The Wishing Sphere XL
Expand Your Sphere of Influence


Reach Beyond Your Own Physicality to Wish for Spiritual Guidance, Communicate with Those Who Are Far Away, Protect Those You Love, and Promote World Peace

Take your manifestations to the next level. Like its predecessor the Wishing Sphere, the XL opens the Universe to fulfill your desires for prosperity, wellbeing, romance, sacred knowledge, and more. But its larger size, additional precious and rare crystals, and divine-influenced universal engraving give it unprecedented reach and power.

Like the Wishing Sphere, the XL sits on an expertly carved, meteoric steel composite base for energetic grounding and protection. But we’ve taken the original model and given it even more energetic resonance for a better channel and flow. With six natural uncut precious Ruby stones instead of four, and three extraterrestrial Moldavite stones instead of one, you’ll be able to feel the energy swirling around this piece from the moment you assemble it.

The heart of the Wishing Sphere XL is a gorgeous, 80mm, 99.9% pure lab-grade Quartz crystal ball etched with a 3D flower of life symbol that encircles an etching of the Universe! Gazing into the sphere, you get a sense of the perspective of divine intelligence reflecting on all that is and ever will be. Before you even make your first wish, you’ll notice a shift in your own consciousness — this is an intended function of the XL, and part of what gives it such an effective reach.

Channeled from divine knowledge, this state-of-the-art tool helps you turn your wishes into reality in a way that has far-reaching and lasting effects. Reach beyond your own physicality to wish for spiritual guidance, communicate with those who are far away, protect those you love, and promote world peace. The XL was designed to do it all. There is no limit to what you can wish for, so what will you wish for first?

See the Wishing Sphere XL in Action

With the Wishing Sphere XL, You Can:

Dream Bigger.

The Wishing Sphere XL expands your influence to allow your wishes to have profound effects on your Universe and everything in it.

Let Go of Fear.

Wish without hesitation. With the Wishing Sphere XL, you can trust that your wishes will be granted. In fact, it is advised that once you make a wish, you let go of your attachment to it. The XL will send the full energy of your wish into the world and work on manifesting it without any further focus needed from you.

Be Surprised.

Prepare to be delighted. With the Wishing Sphere XL, manifestations often present themselves in a different/better way than you might have pictured. Often, these manifestations are actually combinations of granted wishes, paired together in spectacular ways that you could not have imagined if you tried!!

Get a New Perspective.

The Wishing Sphere XL takes your wishes out of the superficial realm into a deeply spiritual and profound territory where your true purpose and most pure desires are revealed and then manifested.

Tap into the Universe of Creation.

Most people go through life reacting to circumstances that were created by others. This is your chance to decide what the circumstances will be and then create them.

Enhance Your Space.

As beautiful as it is useful, The Wishing Sphere XL can be openly displayed anywhere in your home or office. It matches any decor and sends out energetic vibrations in all directions to cleanse and activate your space.

Protect Your Universe.

The Wishing Sphere XL absorbs and transmutes negativity from all directions, holding you and your Universe in a protective bubble of positive, high-vibration creation.

What Is the Wishing Sphere XL?

The Wishing Sphere XL is a Quantum creative pathway that makes you the architect of your own Universe. Through sacred energetic technology, it turns the energy of your thoughts into real life manifestations that can affect everything and everyone you know in positive, healing ways.

You don’t have to have any special knowledge or psychic powers, the Wishing Sphere XL does all of the work for you. You simply gaze into it and think a thought about a manifestation you’d like to create. If you aren’t sure what to wish for, that’s okay! The Wishing Sphere XL reads and intakes your energy like a calculator. Your desires are there whether you are aware of them or not! They are all accounted for and granted, whether you believe they will be or not.

The Wishing Sphere XL is where technology meets consciousness. Harnessing Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Divine Symbols, and materials that literally came from outer space, this spiritual tool represents the opportunity of a lifetime.

How Does the Wishing Sphere XL Work?

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy. Your thoughts, hopes and dreams are energy. The Wishing Sphere XL gives you a way to activate that energy and turn it into real life manifestations.

