Collar-Sized Quantum Protection

    If you’ve tried any of the Modern Day Mystic software or Harmonic Field Amplifier products, you already know how powerful these quantum-based tools can be for personal health, attitude-improvement and happiness. But what about your furry companion? Doesn’t he or she deserve the same sense of wellbeing?

    Now you can help calm and protect your companion animal from unhealthy energy, bad habits and fear. The Q-Shield for Animals V3 works in a similar fashion as the HFA mini, except that it was designed in a more compact size for four-legged friends. When attached to a collar or harness, the Q-Shield surrounds dogs and cats in a protective energetic shield that not only keeps unwanted energy out… but it helps to transmute any negative energy within.

    Developed based on the same quantum-harmonic principles as all Modern Day Mystic software, the Q-Shield works to bring more peacefulness and tranquility to the energy field of non-human animals. The technology works to help them become more loving and calm, allowing them to let go of any need to act out bad habits such as indoor “accidents,” excessive barking and chewing or clawing furniture.

    The Q-Shield for Animals V3 can be particularly helpful for cats and dogs who have been rescued, those with emotional disturbances, health problems and/or behavioral challenges. Although you might not be aware of any specific origin trauma that has led to their current difficulties, it is there. That is because domesticated animals are faced with more modern traumas and fewer tools to alleviate or heal from them naturally.

    In the wild, animals have a natural way of dispersing all trauma. Researchers have observed that gazelles who escape being chased by lions will often exhibit neurogenic tremors, a form of rapid shaking that allows them to physically unload the “memory” of the trauma. It is not limited to gazelles. In fact, most mammals in the wild will exhibit these tremors for brief periods after a traumatic event. But now, domesticated animals are exposed to modern threats that cannot so easily be “shaken off.”

    Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are the invisible zones of energy that surround electric devices, wiring and even Bluetooth and wireless signals. These types of signals are very disruptive to our natural biorhythms, and companion animals are even more susceptible to their effects. The Q-Shield can help block and transmute these disharmonious frequencies, giving animals a general sense of well-being and helping maintain health at a cellular level.

    Beyond technology, companion animals today are bombarded with verbal and emotional abuse, even when they live with responsible and caring humans. Like ours, their subconscious mind does not make a distinction between real and fictitious threats. Consider all of the negativity that is projected by TV and radio programs alone. Bad news, reality shows with psychologically abusive characters and even fiction programs can trigger emotional trauma responses. Add to that things like loud neighbors, fireworks (perceived as harmful explosions, not celebratory symbols), environmental pollution and artificial food additives and it’s no wonder cats and dogs sometimes act out in curious ways.

    With the Q-Shield, a protective bubble is created around your furry friend, shielding them from outside influences and negativity. Benefits can include improved sleep, a general sense of wellbeing, reduction in undesired behaviors, greater affection and trust with humans.

    Think about how much companion animals enrich our lives. They provide a constant sense of joy, curiosity and unconditional love. Outfitting your cat or dog friend is one small way of showing your gratitude. Give them the freedom and wellbeing they truly deserve.

    How It works

    The Q-Shield for Animals V3 absorbs negative frequencies from an animal’s surroundings, cleanses it and returns harmonic energy. It generates a quantum shield around them that feels similar to how people have described experiencing geologic vortexes in nature – it creates a feeling of serenity and balance.

    During the creation of each Q-Shield device, semi-precious metals are configured in a specific way to induce properties of zero point energy with infinite potential. This energy clears your companion animal’s immediate atmosphere of unwanted frequencies and converts them into calm, positive, healing energy.

    Attaching the Q-Shield to your companion animal’s collar is an easy way to protect them from the scattered energetic frequencies of electromagnetic devices, negative energy from unhealthy people and even the unintended consequences of emotionally traumatic TV and radio programs.

    After just a few days of use, you might find that your companion animal seems to be happier, more cooperative and less likely to lash out at other humans or companion animals. Other side benefits may include diminishing of “bad habits” such as peeing indoors, chewing or scratching furniture or excessive barking or growling. The Q-Shield can help restore a sense of peace that simply makes all of those coping mechanisms unnecessary.

    Because the Q-Shield is water-resistant, you don’t have to worry if your cat or dog goes outside in the rain, or splashes around near their water dish. In fact, the Q-Shield exhibits protectional properties that extend to water. So any water your companion animal drinks near the device will be more structured and better able to hydrate their cells.

