Terra Resonator Tornado
Reclaim Your Nobility

Personal Transformation That Is Out of This World

What happens when you combine rare space crystals with over 40 carats of precious rubies, sacred geometry with divinely-intuited construction?

Meet the Terra Resonator Tornado, capable of generating a personal transformation that is out of this world.

You were made for greatness. It’s time to reclaim your nobility, and THIS is how you’re going to do it.

Harness the Unlimited Power and Healing Energy of Heaven and Earth

Few events in nature have the power of a tornado. The unbridled energy that connects Heaven and Earth can level an entire building in a second — while leaving all of its surroundings perfectly intact.

Targeted, sweeping, powerful.

We often think of such destructive forces in negative terms, but that is not necessarily the case in the etheric realm. There are some stuck energies and old beliefs that we simply need to remove.

Joining the innate forces of Heaven and Earth, the Terra Resonator Tornado acts to pinpoint negative energies and swiftly remove them, leaving a void that is immediately replenished with positivity and balance.

See the Terra Resonator Tornado in Action

The Terra Resonator Tornado

A breathtakingly powerful piece of spiritual technology, the Terra Resonator Tornado combines sacred geometry, ancient symbology, a laser-etched lab-created 99.9% pure Quartz crystal plate, one large Jet stone and four stones each of raw precious Ruby and rare meteoric Moldavite in an energy-spiral generating pattern!

Calling upon the four sacred directions and the four sacred elements, the Terra Resonator Tornado grounds itself in your reality and acts as a cleansing agent for all that is unwanted, while summoning universal forces for your highest good.

Your body and your energy field are kind of like your house. You interact with other people, invite news stories and negative ideas in, and you cannot help but react to them.

And just like your house, over time, your energy body gets a little bit “dusty” and clogged up with self-defeating, unproductive, limiting thoughts like “buts” and “I cant’s.”

Most people do not do the intentional “cleaning” work needed to sweep away those negative blocks, and for them it takes a major travesty or turning point in order to start fresh.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Just as you wouldn’t sell your house and buy a new one in order to avoid cleaning, you don’t need to wait for a “rock bottom” moment to cleanse your body of negative energy.

See the Terra Resonator Tornado in Action

An inverted pyramid in the center simultaneously draws up Earth energy into the Jet stone which absorbs negativity and deposits it back safely into the Earth for neutralization.

Placed immediately above the Jet stone is a 99.9% pure lab-created Quartz crystal plate that is etched with sacred symbols and messages of peace and healing.

Much like the large quantities of silica (the building block of Quartz) have been found to amplify energy in and around the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Quartz crystal plate helps to amplify Jet’s protective powers.

Around the Quartz plate, in an alternating pattern, Ruby and Moldavite stones generate the seemingly opposite energy of ground and space through channels connecting them and circulating their energy in a cosmic spiral.

This twister effect helps to quickly detach and remove any old, harmful energy that no longer serves, while summoning wisdom from your higher self and angelic beings to assist you in moving forward along your path.

By harnessing the unlimited power and healing energy of Heaven and Earth, the Terra Resonator Tornado removes negativity from your energy field and replaces it with high vibration frequencies. This also works for ANYTHING you place upon it.

What to Charge with Your Terra Resonator Tornado

When it comes to deciding which items to charge with your Terra Resonator Tornado, anything that represents your basic needs and/or your highest aspirations is appropriate.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Water, coffee, drinks and food
  • House or car keys
  • Bills, bank statements
  • Symbols of things you want to manifest
  • Lottery tickets
  • Notes/written intentions
  • Essential oils
  • Vitamins, herbal supplements

And more!

Why Is Energy So Important?

Have you ever had the experience of a good day that just seems to get better?

Or a bad day that just seems to get worse?

They say, “when it rains, it pours.” This is something we’ve all experienced, and that’s not coincidence. It is the universal Law of Attraction: like attracts like.

All matter is comprised of energy.

Thoughts are pure energy. Things are energy in physical form. Your thoughts can attract things — but it is impossible to attract a thing that does not match the energy of your thoughts.

So, if you want to attract money, but have an energetic blueprint for being broke all of the time, you simply cannot attract money that lasts. It is law. Just like gravity. You can jump up, but you will come down.

This is why most people who suddenly win the lottery quickly end up where they started. They never changed their energy around money. So, if you want to attract something different, you must first change your energy.

