Vita Navitus
The Power Is in Your Hands

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Tap into an Endless Source of Restorative Energy for Optimal Health, Emotional Outlook, and Manifestation

What if you could harness Ancient Egyptian techniques, advanced Quantum Physics, and deep spiritual knowledge in order to manifest your own unlimited potential?

With Vita Navitus, the power is literally in your hands.

These divinely inspired, hand stamped copper rods use Scalar Wave Technology and Tachyon Energy to help your body reset and attune to your own highest and best energy.

We were all born with the ability to replenish and reset our own lifeforce though rest, nutrition, and contact with the natural world. This is why, in many different ancient texts, it is documented that people used to live much longer, more energetic lives, sometimes up to hundreds of years.

But modern lifestyles, electronics, noise pollution and negativity have interfered with our energetic flow, while pesticides and processing have disrupted the restorative benefits of food. That has led to aging, energy loss, emotional pain, and a negative point of attraction.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why, after years of research and introspection, we have developed Vita Navitus. It creates an energetic bridge to help you tap into an endless source of restorative energy for optimal health, emotional outlook, and manifestation.

Made from the purest conductive materials—natural copper, real silver, and gorgeous lab-grown crystals—this beautifully reinvented ancient technology is here to help you meet the demands of the modern day world.

See the Vita Navitus in Action

With Vita Navitus, You Can:

Recharge Your Chi.

Reset and restore your own physical and spiritual energy in seconds.

Create a Protective Bubble.

Activate an energetic safety zone around yourself so that good energy stays in and bad energy stays out.

Move Mountains.

When you tap into the awesome power of the zero-point energy universe, you can do or be or have anything.

Direct Healing.

The energy that is channeled by and through Vita Navitus is unparalleled. And the convenient wand shape allows you to create your own loop of healing, or to point and send healing to others.

Grow Your Blessings.

You can use Vita Navitus to charge your water, your money, your property, anything that you want to see more of in your life, you can use Vita Navitus to improve and amplify it.

Create a Ritual.

Practicing a ritual is a wonderful way to get in touch with your own desires on a regular basis. This helps you manifest more quickly and prolifically. In this way, Vita Navitus can also act as a talisman to focus your desires into reality.

What Is Vita Navitus?

The Vita Navitus is a set of specially designed copper rods that you hold in your hands to create a closed loop of electrical circulation that resets and recharges your body.

It elevates your baseline vibration and stabilizes your auric field to help you feel more balanced, energetic, focused, productive, and positive.

Think about one of the best days you’ve ever had. Remember how confident you felt, and how everything just seemed to fall into place?

Working with Vita Navitus is kind of like that. Because it helps recenter you from a place of your own natural power, it puts you in a position to better manifest everything from just being in a good mood, to launching a successful business, or even connecting with your soul mate.

Harnessing the power of Tachyon Energy and Scalar Wave Technology, the rods are able to create subtle, instant shifts in your energy on a cellular level so that every intention that emanates from you becomes supercharged. When your intentions are vibrating at a more pure frequency—without being cluttered by doubt or negative energy—they are better able to attract the things you want, like a magnet. Now imagine if you could feel that good every single day. In fact, it is your birthright. All you have to do is claim it.

Just like the ancient energetic technology used by the Egyptians thousands of years ago, Vita Navitus uses similar principles as Reiki and Acupuncture to harmonize energy flow. But it is so much more powerful than that. Before the Egyptians, the Atlanteans used copper rods to perform acts that would be seen as miracles today, such as moving large heavy objects.

Because Vita Navitus is the first of its kind in the modern era, many of its uses are still left to be discovered. What you’re able to do with them is determined by your needs and desires. This is an exciting opportunity for you to be at the forefront of discovery of one of our biggest spiritual and energetic advancements!

What would you like Vita Navitus to do for you? The power to manifest it is now yours.

How Does Vita Navitus Work?

The best way to explain Vita Navitus is to think about a battery. Each side of a battery has either a positive or negative terminal. In between the terminals is a solution of potassium hydroxide in water. The solution allows ions to travel within the battery. When the terminals of the battery are connected to the object you want to power, it forms a circuit and the ions travel in a kind of loop—into one terminal, through the solution, out the other terminal and into the object.

Our bodies are made up of mostly water, and potassium is the third most abundant mineral we have in our system. When you use Vita Navitus, your own body functions like the middle part of a battery. As you hold each rod in one of your hands, they become the terminals, and the object of your desire (whether it’s a physical thing or even a thought), creates the circuit. In this way, Vita Navitus turns your body into a human “battery” that can power anything you desire to manifest.