    Give your furry friend the gift of peace, happiness and overall wellness that is their natural birthright. Order a Q-Shield and show them how much you care.

    Usage and Operating Instructions

    Linking your Q Shield for Animals V3 to your Animal

    Your Q Shield will need to be linked to your animal before it will operate correctly. Linking is a process by which you activate your Q Shield by honoring its existence. When sitting, or standing comfortably, hold the Q Shield in your left hand and put your attention on your animal and the space around you. Repeat the words “I Honor the Space in Which You Exist” out loud. Once completed your Q Shield is now linked to your animal.

    Once linked, the Q Shield can be fitted to your animal’s collar via the provided ring. The more time your animal wears the Q Shield the more powerful the field will become over time. Once the link has been established its good until you unlink the connection.

    Unlinking your Q Shield for Animals V3 from your Animal

    If you decide allow another animal to use the Q Shield you must unlink it first. Remove the Q shield from your animal. When sitting, or standing comfortably, hold the Q Shield in your right hand and put your attention on your animal and the space around you. Repeat the words “I Honor the Space in Which You Exist” out loud. Once completed your Q Shield is now unlinked from your animal.

    Like all the products on the MDM web site we implore you to think outside the box when utilizing this kind of technology. When using the Q Shield think in ways that are outside of your comfort zone with the open mind of a child filled with wonder. This will optimize the performance of your Q Shield and benefit your animal greatly. Enjoy your Q Shield and know your animal is about to embark on a truly amazing journey.

    Q Shield for animals
    So here is my mind blowing story. I have a three year old cat that has social issues, doesn’t like anyone in my house, it’s hardly sweet ( which I’m not used to w previous cats). Fast forward, I meet a significant other that I’m spending a lot of time with at his house and I was leaving my cat back home with a lot of guilt and sadness. My boyfriend wanted me to bring him to his house which I might add, is a brand new house with new hardwood floors, etc. And I thought, “absolutely not”. This cat will urinate and be upset. But he kept insisting on bringing the cat home. I called my vet and she said and I quote, “you can’t do it, he won’t do well and he will pee all over the place.
    Then, someone told me about the Q shield and I bought it immediately with a lot of skepticism but with a lot of hope. We put it on, activate it, and waited a week. Then, we did the transfer. To my surprise, my Rufus walked in as if he had always lived there. Made himself comfortable in the couch, in beds and ate properly. No attitudes. On top of it, my boyfriend has a lot of family dropping in, which made me also very anxious as I did not know how Rufus would react to all this people. Surprise! He let everyone touch him as if he knew them. It’s been a week an a half and he has not done any kind of damage. Definitely, there is something to say about this product. It has changed my life and the life of my cat allowing me to have a great relationship with him included. Definitely highly recommend.

    P.S. He did extremely well in the car ride as well 😳

    Migdalia August 25, 2019

    I have really loved my Q shield, I’ve noticed it protects me from other people’s emotions. That isn’t to say I don’t read them just as much as I always have, they just don’t attach as easily. I really like your body codes I use them daily in centering myself and I use the water blessing all the time. No I havent been able to get all the products I want yet, they are on my bucket list. Thank you Peter for all you share

    Karelian Zitting April 10, 2019

    May 14, 2018

    My dog loves his Q-Link. It has calmed him down on his walks. He survived being shot as a puppy before I got him and has suffered PTSD ever since. He’s not fond of thunder and lightening or fireworks, but gun shots are the worst. We do have hunters where we live, so it has been hard to walk him in the morning when these people are out hunting in the woods near us. Now, if something spooks him instead of a flight response or “hit the deck” and shake, he gets startled a bit and then continues on with his walk. If the noise really bothers him, he will turn toward home, but walks steadily and calmly toward the house instead of lunging and trying to drag me home. Because Bubba is a large mixed breed (1/4 Sheba Inu, 1/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/2 Stafford Bull Terrier mix), it is so much better now that we can have longer calmer walks without me having to always be on guard for the next noise that might send him into panic mode. He’s even more stoic in the house when the storms and fireworks get to making more noise than either one of us like. I highly recommend this product and look forward to purchasing other HFA products for myself. Thank you so much for helping Bubba!! I am truly grateful to have found a product that works and helps Bubba.