The Terra Resonator Tornado works on a Quantum mechanical level to help you change your energy around any topic you choose, cancelling out the negative and amplifying the positive, so can attract what you really want and deserve.

The Power of Crystals

In the Terra Resonator Tornado, natural crystals are the energy-generating machines that work synergistically to cleanse your energetic field. Their resonance empowers you to stand in your chosen path with the type of balance and positivity that leads to unbelievable results.


Owing its creation to wood that has been subjected to extreme Earth pressure over millions of years, Jet is the ultimate grounding and protective stone. It sits at the middle of the Tornado configuration to ensure that all of the energy transmitted is of the highest and best quality.


Perhaps the most famous “Master Healer” stones, Quartz amplifies and intensifies all healing and positive vibrations, ensuring that all of the energy circulating through the Terra Resonator Tornado is of the purest, most beneficial quality.

Rare Extraterrestrial Moldavite (x4)

More rare than diamonds, Moldavite was created by a single meteorite in one tiny corner of the world, and it is not found anywhere else on Earth. It is an intensely powerful, otherworldly stone you can actually feel! Many people report a noticeable sensation of heat when holding this stone; others have experienced temporary dizziness and headaches due to the effects of rapidly attempting to acclimate to its ultra-high vibration! By incorporating four pieces of Moldavite into the Terra Resonator Tornado, a spiraling energy is generated with an intensity rarely seen or experienced on this planet!

Precious ~14 carat Ruby Stones (x4)

Once considered more precious than diamonds, Ruby is a root chakra grounding stone that has been valued and used by nobility for thousands of years. Considered healing and protective on many levels, Ruby has been said to have a positive influence on fertility, confidence, relationships, protection, circulation and manifestation. With large, raw Ruby stones averaging over 14 carats, you’ll get to experience an energetic power that was previously reserved for royalty.


  • Sacred symbology and geometry
  • Durable, wood composite storage box and base unit
  • Laser-etched lab-created Quartz manifestation plate
  • 4 pieces of rare, supernatural Moldavite
  • 4 pieces of raw, natural Ruby (averaging ~14.5 carats each!)
  • 1 piece of polished, natural Jet

All materials infused and activated with pure positive energy and intentions.

Activation Instructions

Setting Up Your Terra Resonator Tornado

When you receive your Terra Resonator Tornado, carefully unbox it and place the base in a part of your home where it is unlikely to be disturbed.

Rest the black Jet stone in the large inverted pyramid in the center, with each of the other stones in alternating order around it. Then, carefully place the Quartz plate on top, with the etched side facing down.

Linking Your Terra Resonator Tornado

To activate your Terra Resonator Tornado, hold your left hand over it and speak out loud, “I HONOR THE SPACE IN WHICH YOU EXIST.”

That’s it, your Tornado is activated and ready to begin manifesting for you!

The possibilities of how to use your Terra Resonator Tornado are endless, but some suggestions of objects you might try linking include:

For ultra-hydration and cellular rejuvenation
Meals & Snacks
For optimal weight and better nourishment
Objects of desire or photos of loved ones upon which to focus protection, positive support and manifestation
Written Affirmations
Give your statements a power boost!
Anything can be a symbol, the power lies in the intention you place upon it. Statues, artifacts and even every day objects can be powerful symbols. Get creative with it and have fun!

I just wanted to share, that I wrote, very simply increase my cash flow on my Terra resonator Black and drank increase cash flow quantum water, from Aquawear 5.0 program and the very next day I was gifted over 500 dollars!

Jennifer Funt N/A Aquawear program/ Core bundle session/ Terra resonator Black. March 6, 2020

I want to share my experience with the Terra Resonator Typhoon. I was fortunate enough to receive this as a gift from a very special friend to help me to cope with upcoming open heart surgery late last year. The surgery was to remove and replace a bulging aneurysm on my ascending aorta where it attaches to my heart. This is an extremely dangerous, complicated, and risky surgery.

I prepared for my operation by focusing on intentions and visualizations, along with listening to guided meditations to put me in a relaxed state. I used the Terra Resonator to help manifest my intentions for swift healing and full recovery without complications. I did this by putting an illustration of an aorta with an aneurysm alongside an illustration of the same aorta successfully repaired with a fabric graft. I folded that paper up and placed it on the surface of my Terra Resonator beneath my Grapefruit & Ginger Flower candle. Every evening I took the time to light the candle and focus on my intentions, visualizing my aorta repaired as in the illustration, and envisioning a favorable outcome of full healing and recovery. This is what I wanted most to manifest.