This is the product of thousands of years of knowledge, millions of years of geologic formation, some fortuitous meteorites, and an eternity of divinely channeled information. Here’s how the Wishing Sphere XL works:

Made from steel composite (which features a high degree of iron), the base grounds the Wishing Sphere XL while also providing a bridge for out of body experiences and shamanic travel, opening connections between all of the realms within our Universe.

On the bottom, there are four energetic channels that pull earth and human energy up through the device, activating the raw ruby and moldavite crystals that surround the central sphere. The crystals amplify this energy and add their own special properties to it, cleansing and strengthening its power.

The energy makes its way to the center channel where a certified piece of rare meteorite sits. This meteorite has out-of-this-world properties that shield your wishes from negative energy and give them a Quantum super boost.

Here’s where the magic happens: the meteorite sends the energy up into the sphere where it encircles a fractal representation of the Universe with divine creative energy surrounding it. Your wish goes into active creation mode where light and particle physics intersect to transmit the necessary changes and pathways anywhere in the Universe where they are needed in order to grant your wish.

In essence, the sphere emits your activated wish energy in all directions. As it radiates outward, it attracts all of the energetic elements (connected to real, physical objects and beings) that are needed to create the recipe for your wish fulfillment.

In real life, energy gets realigned, thoughts and circumstances organize themselves around bringing the physical manifestation of your wish into the realm where you can easily observe it. Once you’ve made your wish, the Wishing Sphere XL does its work without any further effort required on your part. All that’s left to do is to watch the elements come together to deliver the manifestation of your wish!

The Power of Crystals

Every natural crystal contains its own special properties that are useful in guiding you through your journey on Earth. Because of the way they were formed over thousands of years, they hold a stable energetic frequency that is essentially “frozen” in time. This ensures that you can count on them to always emit the same properties, reliably and effectively.

In the Wishing Sphere XL, natural crystals were selected for their specific frequencies and their ability to work together to cleanse and activate your wish energy.

Uncut Precious Ruby Stones (x4)

Rubies were once considered more precious than diamonds because of their special properties. Ruby is a stone of passion, protection, and prosperity. It provides grounding from the Earth, and also a warm, healing, confident energy from the sun. Ruby is a root chakra stone that is linked to fertility, confidence, relationships, protection, circulation, and manifestation.

Extraterrestrial Moldavite Stone (x3)

Considered a connectivity stone, Moldavite was created by a single meteorite that struck one tiny part of the globe in what is now known as the Czech Republic… nearly 14.8 million years ago! Many people report a noticeable sensation of heat when holding this stone; others have experienced temporary dizziness and headaches due to the effects of rapidly attempting to acclimate to its ultra-high vibration. In the Wishing Sphere XL, it acts as a bridge between the earth and sky, terrestrial and extraterrestrial. This is an extremely rare stone that is getting harder and harder to obtain.

Certified Campo del Cielo Meteorite Stone (x1)

The Campo del Cielo (Sky Field) meteorite landed in a remote part of Argentina 4,000 to 6,000 years ago. Pieces from this meteorite exhibit protective qualities that helps to shield you from the negative energy of others, and from your own negativity. Remarkably, it also has the rare ability to activate your Crown and Root chakras at the same time! This provides for a full-body healing and energizing experience that is so powerful, it can lead to lasting physical and spiritual changes. Campo del Cielo meteorite improves stamina and focus, boosts the immune system, relieves stress, helps with fertility issues and provides clarity to find creative answers to old problems. As the last stone to touch your energy before it is sent into the sphere, Campo del Cielo lends a supernatural charge that requests solutions from the outer reaches of the Universe.

99.9% Pure, Lab-Created Quartz Crystal Sphere (x1)

Perhaps the most famous “Master Healer” stone, Quartz amplifies and intensifies all healing and positive vibrations, ensuring that all of the energy circulating through the Wishing Sphere XL is of the purest, most beneficial quality. The Sacred Geometric symbol of The Flower of Life is 3D laser-engraved within it to facilitate wish activations, and it encircles a fractal replica of our Universe that is also 3D laser-engraved within the Quartz. This is not only a work of art, it is also a special type of talisman that emits tremendous power.