Even better, during the process of using Vita Navitus, a charge of ions flows through your body, helping to reset all of your cells to a more natural vibration. It is at this vibration that we are able to function at our best: for optimal health, energy and positive mental outlook.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens MD writes about the idea that our bodies are templated on SOEFs (subtle organizing energy fields) and explains that when our energy fields are balanced, we are in a state known as negative entropy or youthening. But, due to modern disruptions, our bodies can also slip into positive entropy, which can lead to aging and other serious health issues.

By giving your body a natural recharge with Vita Navitus, you can help rebalance your energy fields in a powerful way, to naturally get yourself back into a negative entropic state.

Using Vita Navitus can be a fast and healthy part of your daily routine. Spending a few minutes each day can provides benefits similar to spending days in nature or hours meditating.

The Power of Metals

The ancients knew that metals are powerful materials that have the ability to conduct electricity. Because of the way metals were formed (through the explosion of stars millions of years ago), they contain special galactic properties that are associated with different astrological elements.

Vita Navitus uses the purest commercially available forms of metal that were selected based on their specific conductive and galactic properties.


Associated with the planet Venus, copper can boost love, empathy, encourage healthy relationships, aid with blood circulation and contribute to financial well-being. As one of the most common currency metals around the world, it is also infused with the energy of wealth.


A symbol of the moon, silver can enhance intuition, wisdom, and psychic sensitivity. It is a super conductor but also considered a reflective metal, not just physically but energetically. Silver deflects negative energy and can shield you from psychic attacks.

The Power of Crystals

Each Vita Navitus rod is embedded with a pure lab-grown crystal. Crystals are perfectly structured geometric elements, each with its own “pulse” or constant energetic vibration. When crystals are embedded (as they are in Vita Navitus), there is a slight pressure on the crystal, creating what is known as a piezoelectric charge. This is the same charge that keeps accurate time in quartz watches.

By embedding the Vita Navitus rods with crystals, we have ensured that they are mechanically tuned to a specific, constant, healing vibration that means they can only ever be used for positive, uplifting change.

Each colored crystal comes with its own charge and meaning. You can vary the effects of your Vita Navitus by playing with the direction and orientation of the rods as you use them.

  • Red = love, passion, protection
  • Yellow = career, success, confidence
  • Green = money, health, growth
  • Blue = peace, trust, communication with angels

The Power of Symbols

All 13 I AM symbols are hand-stamped onto your set of Vita Navitus rods. These ensure an additional energetic focus on your continued wellbeing.

No matter how you use Vita Navitus, each time you use it, the symbolic energy of the following statements will be directed at you, helping you achieve a more balanced and positive life energy:

  7. I AM LOVE
  4. I AM SAFE

Results May Include:

  • A boost in calm, focused energy
  • A general feeling of wellbeing
  • Improved ability to attract abundance
  • Greater success with manifestation
  • Reduced dependency on addictive substances (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc)
  • More balanced physical state
  • Miracles!


  • Keepsake wooden storage box
  • Sacred symbology and geometry
  • The purest commercially available copper and silver
  • Pure, lab-created crystals
  • Divinely channeled energetic technology and love!

Activation Instructions

Linking the Vita Navitus

When you receive your Vita Navitus, carefully unbox it and hold each rod in one hand. Then put your attention on yourself and the space around you. Say these words out loud: “I honor the space in which you exist.” Your Vita Navitus is now linked to you!

Once linked, the Vita Navitus can be used anytime. Once your link has been established, it is good until you unlink it.

Unlinking the Vita Navitus

If you want to let someone else use your Vita Navitus, then you will need to unlink it first. This process is the same as linking. Hold each rod in one hand. Then put your attention on yourself and the space around you. Say these words out loud: “I honor the space in which you exist.” Your Vita Navitus is now unlinked.

I bought this new product. Decided after work today to try them. Omg. I put them to my neck. My neck cracked. I really don’t know what I’m doing needless to say. So I followed them from my heart to my stomach amazed looking at the crystals as I would spin them. And my Energy bounced back. I realized as I sat down. I felt totally energized. My energy must have had some blocks. But it also helps with skeletal misalignments as well. I’ll keep updating. This is so awesome.

Nancy Haller “Vita Navitus Probing Power October 17, 2020

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