Here I am today, nine weeks after surgery, and my recovery has been remarkable. My surgeon and cardiologist have both been amazed at how well I have done. I was up and walking within 24 hours after surgery, even though I was still in cardiac intensive care. I did not need any assistance at home when I was released from the hospital five days later. One of the aspects of this experience that I found the most startling, and for which I am extremely grateful, was my lack of pain. I had my breast bone sawed open and pulled apart for hours while the surgical team worked on my aorta and my heart. Yes, I was sore and uncomfortable, but I never needed anything stronger than a regular Tylenol for my pain. I think that is both extraordinary and unusual, and I am grateful for my Terra Resonator’s role in helping me to manifest the very best possible outcome from this surgery. P.S. I also kept my HFA Mini with me for my entire hospital stay! Thank you, Peter.

Carol Forest Terra Resonator Typhoon January 11, 2020

I tested the TR Black device energetically using an advanced objective software system. The parameter used was how beneficial this device is to human health.
The TR Black scored extremely high, 98 out of a possible 102.

Charles Singer President of Verve Technology LLC TR Black November 21, 2019

I received my Terra Resonator Typhoon today. As I removed it from the packaging , I started crying . The symbols etched into the protective box, spoke to me on a very deep level. As I took the stones out of the cloth sacks, my mind went to those fabric robes that people wore in ancient times. I placed the stones with my family members in mind. My mother, father, husband who has passed, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter , daughter in law, son in law, and the last stone for me. The placement of the stone in the middle felt like perfection. As I spoke the words ” I HONOR THE SPACE IN WHICH YOU EXIST” , we just knew. Peter, thank you for bringing more love and light into the world with your products and services as only you can.

Mama Bear Incarnate July 22, 2019

Love my Orion. Again, I enjoy sharing my testimonials as I use them further along. Our friend was in desperate need of finding a good renter asap and selling his other property and a good house cleaner. 1st, I had him hold my Orion and speak his intentions for s good renter fast, 2nd, his other property sells at the price he wants or better. Well, the good renters showed up in a week, his other property has a good realtor listed it higher than he thought. As for house cleaning, i used (TR mini)my good friend has her cleaning business and had just lost a valuable client. Intention was “she now has a great job” . Well, our friend hired her, and she has had other clients use her services. So happy to have this extension to help others. Plus my husband need a good 2nd car, I put that down “he now has a wonder working car”, plus intended things would work out $ towards it. Turns out his friend that went with him to car dealer, bought his old car and we were able to put that towards loan. It’s a win win.

Prem Kaur Light Feather Tx June 24, 2019

The local news reported a missing dog from a car crash and reached out the community to find him because the owner was in an induced coma and was very close to the dog. After hearing the story I wrote a statement that the dog had been found and reunited with the family looking for him and put that note on my Terra Resonator Typhoon and then in my Creationis Miracles Arca Archa box. . Today an update showed that indeed the dog had been found and reunited with his family and that the owner is now out of his coma. Was glad to contribute energetically with this tool for a successful result.

Lynn W June 21, 2019

When I watched the recent utube video on the Terra Resonator Typhoon, I had tears in my eyes because of its beauty, and the experience that it belongs here. The water video was amazing to see ” frozen action in time”. The video with the master crystal ” made me a little dizzy” but that is okay. It is powerful and needs respect. I decided to put my hand on the picture and felt moved to tears again. That a work of art would interact with me to help me move forward with my goals, or to ” charge my food, water, or what ever is truly a blessing.” I have a sense that there is an upward spiral created ( I know first hand what a downward life spiral is like) but I really don’t know. Thank you Peter Schenk for this masterpiece of Grace

Deeply Grateful Customer June 1, 2019

I just remembered 2 more things I would like to add to my testimonial on my Terra-Resonator Plus. I bought one of my nurse uniforms tops (black color with x’mas trees and Winnie the Pooh designs on it) from one of my work colleagues, who sold it to me, b/c she found it too small and tight on her after she wore it. Anyway, I noticed everytime i wore it, I would experience so much bad luck at work (like a patient accidentally spilled her poop container after emptying her colostomy in the bathroom, all over the floor, and i would have to clean it up myself, plus all kinds of crazy things happening at work…lol). So after I wore it maybe like 4 times, I got scared and stopped wearing it for a while, and thought of throwing it out, b/c if I donate it away, someone else might get the bad luck…lol. Then I thought of charging it on my TR-Plus to clear any possible bad energy, that my co-worker probably acquired it from somewhere (who knows…lol), and sure enough, after I charged it on my TR-Plus and just kept it there for a few hrs I think, when I wore it again (kinda scared with anticipation…lol), it was totally fine and great, and no more crazy wacky things happening…lol.

