know this-we know where/what our pain is-we just can\’t release it). Yes, I did cry for part of the session, as this deep childhood hurt was so very profound and it has caused me a great deal of self-induced pain and destructive behavior over many/many decades. For many years I could Not even love myself or even look in the mirror and see Me nor love Me-so; like many of us busy/gifted medical professionals, I gave all of myself to work and to my patients (and some, could in fact care less). This was my way of avoiding my internal self-hate, but the \’cost\’ was that I gave way too much! No more of that nonsense now! I am here for me now/I take care of me now, I love me now more than anything else in this vast universe. And as a result, I am finally healing-I can now sleep at night/I can look in the mirror & say \”I love You!\” Yes, this needs more work, but I\’m finally \”back home.\” Like the old Blind Faith song: \”Can\’t Find My Way Back Home.\” Look up on youtube-for that was indeed me before the session! Thank YOU Peter, from the bottom on my heart!!!

James Jackson Physician Receiving Core Session June 16, 2019

The Core Cleaning session

The Core Cleaning session allowed me to have a deep karmic and mental-emotional cleansing that left me feeling much more balanced, clear, and expansive; even more in touch with my knowing.

January 30, 2019

Feeling Refreshed

A couple of weeks before this Core Cleanse session took place I realized I was vibrating in the eye of a hurricane. This Core Cleanse session solidified that analogy even more. My eyes seam to be peering out from their sockets even more prominently, while the world just swirls around me.☆ My heart thanks your heart for the work you did in me Peter☆

Natalie Foltz Planetary Catalyst Energy Healing Core Cleanse September 19, 2018

Core cleanse Testimonial

Core cleanse-while receiving this beautiful gift from Peter i felt the indescribable love that I only have felt when I experienced my NDE (near death experience) there is no words other than pure divine love! It’s beyond beautiful, magical, wonderful, bliss. The vibration of all the cells coming alive with the spinning of pure love in and through each cell, is wonderful. One becomes pure light, fluid, peaceful, euphoric!
I remained with this probably about an hour while everything came back into solid form I was light as air you might say. Blissed our! Awesome! Best high ever, no drug can compare! I come from the days of Timothy Leary so yes been there done that! This is so clean and joyful with no side effects except for what’s gotta go! 
As the days moved forward things started falling away, for the ego this can be challenging. It lives in fear, in hanging onto the illusion of what it thinks is real. For me, my ego has consistently held onto many lives of scarcity, lack, fear, etc. when the universe wants your attention, everything the ego thinks keeps one “safe” starts to fall away, it can be downright scary to the physical aspect of ourselves.
The clarity from the cleanse can help allow us to see the tapes of the ego that play endlessly to keep us looping…all I can say is STOP, no more and surrender….everything is in upheaval, appearing to being “taken away” ( from loss of loved ones to car breaking down, no money or a mechanic to help etc) one has to just surrender tell the ego over and over no more no more no more! Surrender to that power that is greater than we are! For me and my conditioning, it’s challenging as everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks down it! I was taught that “God” was judgmental, mean, sitting on throne blah blah blah…I also remember my “being” as a child (pure light/love, same in NDE) quite confusing…I became a defiant rebel much to my own detriment. Now, still a rebel but my wings are returning, stubborn falling away, sweet surrender to love (truth) is replacing and seeing the illusion, while being in physical form is incredible.
I say all of this with deep love and gratitude and truth for me, as to share the total beauty and strength the core cleanse has to offer. 
It’s incredible as it will clear all that no longer serves, that of course one is willing to let go of! Highly recommend! Love you Peter!❤️

Georgia Siegner Front office-RV resort Core cleanse session September 10, 2018

Amazing Core Cleanse session

Three days have past since my Energetic Core Cleanse session with Peter, and I got to say, its been great experience. You could really feel the difference in energy, mood and how people act around you.

The session was amazing, starting from immediate movement in my stomach, then a vortex energy running down from the Crown Chakra. I felt tingling throughout my body and after the end of the session, which Peter suggested to relax for the next 30 to 45 mins.

This Energetic Core Cleanse is an absolute life changer and I’m so grateful to have experienced it, thank you Peter Schenk.