Results May Include:

  • Greater awareness about yourself and your surroundings
  • An enlightened perspective
  • Enhanced problem-solving abilities
  • Positive mental outlook
  • Higher levels of confidence
  • An increase in happy “coincidences”
  • Spiritual growth and development
  • An ability to project positive intentions and energy in meaningful ways
  • More frequent positive manifestations
  • Miracles!


  • Sacred symbology and geometry
  • Expertly carved steel composite base
  • 3D Laser-etched, 99% pure, lab-created Quartz manifestation sphere
  • Ten natural crystals, including: 6 raw, precious Ruby stones, 3 pieces of rare, extraterrestrial Moldavite, and 1 piece of Certified Campo del Cielo Meteorite Stone
  • All materials infused and activated with pure positive energy and intentions

Activation Instructions

When you receive the Wishing Sphere XL, carefully unbox it and place the base in your intended location. Organize the four Ruby stones in each of the six diamond-shaped exterior chambers and place the Moldavite stones in the three round chambers. Place the meteorite in the center chamber and then, carefully place the Quartz sphere on top.

When you are ready to activate it, hold your left hand over the sphere and speak out loud, “I HONOR THE SPACE IN WHICH YOU EXIST.”

Now your Wishing Sphere XL is activated and ready to begin manifesting!

Please note: Due to the profound energetic potential that comes with this device, it is recommended that you send at least one wish to benefit others before making a wish to benefit yourself. As the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Most people will do this without even thinking about it, due to the consciousness shift experienced while working with the Wishing Sphere XL.

Amazing healing session! I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself over the last few years, but really feel like a have shifted a lot of energy that I had been struggling to shift myself! 😊
Also! My mini wishing sphere arrived a few days ago, and oh my god, I love it so much!!! From the moment I started to unpack it I’ve been filled with it’s amazing childlike joyous energy!! Even when I’m at work or away from the sphere, I can feel the connection as strongly as if I was physically working with it! It’s amazing!! It’s doing wonders for healing my inner child, and allowing me to connect more deeply with my inner child full time. I’ve started making wishes, big and small, for friends and the consciousness of the planet. Was contacted today by one of the friends that I’ve made some wishes on behalf of, and they are already coming into fruition (she wasn’t even aware at the time that I had made wishes for her), and it’s only been three days! 🙏🦋💖

Lisa Brisbane, Australia April 6, 2021

Peter, I wanted to share the latest of my Wishing Sphere magic! My daughter who is a single mom and working 3 jobs had signed up for a college course that cost $3000. I looked at my wishing sphere and thought why not? I wished for $3000 to come to her so she would not have the burden of an extra monthly payment to pay for her class. About a month later she called me with crazy exciting news!! One of her dear friends decided to write a check to my daughter’s college for $3000 from her mom’s estate to pay for her class!!! My mouth dropped and tears came rushing in! All I can say is WOW!!!!!

Mary Gust Reception Wishing Sphere January 31, 2021

Vita Navitas:::Wishing Sphere XL:::Aquaware 6 (Powerhouse Tools)

I decided to buy the Vita Navitas, & Wishing Sphere XL and purchase the Aquaware 6 monthly subscription. I guess I want to cover all bases with these high-level tools. As Peter Schenk has stated with these high frequency tools – they call you to them. They each have a personality and are made for you to work with them. I am a Technical Manager in an Engineering/Technical Department and so can look at things logically, and scientifically and I also have a very strong intuition and ‘heart-felt’ sense when something is powerful and can change your life for the better.
I have started to work a lot with the Aquaware 6 Suite of programs and am finding them tangibly powerful and meaningful. It has been interesting to see how it is changing my energy, so that I am able to work with others at my company with a new way of communicating that is clearer, better received and more open & transparent. I am progressing with the tools in the Aquaware 6 Suite and I can see the changes happening where I am heard more easily and readily. I sense that these tools are allowing me to speak more easily from my heart in a way that is assisting the people that I work with to become more empowered within themselves through their heart. On the physical and spiritual healing side I recognize the benefit of staying calm, cool and collected in situations that would have brought up tension (especially at this time working remote and dealing with people that have been affected by the COVID-19 situation in a devastating way where they have had family members commit suicide or pass away from this virus). I feel and believe that the Aquaware 6 Suite of Tools will be very assistive in changing ‘World-Wide Global Environments and Humanity” for the better – through the heart. Opening the heart actually allows one to access Infinite Intelligence for immediate information and personal guidance, which I think will be more and more important for taking care of the Earth.