The 2nd miracle is I recently developed a small blister on my upper lip near middle right side, shortly after I finished eating some leftover takeout foods. So I popped it, and set the intention for my TR-Plus to charge me (saying the words I Honor the Space in which I exist), even though my TR-Plus is upstairs in my bedroom, while i’m in the living room watching TV. Usually I bring it down to the kitchen to charge all kinds of foods and groceries almost daily, b4 I eat or cook them. On that day I just got lazy, and decided to just visualize it near me (since I know visualizations healing always work for me anyway, as everything is energy…lol), and I felt a cold chill, gentle healing energy enter my whole body as I felt some physical sensations and head kinda woozy types of shifts after visualizing myself charging myself on my precious TR-Plus. There’s just a small mark on my lip now after I burst the weird bubble blister (which could’ve been a mouth sore or cold sore, but that usually would hurt more and look so visibly gross…lol), and no pain, swelling, or any itchiness at all from it, even after a few days. Thank god! Thank you Peter once again, for all these endless magical miracles! Hoorayyy!!!

Emily Lai RN Terra-Resonator Plus May 2, 2019

I put an eye cream on the TR XL and there is DEFINITELY an improvement in it’s power to reduce the under eye creepy skin. I also placed a face moisturizer on the TR XL but was not able to actually notice a difference. To test this out, I would need to get another container of face moisturizer to put on one side of my face and put the charged moisturizer on the other side of my face. But undoubtedly it’s power is amped up I’m just not noticing it. I can test this later as I get closer to needing another moisturizer.

If I read an affirmation which I’m putting on the TR XL while holding my left hand on the TR XL (after honoring the space in which it exist), I can feel the energy flowing through my body and have the “feeling” that it is already so even before I place the paper on the TR XL. Thanks for this powerful device.

Diana Thele Texas Terra Resonator XL March 29, 2019

I used the Terra Resonator Mini to manifest the granting of a driver’s license without having to take the road test. I sat in sheer delight when the state processed my paperwork for driver’s license. I thought for sure that I would be required to take the road test. I have special controls required from my previous state that i had resided. It took me two tries to pass the parking test. So i was naturally nervous and had practiced the parking test in my new state. I had been making my manifestation request daily on the Terra Resonator Mini including the day of the appointment. So, when the State waived the road test, i was overwhelmed by this special grace and so relieved and happy.

January 30, 2019

My iPod that I use everyday stopped working one day (I had it charging) when I tried to turn it on it just wouldn’t. After trying different things, I thought of the Terra Resonator and laid it on it for a day and within 24hours it Turned ON. It’s working just like New. It’s been several months and it’s still working. What a relief

Aiyana Luttrell Terra Resonator January 16, 2019

After repeatedly reading the course material and taking an exam for one of my tax classes I put an intention on the Terra Resonator that I was grateful for easily passing my tax class exams. Finally passed the one I was working on as well as the exams for subsequent tax classes I took. I did combine utilizing Sourxe V to charge my coffee with similar intention. It empowers me to move forward with more confidence for 3 re-certification exams I have to complete by the end of the year.

Lynn Wertheimer Terra Resonator regular October 1, 2018


I just have to write about the amazing terra resonator mini, there are pieces of jewellery that I can’t seem to wear, some are for energy and some just necklaces that I like but after being on the mini and focusing on what I want these pieces to emanate for me the results are astounding! I just feel a lifting of negativity and a lightness in my body.

I also had a back ache and carefully placed the mini on my back and the relief was pretty quick in coming. It’s just the most amazing tool I’ve worked with.Thank you Peter!