David Tinoco Divinetruehealing.com Chino CA./ Energetic Core Cleanse/ 8-22-18 August 27, 2018

Deep Core Cleanse

Had my session with Peter a couple of days ago. It started out with energy gradually running up my legs. When the energy reached my hips they ached for a few minutes. At about that time, there was also energy running from my head down. My stomach began rumbling and I had a dull headache and heaviness behind my eyes up to the top of my head. The energy flows converged in my heart as Peter told me that I had reached the “Love” level – in less time than most – and that I had a lot of emotions to release. At the end of the session the dull headache was at the very top of my head. After we disconnected with instructions to rest for 45 minutes or so, I felt as if my cells were so light and far apart from each other that I could walk through a wall or was in a higher dimension. I am, overall, feeling lighter and more relaxed. I am still noticing other shifts. I don’t know how long they will continue, but I like it! Others should try this out. It is pretty remarkable.

Elaine Ayala Energetic Core Cleanse August 27, 2018

Core Cleanse

I had my Core Cleanse session last Friday, and it was so powerful and definitely a deep soul Cleanse. I felt a lot of energy moving in my body. Initially the left side of my body felt numb starting from my left foot and left calf, which later on moved to the right side, when the left side was no longer numb. Sometimes the left side of my head felt tingly, and other areas like my feet and hands. At one point my hands also felt numb for quite a while, and later on shifted to feeling heavy like vortexes spinning and drilling in like i’m receiving pure source energy from the universe (my hands chakras opening and expanding probably). Near the end my whole body started feeling light and airy, after some moments of feeling some heaviness in my whole body for a while (like my soul was being rooted deep in my physical body). Love feeling all these fascinating and very noticeable body sensations! Peter was right in saying that after my session ended, that I should lie down for at least half an hour (as my head would be feeling heavy and dizzy) to finish the integrating and processing, as my body would start to harden up, after it initially softened by the end of the session. I was lying on my living room couch for my session. After my session ended, as I was walking upstairs to my bedroom and used the bathroom first, my head really was feeling heavy and kinda dizzy and wonky, before I finally lay down in bed. He was also right in saying I won’t be able to fall asleep for that half hour, due to the strong energies moving, and I didn’t fall back to sleep until maybe after 45mins or so. I had gotten up early to have this core cleaning session for 8-9am, so I went back to bed until after 1pm, to get ready to go to work by 2:30pm for an evening shift. I felt so refreshed and energized after I woke up later (as if I had a day off work yesterday…lol) to go to work, although the left side of my neck and shoulder felt sore, maybe I slept in the wrong position for a while, or it could be dense energies moving out of my body from the session. I noticed my eyesight improved, and everything I see appears to be brighter and more sparkly under the sun, and I feel light as a bird (more noticeable when I exercise!) despite noticing some muscle soreness in my back (probably linked to my menstruation coming). My menstrual period (which was due to come) came by the next day on Sat, and most of the bleeding finished in almost less than 3 days (even shorter than before…simply Amazing), without any menstrual pain or discomfort at all. Love it! Thank you so much Peter Infinitely for this wonderful deep energetic gentle Soul-Cleanse! I highly recommend everyone to do a core Cleanse if they can!

Emily L. RN Core Cleanse July 23, 2018

deep core cleaning session

I had an amazing deep core cleaning session with Peter few weeks ago. It started with energies running all over. My crown charka buzzed and then I got a feeling of something stock in my throat. I kept trying to swallow it but instead it came out as a burp. I told Peter about it right away and he told me that it had to come out. I had to burp few times but it got even more intense as if someone was chocking me, it was so strong. I couldn’t even breath but after sometime it got lighter and was gone. The energies were still running but I got very relaxed and centered for the remaining of the session. Also, my usually underactive 3rd eye had energies running through and I felt strong movement/vibration there. After what it seemed like a long time (half hour perhaps?) Peter told me to relax and let the energies run when he was done. I didn’t bother to ask him for how long because I knew what he would say: “only you would know”. I laid down for about hour – hour and half. Some emotions and thoughts came up. All of a sudden the sobbing started followed by intense crying. I felt lighter and open. At the end I felt it was OK to get up.Overall I had quite a release of emotions in such a short time. Very interesting session! An eye opening experience. I highly recommend it.

Oksana Becker Deep Core Cleaning Session July 23, 2018