I just received the Wishing Sphere XL and have gotten some group training from Peter Schenk through a Zoom Meeting call recently and can feel the vibration of this tool. I am already getting how powerful this tool will prove to be.

I also just received the Vita Navitas tool. I will be attending a group training from Peter Schenk through a Zoom Meeting call on this tool as well.

Playful Notes (I played with getting the ‘biggest bang for my buck’, so to speak, so created a wish and an affirmation with similar words just put in a slightly different way to utilize the power of each tool.)

The Wishing Sphere XL: a wish that I created allows me to work with this tool in an effective way –
“I wish to attract and fully receive a life that gives me ultimate creativity, abundance, prosperity, fulfillment, passion, incredible love, bliss, and awe.”

Aquaware 6 Tools: an intention that I created to work with this tool in an effective way –
“I am NOW attracting and fully receiving a life that gives me ultimate creativity, abundance, prosperity, fulfillment, passion, incredible love, bliss and awe.”

Wishing everyone well. The investment for these tools is well worth it. I am looking forward to discovering more treasures from these tools. I am having a blast and much fun in my journey with these tools.
Janet aka ‘Jeannette’

Janet Newman January 28, 2021

When I came to my office I found out my wallet is missing. I was able to go back home only during my lunch break or four hours after and was looking for my wallet everywhere but still couldn’t find it. I was feeling frustrated and didn’t know what to do. Then I started to cry and pray at the same time touching my new Wishing Sphere and asking for help..
I had to go back to my office and decided to walk through the whole parking lot to look for my wallet where my car was parked the same morning. And while walking and searching everywhere in the garage area all of a sudden I’ve noticed my wallet near somebody’s car. I picked it up feeling as it was miracle and smiled in tears couldn’t believe I had found it in busy parking lot near shopping area after so many people passed wallet was found safe and sound.
I feel very happy and fortunate to have Wishing Sphere and appreciate and words can’t describe the appreciation very thankful to talented creator Peter Schenk!

Galina Bacon NY January 23, 2021

Question: How or why did all this pain and suffering happen? Answer: It doesn’t matter, whining about it doesn’t make it go away, and probably makes it worse. WISH LIST: A GUIDE, someone who has been there before me, maybe with a different scenario, but someone with the courage, the fortitude, and who wants to find out the TRUTH, the answers, “THE WAY” What I have figured out is that there are many ” places” where this deeply embedded ( ………..) lives, and it takes time, effort, and tools, to dig it out, poof, gone. I do not own a business or anything, my mission has been to own myself. After many years of elusiveness I can finally say, Life IS GOOD. It is with humility for LIFE that I thank Peter Schenk and the MDM TEAM for giving so much LOVE a way to express it’s self so I feel it, see it, know it.

Grateful August 24, 2020

Hi Peter! I just wanted to express how much I love my Wishing Sphere and HFA Mini2! I feel so protected and peaceful! Some of my wishes have cone true!! I’m so excited! I asked for a check for $500 to spend on my trip and I got it!! My HFA mini started tarnishing RIGHT after an argument with my husband! It was literally shiny 1minute and tarnished the next! Wow!! I also wanted to let you know that I used a Pandora brand polishing cloth and it worked beautifully!! The shine cane back as well! Thank you for these amazing products!
Love and Blessings,

Mary C Gust Dental Office Administrative Wishing Shere and HFA Mini 2 August 17, 2020