Regards, Brenda

Brenda Pasternak none Terra resonator mini September 12, 2018


I just have to write about the amazing terra resonator mini, there are pieces of jewellery that I can’t seem to wear, some are for energy and some just necklaces that I like but after being on the mini and focusing on what I want these pieces to emanate for me the results are astounding! I just feel a lifting of negativity and a lightness in my body.

I also had a back ache and carefully placed the mini on my back and the relief was pretty quick in coming. It’s just the most amazing tool I’ve worked with.Thank you Peter!

Regards, Brenda

Brenda terra resonator mini September 12, 2018

Hi all ! I have TR regular size since three months and I have using it for every day, ie water and food blessings, daily manifestation etc. Yesterday afternoon I injured my right shoulder very badly so that I could not move my right arm and if I tried to move there was a very strong pain and I had to stop moving my arm. I hardly ever cry when I have pain but yesterday I could not stop my tears, my shoulder was killing me. My children told me to go to ER but I said no, I wanted to use my TR for healing ! I put my TR on a pillow and tgen I put my right arm on my TR and said only one time “I honor the space in which my right shoulder exist”. I could not bear putting my arm on the TR for more tgan a few minutes due to having a crazy pain, I moved my arm many times and I was crying. But I insisted to put my arm and wait for the healing because I was so sure that TR would heal my shoulder. It took more than an hour… And in the end, pain was gone, I began to move my right arm to every directiob with ease. My children are witnessed the healing and we all said ” Peter, you are a genius and your all products are from another dimension “. Thank you so much Peter ! And dear readers, please give it a try , buy a TR any size and trust your gut and play with it !

Clara Y.
From Canada

Clara Yonca Yalcinkaya Lawyer Clara Y. July 8, 2018

I bought my TR family ( 2 mini and 2 large)in early April. I was in a really tight financial situation at that time. After much thinking and consideration I decided to spend almost all the cash I had at that time to put into a credit card that had no more credit limit to be utilized so I may purchase the TR family. I was putting all my eggs into this basket. Long story short, my TRs finally reached me after exactly 1 month. Believe me, that was a really long and torturous wait! To add salt to the problem, I had to pay 25% tax of the total purchase price to the custom in order to get them released! That was a killer given the situation I was in. I let nothing stop me as I have total faith that my TRs will help me get through that difficult time. Peter’s help by sending energy helped too I’m sure.

I have to be honest. When it comes to spiritual products by Peter, I simply have no patience to wait for the acclimatization. The day I unpacked my TR family, I put them to use right away. In the first couple of weeks I didnt feel anything. I did have thoughts ” did I ruin the whole thing because I didnt follow Peter’s instruction to let the TRs sit and get used to the environment and energy first before using them?” I watched a video testimonial that says the flowers sitting ontop of the TR lasted much longer and stayed fresh longer. I put a bowl of water where some flowers float on one of the large TRs but the next day the flowers turned black! I was disappointed to say the least but my faith did not waver. I just continued bringing my TRs to work, to bed, to my sauna, to my car…practically wherever I went for a few weeks. Wherever I placed my TRs, I stacked the mini ontop of the large one and put my 3 pyramids at 3 corners of the large TR. Sometimes I even stack bottles of essential oils on the large TR.

Long story short again, cuz it really is a very long story given the many many things I did with my TR family; its been 2 months now that my TR family has been with me. I practically charge anything to everything with my TRs dailly. I notice that my energy level is up all day every day despite the fact that I forget to take my supplements and apply as much of essential oils on myself as before. Maybe because my energy is so good that I subconsciously know that I dont need the supplements and essential oils as much anymore.

I work with children in my business and that includes children with special needs. Eversince my TRs arrived, i printed powerpoint slides with pictures of the special children that I work with on the left of the document, and on the right I printed the things I want to see improved in them and place the papers on the TRs, say the 7 magical words, close my eyes and picture these children in their improved states and how grateful I am and their parents too.

Some of the evidences of my manifestations come true include a Dyslexic girl who couldnt read a word at 6 years of age, now able to read simple sentences within one and a half month since I started working with her. One autistic boy who couldnt understand instructions in class now able to follow simple instructions I give and complete his work with some guidance. Some hyperactive children who wouldnt comply to my rules now able to comply and do their training properly. Other assistants that help me with my work couldn’t get the same compliance that I get.

