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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a superhuman? To function on a level that is so far above everyone else that you just seem to breeze through everyday challenges? Empower yourself to reach new heights of physical stamina and productivity with Navitus 5.0.

Features of Navitus 5.0

  • Runs on the powerful Aquaware 5.0 engine
  • Works to supercharge water anywhere in the world!

Navitus 5.0 Capabilities

  • Energy activation
  • Improved focus
  • Stamina


Navitus 5.0 delivers high energy into your water. You can use it to charge a glass of water by your computer, a pitcher of water that you will use all day, your tub or shower. You can even use it to charge water in any location around the world!

All water carries with it a blueprint, a memory of everywhere it has traveled, and the energy it has encountered. Modern plumbing systems can damage water’s crystalline structure, making it frazzled and chaotic. Imagine what type of energy that is providing the body (hint: it’s not optimal)! No wonder so many people turn to caffeinated drinks and sugary foods for the impression of an energy boost. The sad truth is that these quick fixes offer short term gains at the cost of long-term wellness. In reality, caffeine and sugar only mask the body’s cries for rest, taxing the adrenal glands and depleting the body’s stores of energy.

Navitus 5.0 can help restructure your water so that it invigorates your cells with the hydration they need for optimal function. Think of it as virtual coffee, without the side effects!

How It Works

Navitus 5.0 helps supertune your water’s frequency to a high energy channel. When you ingest or use the water topically, it carries the program to your cells to activate a high energy state of being throughout your entire body.


I started Navitus last night, my thoughts are more focused and clearer.


I went from sleeping 10 hours a night to just 4 hours. I have limitless energy today which makes me highly productive!

The first time I used the program I had so much energy I cleaned my entire apartment for four hours and touched every object in it!

I have so much physical energy today that I have returned to the gym and do a serious 90-minute workout five days a week!

My energy level has gone through the roof. No one can keep up with me!

Results May Include

  • Increased energy
  • Decreased need for sleep
  • Mental alertness
  • Focus


  • Software has been redesigned for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Intel Pentium or equivalent, Windows OS, 2 GB RAM, 250 MB free disk space
  • Install Microsoft .NET Framework — Most PCs already have this installed, which enables all the new state-of-the-art software for PCs to run. It comes installed (native) on Microsoft Vista Systems.

Release Date


Immediate Download

After purchasing, you will receive a download link for the software in your invoice.

Screenshot 1 – Resource Center
Screenshot 2 – Action Panel
Screenshot 3 – Action Panel

This is my first time using Navitus, under the Beta program testing. I had just got back from an international flight, and instead of feeling the typical jet-lag, felt energized and able to function as normal back in my home time zone,from the first day I was back home. My mind felt very clear, and focused, not scattered or my physical body seeking every opportunity to lay down and nap. I was able to easily adapt back to a 6hr time zone difference. Typically, I prefer to wait a while, before posting a testimonial, but results from just using Navitus for first few days back after a long trip, just amazed me. Again, thanks to Peter, and his amazing toolbox of technologies..

Pam Bradley Navitus Beta April 4, 2020

I’ve always been a great lover of quality water. It’s my favorite drink. Everyone who knows me calls me an Aquaholic. Since I have been using Navitus 5 to program my water for very high energy, I have felt so healthy and energetic and all of my hundred trillion cells keep thanking me for feeling so good and healthy. I stopped drinking coffee and any other drink that is supposed to give us energy because I simply don’t need it and don’t have to depend on them anymore.
My magnificent Navitus high energy water not only gives me all the energy I need all day long, but I feel as if it also raises my frequency and helps me to feel more present and not feel tired and miserable anymore in mid afternoon as I used to feel. Even when I drank coffee, I would feel a different false energy for a while, which would rise and then fall after a while and make me feel very unhealthy and impatient. My Navitus miracle energy water makes me feel the healthiest and most joyous person under the sun!
Thank you so much Peter for being in my life and for bringing all these magnificent products that really work at all levels of our physical and spiritual anatomy. I just love all of your products which you, as an absolute magnificent genius bring forth with such love and care and make available to all of us which helps us raise our frequency and consciousness from 3D – the limited logic of the mind, to 5D, the limitless love of the heart with all possibilities. I’m very thankfull, grateful and appreciative for the fabulous way you have changed my life in such a beautiful and loving way.
All my love and much gratitude always,
Maria from Portugal

maria josé costa NAVITUS 5 April 10, 2018

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In addition to clearing water of detrimental or harmful memories, water is adversely affected by UPC barcodes and scanning through cash registers.
I tested my water before and after charging it with the Navitus 5.0 software and it did restructure the water and provide high energy.
Thank you for a great product,

Monique Ivory El Naturopath Navitus 5.0 February 22, 2018

About 10 days ago I downloaded Natitus 5. A day or so later, I did a water blessing of the 4 ea 20 liter jugs of drinking water. Later on, I poured a small glass of water. The taste was a bit startling in its goodness. It is hard to find the words. It definitely caught my attention that the water was different.

Mary Nelson February 22, 2017

I decided to give Navitus a try just to “dip my toes in the water” and I’m excited to report higher energy throughout my day. It’s like a gentle caffeine but without the caffeine. Wow, I’m excited to try your other products.
Robert Williams, Portland, OR, United States ,

Robert Williams September 9, 2016

Thanks for the gift Navitus – it’s amazing to taste the healing soft water. It’s also amazing that a man and technology and consciousness can pass “this” to us all. My goal and desire is to get Aquaware 4.0 soon. Karin Denmark

Karin September 9, 2016

Hi Peter, Thank you so much. We charged 16 gallons of water 2 different times using the Aquaware process for abundance that you did on Eram’s telesummit and we felt the energy shift immediately. Rick’s job was ending and he was looking for another and he started getting unexpected calls and getting some possibilities on calls he was making and soon had 5 potential jobs and I was guided to some free tools to clear and attract abundance. Then we got your free Navitus and one of the jobs came through for Rick in 2 days. Our friend drank Navitus water while he was visiting and said he slept unusually well while here and our very skittish kitty was able to be in the house during the visit and even let him pet him.
April Bostian, Santa Barbara, ca. USA

April Bostian Navitus 4.0 September 9, 2016

Its been about two months or a bit more since Ive been using the Navitus 4.0 (free product) to test my \”skeptical\” mind out…others on you tube videos with some interesting results. Im not a real believer of testimonials as I find people rave about things without any solid information or examples as Im about the results…not about the woo woo spiritual conversations that lead to nowhere…Here goes-used Navitus almost daily and at times twice a day with my morning coffee-got tired anyway with no increase in energy and at times my body so tired that I needed to take a nap-after a few weeks I seemed to level out and wanted the product to work so badly to prove myself wrong-I kept on using the Navitus anyway…WEL-WELL much to my surprise when my monthly cycle came, I experienced no fatigue, bloating, or any other PMS symptoms and really wondered if the Navitus had something to do with it…still being a a skeptic…I kept going anyway…then the following month, the same thing occurred as I experienced absolutely no PMS systems, no fatigue, no bloating, and best of all no cramping. It may of not worked liked the way I wanted to… however any type of relief from monthly PMS symptoms without taking any over the counter meds or being crabby is well worth the time and effort I put into the Navitus with my morning coffee and daily water in take. Thanks Peter!

Lynda Navitus 4.0 May 26, 2016