OMG UPDATE! So I received the wishing sphere last week, I 1st said a wish for another ” a must ” and within the hour I had received a job, which btw was what I needed it served to release old energy but than as I left my 1st day, I kept getting this updated and improved idea for what I was hired for, so I hit the streets and got a call back 2days from my original start job, and I come in tomorrow to discuss advertising and of course money.. but its a go and my own creative spark I am so overjoyed!!!
Once again thanks Peter!!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘

Jennifer Funt psychic medium/ healer / nail tech The wishing Sphere June 20, 2020

So I got my wishing sphere today, I followed the directions, I first made a wish for someone around me, particularly the person that has given me the most challenge.. then I said bring me the job that supports my sovereignty and my goals of moving out and providing for myself… Within the hour I got a psychic flash of where to go, I got up and I GOT THE JOB!!! I start Monday!!!
Thank you Peter!😘😘😘

Jen psychic medium/ healer / nail tech The wishing Sphere June 11, 2020

While on a class earlier in the year with Peter Schenk I made a wish. Peter was talking about a sphere that he was holding in his hand that had the Flower of Life inside of it.. As he was describing it, my heart leapt in my throat. I want that, I have to have it. The energy felt amazing.
Fast forward to early May, a few friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday,
“The Wishing Sphere, of course!. They contributed and it arrived just after my birthday. That in itself was a big Wish!
Since then I’ve discovered that I sleep better when it’s on my night stand vs across the room. I have found that my meditation time has become so much easier and more focused. I have wished for inner peace and found such a sweet inner resonance. There are other wishes that have come to pass. I’ve lost 7lbs in the midst of birthday celebrations, who knew that wish would come true so fast.
I have made many wishes for others, for our planet, for healing…The Wishing Sphere has fueled my optimism and confidence in a positive future.
Oh, and I was given a new laptop seemingly out of the blue. My greenhouse is flourishing, a friend stopped by with a huge gift of seedlings and plants and life is flourishing around me.
I am so grateful for this powerful technology. Thank you, Peter Schenk.

Dulcie Wright The Wishing Sphere May 31, 2020

When I first saw the Wishing Sphere I was intrigued. Hmmm..looks interesting and ancient wishing wells were part of my childhood “hope for magic”.
I threw some ancient Egyptian cards asking ‘what was the outcome of having one of these to play with’. Wow – peace love spirituality etc . within the 5 card reading. Very positive. I felt more and more connected over the coming week each time I looked at it. So with all the travel delays, I am now itching to have it turn up half way across the world. Trying to be patient, however, in a way I feel it is already here as each time I think of it a feeling of peace and quiet reassurance comes over me, despite all kinds of info given to me from postal service, as to how long till delivery.

Pauline Ellis Lazy Lady The Whishing Sphere for Land of Oz May 29, 2020

There are many so called wishing machines, including the Radionics machines . These cost thousands of dollars. They require complicated instructions . Wishing Sphere is the crown jewel for making your wish come true . It’s affordable, potent and does not require any prior training. Peter has brought us an amazing tool . Try it yourself.

Zia Director Wishing Sphere May 29, 2020

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I think I was one of first people to purchase the Wishing Sphere. I was so excited to get it, that when it arrived ( very fast I might add) I was afraid to unbox it for a couple of days. I had placed it under my desk to protect it from the skeptics. During that time I could feel it’s presence in the room. The day I opened it up was a day I’ll never forget. I blessed each piece as I put it together. I am still connecting with it and making wishes daily. I will never part with it for anything.
Thank you Peter for this Magical piece of Art.

Kevin McGuire The Wishing Sphere May 29, 2020

I received my Wishing Sphere a few weeks ago. When I saw that it was available, I immediately felt compelled to get one. I thought the sphere itself was just so amazing! After the order was all placed, I could sense a connection with “my device”, even though I’d only placed the order, and that made me feel really happy and calm. I love that there’s that immediate connection. When it arrived (very quickly, I might add…love the fast shipping!) and I took it out of its box and assembled it, even before I said those 8 little words, I could sense the peace and love coming from it. Peter includes a “Love” card with it, and I placed that under the base, just because I wanted it to stay with the device. I haven’t had any specific wishes come true yet. But, whenever I put my attention on the sphere, I can feel the love emanating from it and connecting to my heart chakra. It’s so peaceful and calming and just such a beautiful, loving energy. For me right now, that’s so much more than enough! I’m grateful for the chance to have this item and will cherish it always. Thank you, Peter, for this lovely creation!