On the 2nd week of the arrival of my TRs I was thinking I need to advertise to hire a part time teacher to assist in my centre. So I contacted a local recruitment agency and paid for an advertisement slot. Just as I was filling up the form, a young lady rang the door bell asking if I was hiring. I was in disbelief to say the least! Talk about synchronicity! So I hired her on the spot thinking if she came on my manifestation, I should just accept it and see but I had some discomfort somehow, even though she’s really pretty, kind and sweet. the best fit to work with children in my opinion. as it turned out, the discomfort proved that she was not an eligible candidate as she has issue with discipline, coming in late and missing from work from time to time in a short period of just 1 month! Just as I was frustrated with the situation, she went missing in action for almost a month.

The next thing I know I had another thought that I now need to hire someone who only needs to work 2 hours a day in the morning. The same day a young high school graduate came ringing my door bell asking for a job. She is one that works in another learning centre just opposite my centre who used to walk one of my students from that centre to mine 2 days a week. She introduced herself, told me her family story and why she needed a part time job in the morning ontop of her part time job with that centre in the afternoon. I thought, I should consult with the operator of the other centre before I decide to take her in or not. Upon our consultation, I was informed that she told that operator that I asked her to come to work for me. I was shocked because I didnt and didnt expect that she would say such a thing. However after much consideration, especially the part of her family problem I decided to help her and give her the job. Later, as I pondered about the incident, I thought ” could she have received my message of wanting to hire someone like her and she recieved it telepathically and thought it was real that’s why she said that I actually asked her to work for me?”

As the number of new enrollment increased, I thought ” I think I need to hire a full time teacher now to help me with the morning class and the afternoon classes.” I was contemplating whether to advertise again. As it turned out, the next day a young man rang my doorbell asking if I was hiring. I said yes and he said he was inquiring on behalf of his girlfriend who is a psychology graduate. Within 30 minutes of our simple chat, this young lady appeared on my doorstep. Long story short once again, I hired her.

As I said, the story is very very long, I only shared one part of the story with you. The rest, as is does any of Peter’s products work? Its up to your imagination. If you can imagine it, it will work, in ways that leave you open-mouthed. Talk about manifestation!

Vic Terra Resonator, Aquaware 4& 5, The Sourxe 4, I Am pyramids, Lightbody, Myrhh Compass Rose June 30, 2018

I have almost all of Peter’s products. The stress in my life has altered in a dramatic way. I am especially excited to be using the mini terra resonator and have recently ordered the bundle. I really appreciate what you do Peter and thank you for all that you offer us.

Sincerely Inga

Inga April 25, 2018

Three weeks ago I added mini and Tr+ to my tools.
I put an intention for my son to be employed. Two months ago, he was hired by the State but not given a starting date. He was struggling to get a start date from personnel director which was not forthcoming. Three days before TR+ arrived, he applied for same position through an outside agency.
My TR+ arrived, I added an intention for him to simply get a job. On the third day, both the State and outside Agency called him almost the same time asking him to provide them with a start date!
Keeping the intention simple is very important.
I used my TRs to energize everything that I eat, taste and nutritional values have greatly improved.
In many ways, I have manifested faster using Peter’s tools.
Peter, keep up with your inventions!

Lawani, Rotimi 1277 W. Wabash St Terra Resonator+ April 21, 2018

I received the lovely Terra Resonator Mini a month ago and I have had much joy playing with this magic tool!!! As I am traveling 84 times around the sun and mainly just in a small apartment I have energized everything in sight!!! My intentions have expanded towards the larger world outside my view which I cannot measure……but I have had more Spiritual Openings than I have ever witnessed…it is a whirlwind…think it is all connected in perfect timing! Thanks, Peter, for this Tool and Blessings…

Elizabeth Hunter Retired Terra Resonator Mini/ Palm Beach Gardens Florida March 26, 2018

This is Aria from Canada and I want to share with you my magical experience with Terra Resonator; the latest mind blowing product of Peter Schenk. I have Peter`s Sourxe 5 and Aquaware 5 software programs and HFA mini. I have been using them in every day and my life changed dramatically in a good way. And this time with Terra Resonator, I got my dream job ! I was long term unemployed (more than four years) and could not purchase TR due to lack of money. I requested help from Christy Warnick, who is an energy healer and has got the TR already. She accepted to help me. Christy wrote on a paper my dream job`s name/title, company and city, and put this paper and my photo on the TR with the intention of having the job with best and highest good for me and the company. She repeated the process a few times during the couple of weeks. I updated her about the interview, then reference checks and the job offer ! Yes, I got the job offer beyond my expectations !!! TR cleaned the blocks regarding my fears about being unemployed, self worth issues, and gave me strength, boosted self confident and self respect. TR gives you limitless opportunities and the best outcomes based on your personal needs and circumstances. How cool is that ? I am very much happy and excited having my dream job. And I will save money for buying TR plus. Thank you Peter for giving us this amazing product and thank you Christy Warnick for helping and supporting me ! I absolutely recommend everyone to buy a TR, either regular, mini or plus size. Like all Peter`s products, Terra Resonator is also out of this world !