    Donna Davis Retired Q Link for pets February 18, 2018

    My dog suddenly became blind and I only realized it when I saw him so disoriented, scared, and was bumping into furniture. I concentrated on the qshield around his neck and asked qshield to help my dog. He is now very calm, knows his way around, barks like a normal dog and am so thankful for qshield’ energy!
    Thanks so much Peter!
    Elizabeth A.

    Elizabeth Avery February 18, 2018

    I have a three month old German Sheppard puppy that somehow destroyed his Q-Shield. I contacted Peter and he replaced it without question. In fact, he sent me two. This confirms what I already knew about Peter and his products. They work and he is man of great integrity. I love what his products do for me and my family. We need more people like Peter in this world!

    I am a very satisfied Customer!

    Mark Gerchman School Administrator Q Shield February 17, 2018

    My Scarlett girl (Standard Schnauzer) has anxiety issues and is extremely stand offish with people, even with my husband and I who were there when she was born. I have tried so many different things with her and all without getting anywhere. After receiving the Q Shields V2 from Peter last year, I activated it and put it on her. Asking the shield to help her be more friendly and for me to be able to pet and cuddle her sometimes. Fast forward a month or two, she is now coming to me regularly for pets, scratches and she will come and lay down and sleep next to me on the bed. I am so happy to be able to have that special time with her. I also noticed that the longer she wears the Q Shields, the more she seems to want to come and spend time with me which makes me a very happy Mum. Thank you Peter! Your products really work!!

    Kate Daniel Q shields for animals February 13, 2018

    My Fox Terrier is 13 yrs old, he wasn’t running anymore and was having trouble getting up on his favorite chair. He has fatty tumors behind his front legs and it was even affecting his walking. The vet had suggested sugery, which I was afraid to do. I’ve had him on vitamins and CBD oil for the pain . Within 48 hrs of having the shield on he was walking without pain ! 7 days with the shield on and my dog is running !

    Donna Eibel December 8, 2017

    I started using this amazing product with my rescued cat and dog who both had a neglectful history. My cat kept attacking our new two-year-old dog roommate who is gentle and kind yet very large, exuberant with little concept of his own space or yours. I came cross the Q shield while working with a favorite client’s busy household of pets. I own a pet sitting service and do a lot of volunteer work with animals, My client/friend also does large scale rescue. A new cat had ended up on her deck and of course she brought him in. Some of the other cats had a big problem with him. Then about a month or so later I started noticing a difference, Harmony coming back into the home. Soon after I first heard the clanking of the Q shield tag From their collars. It was the noise that brought my attention to it and when I first looked at it and noticed it I had no idea what it was. When I asked her I was very enlightened and that’s when I knew this was going to help my pets too. The new positive energy in our home has brought harmony back. I’m very grateful. I highly recommend this product. April P.

    April Pawlikowski August 30, 2017

    This is an update to the testimonial Saved Cat’s LIFE that was submitted a month ago.
    Last week we had a follow up vet visit 3 weeks after the surgery and both the surgeon and the vet couldn’t get over how quickly Kremlin has healed up. They kept raving about it. The surgery site is pink in color and is quickly healing. He is back to running, playing and chasing toys and his siblings. Which he hasn’t done in 6 months! He even has started going outside in the back yard to explore. This is the same cat who was afraid to be outside for 30 seconds before! About a week ago he just got his Q-shield 2 and it is so light! So much better because the 1st one was a little heavy for 11 lbs cat and his collar kept stretching. Yesterday he went to the vet to have his stitches removed. Again, the surgery site is healing so well that we are told not to come back anymore for check ups. Yeah! THank you so much Peter!!!