Linda Wishing Sphere May 28, 2020

I received my Wishing Sphere on May 14th 2020. After activating her I immediately felt very powerful energy in my palms. I literally forgot my long wish list and just connected to this beautiful girl for a while. When I could come back to my reality, I made my wishes 🙂 And today, two of my wishes came true: 1- One of my friend’s toddler boy had got development issue and he was very slowly growing. My first wish was healing his body from head to toe and speeding up his growing process. Today my friend called me and she told me that his son could begin to walk without any support. She said that it must be a magic. And yes indeed, it is a magic! 2- I got an amazing business meeting with my manager whom I have got issues many times. Both we were happy and could communicate very well each other. And yes, it is a magic as well. I have more wishes will come true and I will update soon. I feel like I am Aladdin with a magic lamp. Peter, your tools are making me speechless but this time you made a magician 🙂 Thank you so much for bringing Magic Sphere into our lives! God bless you Peter Schenk!

Clara Y. Lawyer Canada May 20, 2020

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I’ve had the Wishing Sphere about a week. I waited two days to unpack it, feeling that there would be a right time to do so. I unpacked it in the evening and as I went to place the quartz crystal ball on the pedestal I experienced a wave of calm, soothing energy flood over me. I remember thinking “Wow! What was that? That’s amazing.” Then as I made my wishes I would feel an actual response energetically from the Wishing Sphere. I wished for healing of part of my body and could feel the energy moving toward that area. I wished for clarity, focus and productivity in my work and could a renewed sense of purpose and resolve to get things done (and have actually been more productive since).
For many years I’ve been told that crystals were alive and would interact with us. Once in a while I thought I experienced it. Now I’ve got a magical energetic connection with what feels like a transponder of my thoughts, energy and desires. This is really fun and MAGICAL. Thanks Peter.

Harlan Mittag Minneapolis, MN May 15, 2020

Hi Peter,

I received my wishing sphere last week and was not really sure what to expect from it. I am having my house painted and the one guy could not show up because his wife was sick. She was having some medical issues on top of hitting her head and needing brain surgery. I was then told her kidneys were failing and that she was told that she would need dialysis 3X per week probably for the rest of her life. I do not know this woman but had a lot of compassion for her situation. I asked my one painter her name and I was drawn to wish her improved health. I then found out today…one day later that she does not need dialysis and no one knows why. OMG!!! Coincidence? So I then asked for continued healing for her in miraculous ways. I’ll let you know if I hear anything more. Great Stuff Peter, Thank you, Janet

Janet Duffy wishing sphere May 12, 2020

Wishing Sphere is beautifully crafted wish fulfillment device that is a must for anyone interested in manifestation. You will be surprised at the potency of this product.

Zia Director Wish Sphere May 12, 2020

I received the new Wishing Sphere yesterday and it looks great! I also intuited a neat way to use it last night: I turned out all the lights and lit one of the Grapefruit & Ginger Flower candles right behind about one foot. This causes the sphere to come alive with dancing red waves coursing along all of the laser etched lines in the flower of life; it literally “came to life” with waves of power! It is truly mesmerizing if you haven’t tried it. You may wish to make this suggestion to people in one of your MDM minutes, I would highly recommend it. I spent about an hour enmeshed in its dancing colors last night, and my wishing capacity really came alive! I waited 33 seconds between each wish as you suggested, and during this time, I did one of your basic body geometries where you join your hands at the palms and then open your fingers to form a “V” while breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose three times. This took about 33 seconds and seemed to “clear the air” for the next wish.

Peter, thank you so very much for this new Wishing Sphere, it has touched me the most of all your physical aids you’ve made available to the public so far. It is truly wonderful “magic”!


Mark Weaver Wishing Sphere May 8, 2020

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