Aria Anderson Terra Resonator February 25, 2018

I love all Peter’s products and I use them daily. Their beauty, power and effectiveness are truly amazing. When I received my newest addition, Terra Resonator I was exited to open this beautifully packaged product. Immediately I felt a tremendous energetic power that came from the Resonator. Its beauty, power and a strong desire to interact with me were astounding!
For the first 24 hrs I just laid my hands on top of TR, honored it and played with the colorful and powerful energy coming through it. This energy would permeate my whole being rebalancing my field with an incredible precision and mastery. This process felt deeply embracing and the energy was very pure, loving and unconditional. I was so jazzed up the fist day that I only slept for 4 hr. The next day I took a super long hike up some very steep hills and still had lots of energy left to do all my chores. I was fully powered by the never ending energetic high vibe source!
After a couple of days of interacting with my new companion I started to ask for more specific things often pertaining to my health: balancing my spinal alignment, more flexibility and ease during daily yoga sessions, clearing specific energetic blocks, balancing and opening of my meridians……
I was amazed and delighted by effortless and swift manifestation of what I asked for. Because of TR my whole life just got a lot bigger and full of new possibilities.
Each time I interact with my TR I push the limit of what I think is possible just a little further. I am now routinely elevating vibration of my food, water and supplements, but what brings me the most joy is interacting with this amazing energy, playing with it, asking for manifestations and observing the incredibly beautiful process of delivery.
This is by far my favorite physical product Peter brought to life. It is powerful beyond belief, beautiful, super effective for manifestations and fun to play with. I feel that I only begun to explore many possibilities of working with TR, but more I interact with it more I am empowered by it to live fully in the moment with grace and gratitude, and to NEVER put any limits on what is possible! 🙂
Thank you Peter for such amazing and life changing product. Once again you beautifully delivered the incredible!

Ania February 19, 2018

I’m so very happy! I place all my dog’s and my food on TR mini. Absolutely amazing! The food is energized with high positive energy and tastes better! I feel my health improved. My bitter greens not so bitter and my drinks so smooth to taste! I even placed my intentions on paper and placed it on my TR mini. The toughest intention for TR mini is for my dog to regain his eyesight back. I have positive feelings about that. The white in my dog’s eye is slowly reducing in size!

Peter, you’re a genius! Your products are amazingly powerful! I’m very pleased and everyone should have all your products to know how wonderfully amazing they all are.

I’m forever indebted to you!

Elizabeth Avery

Elizabeth Avery February 18, 2018

One of the statements I put on the Terra Resonator has shown manifestation results. My mom’s condo in Wisconsin was listed for sale In January after she moved into assisted living in November. Real estate sales In Wisconsin are typically seasonal so I wrote a positive present tense statement that my mom’s condo was sold by February 28th. I indicated a price lower than the asking price and my brother said they recently accepted an offer just lower than that price closing is late next month. Still a victory.

I am now charging a statement that my brother receives a job offer…. will share results soon.

Definitely notice better taste of water after putting it on the Terra Resonator. Some food I have put on the Terra Resonator gave little or no heart burn that I would usually experience with that particular food.

Lynn W Terra Resonator regular February 17, 2018

I use my Terra resonator for everything from vitamins, crystals, food, water, oracle cards, and cat food. That’s right you heard me…. “CATFOOD”… What with all of the terrible call backs for prt food I am not taking any chances with my fur babies. I love the energy that the resonator emits and how it feels energetically. I would recommend this tool to everyone. You can really feel the difference in everything placed on the resonator energetically. And let me let you in on a little secret…. Once you feel the energy coming from everything you place on this baby I promise you this you will not want to be without your resonator either! Happy high vibrating everyone!!!!

Rosemary February 4, 2018

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