    Oksana June 14, 2017

    This a second review in addition to the previously posted one. Last week my cat kept getting worse and worse (struggling to pee on his own and the bladder expressions became shorter and harder to do). So I’ve asked the Q-shield to assist Kremlin, heal him, allow him to pee on his own and be pain free. I also I’ve asked the same “request” of HFA home and I did the same healing intention with the Source 5. So when Kremlin stopped peeing completely on Tuesday I had to take him to the vet on Wednesday morning. Of course he was blocked but the worst part was his kidneys were in failure 75% with only 25% working. They’ve suggested 2 options – surgery (removing penis and making a female like hole instead and putting him on some meds to get the kidneys back to hopefully 50% working) or euthanizing him. I’ve decided to go with the surgery but also confirmed with animal communicator’s help that it was also what Kremlin wanted to do. He has told her that he wants to live and will fight hard after the surgery to get better. So he went into 3.5 hour surgery Wednesday afternoon. That’s when the miracles started to happen: right after the surgery the Doc told me that the surgery couldn’t have gone any better. Next morning when they’ve run his blood work his kidneys were back to normal 100% (in less than 24 hours he went from 25% to 100%!!!!!) and will not need any meds. Also, his bladder muscles that were not working before now started to work and he was able to hold urine for a long time between the releases. He also was feeling well, eating a lot, and taking his meds. Before the surgery his Doc told that he would have to stay at the hospital 3-4 days after the surgery but they released him home 2 days after because he was doing so well! The doctors at the hospital were all puzzled and amazed how well he is doing and at his “miraculous recovery”! I just smiled because I didn’t want to go into the whole Peter’s products line details.. The night he came home all his surgery area was swollen, red, and inflamed. I was told it would take several days to get better. I put his collar with Q-shield back on him (because he couldn’t have it on during the surgery and while at the hospital). The next morning – all surgery site was not inflamed anymore and skin and legs around were back to normal white color! Today is the 2nd day he is home and it’s looking even better! The wound is closing up and healing. He is acting as if there was no surgery, he wants to play – though I cannot let him run and jump yet. I’ve talked to Peter asking what product have helped Kremlin during and after the surgery since I’ve asked his Q-shield, HFA home and did intent setting through Source 5. He said right away that it was Q-shield even though it was not on Kremlin while at the hospital because it was still linked to him. I now believe that the surgery was the best solution even though I’ve resisted it for many many months and tried to find other options. Since I set the intent for Kremlin to get better – the surgery was the only way to get to that point. I had to release my resistance to the surgery and allow to come whatever is the highest good for him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the puzzlement on Doc’s face when Kremlin goes for check up in a few days since he is recovering at a very high speed.

    Oksana May 21, 2017

    I purchased the Q Shield for our 3 y/o Yorkie, Zoey. I noticed an immediate difference in her demeanor as she’s not so “sassy”…lol She definitely sleeps better at night and is calmer! 🙂 I do know that it’s her Q Shield helping with that because when she doesn’t have her collar on with the Q Shield attached, she’s up to her old tricks again. 😉 Thanks, Peter, for creating this for our furry babies! My family and Zoey sure do appreciate what it has done for her! 🙂

    Patty Colton May 17, 2017

    I am so glad I got the Q Shield for my Schnauzer puppy. Her toilet training was going so well but when we found all her brothers and sisters their forever home, she started going backwards. She will wee and poo on the carpet even though she has just been outside. Some days I seemed to be picking up after her all day. After 3 weeks of her wearing the Q shield, she is a little calmer but I didn’t even realized until all of a sudden I remembered I have not had to pick up or clean up after her for days!! This morning I had to pick up a poo because I forgot to let her out. But from many accidents a day to 1 accident every 4-5 days is a drastic improvement when nothing has changed except that she is now wearing the Q Shield.
    I am so glad I got this for my little Miss Muffin. Thank you Peter!! You rock. Your products works!!! Me and Miss Muffin thank you. My husband is certainly happier with the pup now!!

    Kate Daniel May 17, 2017

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    When we received the Q-Shield for Animals, We had to decide which of our animals would get it! We decided that Mila our rescue kitty would best be served by it. Our Golden Retriever passed away suddenly and we got Mila specifically for him five months prior to his sudden passing. Mila was a few weeks old when we got her and after a couple of days, she took to Bentlee, our Golden Retriever. After Bentlee passed away we got Koda a new puppy! Mila did not like Koda at all.

    After receiving the Q-Shield and placing it on Mila, it took a couple of days for her to warm up to Koda! She stopped growling at him and we could tell she was relaxing around him more and more around him! Now she can be in the same room with him and I even caught her drinking out of the water dish along side him! It’s nice to see them together and playing with each other! We believe the Q-Shield really made the difference in their relationship…which makes it nice for all of us! Thank you, Peter, for a great product!


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    I would have never believed the Q-Shield would work, But I watched a program with Karen Anderson in which she said: the Q-Shield worked fantastic on one of her dogs. She also stated that she tried as hard as possible to find something wrong with the Q-Shield and the claims made about the Q-Shield, but she came up empty. I have known Karen for many years, and if she was recommending the deviceI was willing to try. I have two Yorkies, both rescues. Kermit a male that we have had for seven years and who has alway been hyper ( and at times destructive), but after putting the Q-Shield on him, we didn’t notice anything different until the next day. Kermit calmed down and has been more of a loving and happier dog. We also have another Yorkie named Koko. She is a seven-year-old female that we rescued a month ago, and she has kept to herself and did not have much to do with us. We also put a Q-Shield on her and overnight she broke out of her shyness, and she is the happiest and most loving little girl now. She jumps on the bed to sleep with us, laying in the middle of the bed between the two of us. Always wanting her belly rubbed and to be petted. She is an entirely different dog. Karen was so right about the Q-Shield, and we are so glad that we took her recommendation and purchased the one for each dog. What an incredible difference they have made. Bob and Valerie K.

    Robert Kiesel May 7, 2017

    I have a 9 year old Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix rescue. She was 5 years old when I rescued her. She had been abandoned and abused and was found wondering the streets of Camden NJ. The shelter would not allow her to go to a home with young children because of her unpredictability around food when young children reach for it.. She also needed to be in a home without other dogs because of her aggression. She is good with adults and often seeks out their attention. I have had the Q shield for about 3 weeks now. The difference that I notice is that she is much more tolerant around other dogs on the doggie walking trail. She is much calmer around my two cats and no longer gobbles her food as if there is no tomorrow. She also is less anxious when I leave the house. Thank you Peter for this wonderful product. Janet D

    Janet Duffy May 7, 2017

    I purchased the Q-Shield for my highly energetic 6 year old dog. He’s been wearing it for a week now and I have noticed that he is more calm and quiet when indoors. When I took him for a walk outside, he seemed to be less distracted and overly excited by everything going on around us and walked closer to my side instead of always tryng to take the lead — which made our walk together much more pleasant and enjoyable. Woo Hoo!.

    Nancy Lovell May 7, 2017

    Ever since I put the q-shield on my cat who is struggling with urinary issues the daily visits to the vet became less stressful and he completely has stopped fighting so much that we needed a tech to assist to hold him before when the vet was expressing his bladder. Now he just assumes the position and cooperates without needing the tech at all to hold him. Prior, he also would fight when I put him in the carrier before leaving the house. Now he would lay down without trying to get out before I close the carrier door. He seemed to be more calm. He also cooperates with me when I express his bladder at home and even helps! I talk to him and to the q-shield telling how much I love him and greatful for his help. I’m thinking if the cat doesn’t understand me sometimes at least the q-shield can let him know on my behalf. Few times the cat refused to eat or drink because he wasn’t feeling well and I’ve asked his q-shield to encourage him to eat /drink. Worked like a charm both times! I also tell his q-shield each night before I go to bed to remind him to use the litter box through the night. Overall, he is more calmer and relaxed. I also got a q-shield for my dog who has dog aggression issues and it was always a sturggle to walk him. Now, the walks became less stressful both for him and I – he doesn’t react when he sees a dog and many times he just walked calmly by with occasional glances and few hops. This is a huge change for me considering the walks before were a nightmare! In addition, we had fireworks going off in the neighborhood tonight and usually all animals go bunkers when they hear them. Tonight was a different story. They became concerned (ears up) but didn’t frick out nor did they run to hide. I think it’s been about 2-3 weeks since I got the q-shields for my animal pack of 3 cats and a dog and I’m looking forward to see how else can they help to improve our lives.

    Oksana Becker May 6, 2017

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    I have little dogs that absolutely LOVE the Q-Shield!!! It has calmed them, they wear it all day, and I take it off at night. Each one has a different reaction to it! My older male LOVES it slppied over his head first thing in the morning, then I get a big smile from him! My female is blind, and it gets very warm when she wears hers so proudly! It seems like it gives them their own space! They LOVE energy, as their Mom is into all that forms of energy healing! I am an animal communicator, so I heard my female name the Q-Shield, the Jeddi necklace! They LOVE it! Great investment for them!!!!

    Karen C May 6, 2017

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